The blogging everyday challenge

Well, I’ve taken up the challenge that was put out by wordpress to blog either everyday or every week, but it’s to start in the new year. I think close enough, why not start now?? Why don’t I just mark this last day of the year with a bit of writing mayhem? So I hope I’m not putting something impossible before me but I’m going to give it a good crack!!!!

Good bye home town

This is Kiama Downs, my home town. I took the photo from the headland on the southern side. We’ve lived in other places and we have also been travelers of Australia living the vagabond life. Although  we’ve only moved 15 minutes away, this move  seems very significant and like it’s goodbye.

This time it is different because my Mum is no longer with us being that anchor that gently pulls us back to the place. I love Kiama Downs and I am proud to say that it’s my home town where I was born and bred but it is time for us to move on even if it is only a 15 min drive away.

I know, I sound so dramatic and sentimental but I can’t help it, it’s just what I’m feeling and I’m not going to argue with my feelings. I just want to mark this occasion as it’s important to me. In so many ways my life has changed especially when Mum died. Maybe it’s an expression of grief? So be it. I miss Mum and I’ll miss my home town.

Today I say goodbye, tomorrow I say hello. Hello new place and hello to new adventures awaiting us!!!

My love for the hills hoist

there is something simply wonderful about the hills hoist.

What a funny thing to be happy about, a clothes line!! For as long as I can remember the hills hoist clothes line has affectionately played a role in my artistic pursuits. Where does this come from? Is it the nostalgia of when I was a child my Mum and everyone else had one? Does it scream Aussie Aussie Aussie io io io? Is it symbolic of all the things that I love domestic? Who knows? All I know is that this emotional attachment is real and as an artist, I just go with it.

Since moving in our new place, the moment I did my first wash I was just so excited to be putting clothes on the hills hoist. I realize one could get excited about so many other things in life, but why not get excited over something a trivial as hanging out the washing. It’s important to wear nice clean clothes hung out to bask in the Aussie sun.

I find that hanging the clothes out relaxes me and I’m free the think of nice things. I like the rotation of the hoist, it’s a pleasant experience. I like to stand back and look and marvel at the sight of clothes on the line, especially when there is a breeze.

I accept  that I may sound nutty to some, but I really don’t care. I’m proud of my fondness towards the hills hoist and I’m sure there are other’s out there who are just like me.

This place is inspiring

I'v been having fun with my new retro camera application on my iphone

Finally we are here in our new abode, after a stressful couple of months looking for a new place and then moving I’m so glad we are here. We are still sorting things out but at least we can feel settled. One thing that I do feel since moving to this new place is how inspiring it is. My furnisher looks fantastic in this house, I love the hills hoist in the back yard and I can’t wait to paint.

I love the breeze that comes through the house, I love the view from my front door, I love how this house is placed right on top of a hill and I love how it’s just a walk down to the shopping center and one of my favorite cafe’s. Yes the move was stressful but the result has been worth it.

The best relief ever!!!!!…Laughter!!!

for the past half an hour I’ve been hysterically laughing and watching a whole bunch of strangers laughing on you tube and I have to say it’s the best relief  EVER!!!

If you have been following my blog you would have read that we needed to move and  search for a new house. It has been incredibly stressful part of life’s journey. The pressure was on and I was getting really down because of the constant knock backs and the relentless hunt for a very scarce rental property.

Well the good news is that on Tuesday I got word that one of our applications was successful.  Yes that information in itself was a massive relief but I’ve still been on tenterhooks and of late have become very jumpy, especially when I get a text or the phone rings.

Today for some reason I was checking out you tube and stumbled upon video clips of people laughing. It was the best half an hour I’ve had in a long time and  I could feel all the tension leave my body as I was collapsing in pure hysterics!!!

Please enjoy and wet your self silly hahahahahahaa

Just thinking of Mum

This is the second Christmas without my mum and I don’t feel as lost this year, but I still miss her. I was reflecting about what was important to mum and I know the Nigel and I were her  priority and then later when the Grand kids arrived it  included them too. The day before she passed away she babysat my Son. I’m glad she did as family was what made her proud and she got to do something lovely at the end of her life.

I’m glad I was the one who found her, I think she was counting on that as towards the end I noticed her confiding in me more. I think she knew the end was coming, I remember her telling me a couple of days prior to her passing that she was tired. We watched our mum bravely deal with her sickness and I truly believe that we were already grieving for six years before she died.

It’s scary to watch your mum get sick and the thought of her not being around is unthinkable and too hard to digest. She was like the strong tower in our life, the one who protected us from this mean and scary world. This is another reason why I’m glad it was me who found her and that I rang triple 0 and administered first aid. It was now my turn to be the mum and take charge, she was there at my beginning and I was there at her end. I hold on to  that thought selfishly and with absolutely no shame.

I love this picture of Mum,  she’s relaxed and enjoying my Son’s company

Mum and Zachy having a nice cuddle

So as Christmas is fast approaching I think of the year I had without Mum, no new memories but plenty of happy old ones. I am also proud of myself as I’ve managed life in her absence  and I can feel good knowing that she was the best example of what a mum is.

So here’s to my Mum, we are proud of her and she is not forgotten!!!!

My hearts desire

  • A north facing window, preferably the lounge room. I really love that winter sun in winter. I know that’s obvious.
  • three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes
  • back yard to fit the trampoline
  • an outdoor sitting area
  • a garage
  • plenty of storage
  • a place to paint and other activities
  • a decent kitchen with space, space, space
  • a hills hoist, I really love a hills hoist.
  • close to the school

House searching… update!!

Well today I’m feeling a lot more hopeful with our house search. I’ve had days of despair and waking up feeling consumed by the prospect of our impending eviction. Today I feel there is a little ray of light peeking under the door inviting me to feel it’s all going to be okay.

I told Jesus today that I need to look to him, regardless of my/our circumstances and just understand that He loves me. So as I was driving to drop off yet another application, here I was crying and thinking about the love of God. It felt nice. My perspective has changed and I’m not feeling the despair of previous days.

I’ve decided that I’m going to enjoy the journey of looking and not get so discouraged by the rejections. That sounds like a good choice beats feeling miserable about it all.