A Playgroup Volunteer

I decided to become a volunteer for Playgroup NSW after attending one with my son for a number of years and felt that I wanted to contribute my gift’s and talents to this organisation. I found it really enjoyable running craft for the children that it was my pleasure to extend that and take it to other playgroups.

Creating an art and craft space for children makes me feel fulfilled as I love the imagination and ability that children have to play. When I facilitate these moments I feel like I’m playing an important part of a child development. Whether I’m getting out some paint and allowing the children to be as messy as possible or creating an underwater adventure these activities are a joy.

My other volunteer role is to visit baby clinic’s to promote awareness of Playgroup. I love doing this as I love that collective new baby motherhoodness (is that a word??) and to be honest I love talking in front of a crowd!!! Promoting playgroup is easy for me as I found it to be a valuable resource to me and my child. I also like the idea of encouraging people to get together and be a support for one another.

I can see myself being a happy volunteer for Playgroup NSW for a long time and I feel that it will complement my studies; Bachelor of education in early childhood. So why not check out you’re local playgroup and give it a go? You never know what friendship’s you will make or what friendship’s your child will form.

I can’t wait to get started!!!

I finally enrolled myself into doing a Bachelor of Education (early childhood) and I can’t wait to start. I’ve been wanting to go back to study for a while now and have been so frustrated by my procrastination that I couldn’t bear yet another year of non study!!!

I’ve decided to go distance learning as it will be flexible and fit into my life style, such us writing in a cafe while my son is at school. As I have been weekly journaling for nearly two years I have proven to myself that I indeed, have the self discipline of committing words to paper of my own accord. I also love the subject matter and feel very passionate about it that I know I will enjoy the journey of study.

I feel that it will empower me with more opportunities for employment and give  strength to what I already know and do on a volunteer basis. I am madly passionate about children being allowed to be children that’s why I love being a volunteer for Playgroup NSW. I visit playgroups and do crazy fun craft activities with the children and get to be like a little kid again for and hour.

I guess a part of me just never grew up and you know what???

I’m glad!!!!!

Play and Imagination

This is a craft/play activity that I did with some children at a play group. I gathered sheets, cardboard boxes, paper of all different kinds and masking tape. We made a jungle theme with a volcano. This kind of play evokes a child’s imagination causing them to be engrossed for hours if possible. It does not cost much to facilitate and it shows what can be done with just what is available.

I’m a big fan of just kids having fun, getting messy and using their imagination. I remember my childhood being one full of fun and adventure. I was the kid who could play for hours in the back yard pretending I was the super hero fairy who could fight crime and climb trees. Wherever possible I like to encourage this kind of play in children. The world wants our kids to grow up to quick. I say let’s not be swayed by the pressure and let kids be kids for as long as possible!!!

Drinking from Puddles

When I used to take my son to playgroup and when it rained the asphalt play area made the best puddles ever. So the rain would be teaming down and I’d have a mum say to me “Tamar your son is in the rain” and I’d say “yes I know”. I’d look out and see that he was having the best fun ever.

Okay, I realize that we all must practice water safety and yes a child can drown in a puddle of water, so I strongly encourage supervision!! In one particular case I was comfortably under shelter with a solid view on my sensory loving Son. As I was watching him perform “the fountain” (laying in a puddle and putting some water in your mouth and spitting in out with force) with my hot steaming cup of tea I began to reflect on when I was a child.

I have a memory of playing outside after the rain, I became thirsty so I helped myself to some water from a puddle. It worked as I was no longer thirsty and I continued on with my play. As a child I really don’t remember being sick a lot I just remember having lots of fun, that the world was an adventurous place. Is the world to a child adventurous today?

Have we become an over-anxious society? Are we over protecting and over exposing our kids? People freak out about letting their kid get messy and drink from puddles yet think nothing of exposing them to adult mindsets like weight and food issues or sexy images that advertisers dish out. I don’t mean to sound preachy but I’m pointing out what I see and hope I makes sense.

Let kids be kids and let’s try not to make them grow up to quick. As a generation x-er I survived my childhood and I think I’ve done well in life. I was allowed to be a kid and I grew into adulthood at a very casual rate. I want my Son even with his challenges in life to be a kid for as long as possible and only face adult issues when adulthood comes upon him.

An easy craft idea!!!

Today I visited a playgroup with a fun craft idea. This idea is simple and inexpensive. As you can see from the photo’s below all you need is clear contact, masking tape, cellophane paper, glitter, and lots of pretty scraps that you can get your hands on.

  • First you need to masking tape the contact onto a solid surface, sticky side up.
  • then have the children place the pieces of scrap cellophane, glitter and what ever else you have available on to the sticky surface.
  • once they have had their fun you then place another piece of contact over the work of art to then make a stain glass window.
  • then sticky tape it to a window and it’s very pretty to look at and the children can feel proud of their work of art.

Please note that this idea can easily be expanded by using leaves, sand and other things from nature. You could make a string one with all types of different twine and pieces of fabric.. You could also make the pieces of contact smaller and therefore  individual. Have fun creating friends and bloggers!!

The Hormonal Haze

Recently I was asked to give a presentation about playgroup to a group of brand new mum’s and their teeny tiny baby’s. It was such a pleasure to be in this environment and brought back many memories of when it was my time  being a new mum. I call this stage the “hormonal Haze” and it’s like you are swimming through some invisible underwater sensation that is Motherhood.

That beloved hormonal haze, where everything is baby and when you go to a mum’s group you are floating in the collective hormonal haze. Your conversations and concerns are baby and the way you are is different. You love your baby, you love baby’s, you can’t resist talking about the birth. Your protective of your child and protective of your new role as Mother. You are the only person in the world who knows what your child needs. You know best even though you don’t know anything at all.

It’s such a special time and I enjoyed the hormonal haze. My advice would be to embrace it while you still can and immerse deep in it for it doesn’t last long. There comes a time when the honeymoon will be over and the new part of the journey will present itself. For me it was the diagnose’s of my son’s syndrome, for other’s it was the arrival of their second treasure.

Nevertheless, it is okay when the haze dissipates for your focus and strength is needed for the next part of the journey. Toddler-hood, tantrums, absconding crisis’,  messiness and lots of embarrassing moments. You can’t afford to be in some sort of hormonal haze with all those kinds of  challenges  going on.  So I say hooray to the hormonal Haze and enjoy every moment and don’t waste not one drop of it.