Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

I really can’t remember if I took these shots in summer (our summer goes from December to  February) but when I look at this series of photo’s they immediately make me think of an Australian Summer.

The blue sky

the hills hoist clothesline

the feeling of freedom as the sheet flaps friendly in the breeze.

So for me, I reflect upon summer as today it is a freezing cold day and we are just days away from our Australian winter!!

My Heavenly Experience in an Earthly Gallery

A couple of days ago I popped into The City Gallery. Once there, I entered the main gallery space where there was four organs playing a continuous cord as a result of unmovable steel bars pressing on various notes. After some time viewing the art, I thought to myself “This could become quiet irritating after a while” . 

After examining one side of the exhibition (which is a round room) where my left ear was receiving the noise, I turned and faced the last wall.(my right ear then received the sound) The wall was filled with works on paper that were abstract paintings made up of blue, green and purple colours. It was at this point that the continuous note went from irritating too majestic.

I could not stop gazing at the works of art and being captured by such a splendid sound. I was having a moment that was heavenly and I began to sing. (no body else was present in the room, thank goodness. I may have looked like a nut-case otherwise lol). I sang and worshipped God and felt incredibly inspired. The moment was big and I felt surrounded by the peace of God. I really was stunned that I was having this experience,  but I can tell you that I needed it!!!

I walked away thinking “Wow, I think I just had a heavenly moment in an earthly gallery…that was unexpected!!”

Unexpected but welcome!!!!!

Creativity….it’s not just limited to the arty farties!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about what creativity is lately. Is it defined by if you can paint, play an instrument or any other of the creative art pursuits??

I’ve always considered myself a creative person as I have always been an artist and as soon as I knew how to play cords I could write songs. I thought every musician could write songs!!!

As I have been doing my latest subject for uni one of the topics was creativity and I had to really answer the question “What is creativity?”

The first thing that comes to mind is MacGyver…I’m serious, that bloke can do absolutely anything with his pocket knife!!!! It does not matter what type of pickle Mr Macgyver gets himself into, he can get out of it by using his pocket knife mixed with innovation!! Bravo!!!!! I also want to bring your attention to the Bush mechanics. If you ever get the chance to see this show it is totally worth it and is sheer brilliance!! These guys have beat up cars, break down in the middle of the desert and fix their problem with whatever is available to them at the time.

It’s about looking at what you have rather than what you don’t have and using it to your advantage. When there is a lack of instruments, don’t fret and ask your self what do I have? If you don’t have, then what can you invent? If you lack money for paints, never fear find something that makes a mark that is inexpensive and then just paint on whatever you have available. Check out Ian Fairweather  who would often paint on cardboard…Okay it doesn’t have  that longevity thing going for it  but don’t let that stop creativity from happening.

Creative thinking pulls out the stops and lets the plane fly, it releases ideas and solutions and provides a bit of hope where there is perhaps a lack of some sort, it helps us to think out side of conventions to get to the same place without using all of our resources. I would even strongly suggest that being creative makes us resourceful!!!

Often creativity looks like madness from the outside and I suppose that’s why it is crushed too easily out of people at a young age. I want to celebrate creativity and perhaps inspire others to rise up to the challenge of creative thinking!!!! All I know is that when I am being creative I am happy 🙂 and I know when you exercise that creative muscle it will release some of those blessed chemicals  called endorphins!!!

Such a Lovely Day

I don’t usually post two blogs on the one day but this afternoon was so lovely I thought that I would take the opportunity to indulge. I went for a walk with my son and on the way as he was pretending to be lightning McQueen   “ka-chow” he started to come out with rhyming words and being rather clever.

As we were sitting on the jetty he suddenly became reflective and had many deep questions to ask such as “is she alone?” Referring to a lady sitting at the other end of the jetty. He then kept asking “Is she lonely, why is she alone, is she sad??? So many questions!! He then leaned on me and said “Is the lake talking? I then asked him what he could hear and he replied “brrmmmmmmmm”. It was a distant boat!!! It really was just so unusual as we never have these types of conversations.

On the way home we decided to call into a local cafe that is on the lake. It has cosy lounges and there is always music playing every time we go there.

My son had to make a commentary on every song that was played….awesome!!!!!!

No…… he is not asleep but he was totally relaxed that he didn’t want to leave!!!

This turned out to be such a lovely day considering the stress I’ve been feeling lately. Thought I’d write a quick post to recognise it!!!

Weekly Photo challenge: Hands

I found this week’s challenge a little tricky as I don’t usually just take pictures of hands purposely. Yet as I checked out what I had available I came across these two.
I notice that my son has dirty finger nails oops!!! lol.

We had a recent break through a couple of weeks ago. He never lets me cut his nails like EVER!! The only person who was allowed to was my mum but she passed away nearly three years ago so nobody has had access to his fingernails since then.

Good news the other day he let me cut them…..I call that a break through 🙂Here he is holding these items with delicateness. He has has some challenges with his fine motor skills but he’s getting there 🙂

Memorable sayings from my childhood!!

When I was a kid there were always repeated words of wisdom that came from the grown ups such as Granny, Pop, Mum, Dad etc etc etc………………not so sure that any pearls of wisdom were imparted but a humorous side to life was!!!

Here is just a few of the classics, I wonder if you are familiar with any of the following or have you got ones to share with me??

  • Hear about the wooden horse? It wooden eat so it wooden poop and then it died
  • When asking for the whereabouts of an object : “is my face red?”  ” no” “well it’s not up my bum!!!”
  • “What time did you get up?” “Sparra fartin!!” (sparrow farting…..when one gets up at the crack of dawn)
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right
  • It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt
  • Awww that makes my bum itch (when witnessing a cringe worthy moment, not unlike a  Hallmark one)
  • “He started it” “Well I’ll finished it!!”
  • “Pull my finger” when you pulled Pop’s finger it was his cue to fart…it was like magic!
  • It’s gunna rain Arthur’s playing up (My Granny had really bad arthritis and whenever it was about to rain she could feel it in her arthritic body)
  • Five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty your bum’s dirty
  • Mare’s eats oats does eats oats and little lambs eat ivy (something Dad would sing enthusiastically)
  • Ask your mother for sixpence to see the pink giraffe with pimples on his whiskers and pimples on his…… ask your mother for sixpence to see the pink giraffe with pimples on his whiskers and pimples on his….. ask your mother for sixpence to see the pink giraffe with pimples on his whiskers and pimples on his…………………………………………………………..
  • Want to see London? (Pop would then proceed to pick us up by the ears….not sure you’re allowed to that these days?????)
  • Mr Martin fell down farting, he got up winking and ran away stinking
  • Hasten Jason fetch the basin…..plop….. too late pop fetch the mop!!

Okay, that’s it and I’m sure once I click publish more sayings from my childhood will invade my brain!!!! Thank you for coming with me down memory lane 🙂

On Eagles Wings

I read this book by Col Stringer  about 20 years ago. Back then I found it very inspiring and influential in the way I thought about eagles in relation to being a Christian.

Today as I am reading it, it is like medicine to my soul. My life of late has been full of stress, fear and worries. This book talks about how the eagle is able to sour high above the storm and it is an analogy of how a believer in Christ can do likewise when face the storms of life.

Right now it is a timely read and I am refreshed!!!


And I Shall Read Novels

For the next three months I am looking forward to reading novels and gobbling them down like a juicy fruit!!

I’ve decided to take a break from the next study period and recommence my studies in August as I feel very worn out at the moment. I think I’m still recovering from the Christmas holidays when I very unwisely undertook two subjects and nearly had a mental breakdown!!!!

So, on Wednesday I submitted my last assignment for my current subject and now I am looking forward to the many novels that one can read within a three-month period. It really feels like I’m going on a holiday whoo hoo!! Lets pack my creative writing bags and go on a literacy journey that has nothing to do with academic reading that requires me to respond in an academic way…it’s just all so dry!!

I am going to look forward to this time guilt free and I will regain my motivation that is required to maintain when undertaking studies of any kind. I will stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the Autumn/winter light. I will take my journal to all of my favourite cafes and just write self indulgent stuff that requires no referencing of any kind, because they are my words and they shall not be marked at all!! I shall walk slowly and take many photo’s with my iphone and drench them through Instagram like a cattle dipping experience. Well perhaps this isn’t the best way to describe it but it kind of had a groovy ring to it, so being an artist I just went for it.

I shall walk around with a smile on my face and will talk to many random strangers, which by the way is not creepy because I’m not creepy. I will be content, shall be recharged and ready to deal with stuff that I otherwise have not been able to handle of late. I will watch TV, I shall visit the library and most importantly I shall read novels!!!!!!!!