I will Call This Hope

This morning as I was walking to coffee I spotted an awesome sight. It gave me so much excitement that I crossed the road to take pictures.

Why is this so exciting? Or why should this deliver me some hope?

In the wake of our recent budget announcement there is a lot of discouragement within the community that I belong to. Even before the budget announcement there was a general discouragement that had tried to set camp in the community sector. So many people don’t even know if they will have a job in the near future due to cuts to funding.

Although I spent a day feeling great sadness for the future, I decided to turn my eyes up and put my trust in Jesus and found this comforting scripture in Job 5: 15-16 He saves the needy from the sword in their mouth;  he saves them from the clutches of the powerful.So the poor have hope,and injustice shuts its mouth.

Whoo hoo!!

So why does this give me hope? Get to the point Tamar!

This image gives me hope as it shows me that someone is partaking in creativity instead of vandalism. Somebody in the community decided to have some fun engaging in a productive activity instead of mindless violence.

In an area where one often witnesses abandoned shopping trolleys, broken glass, human faeces, syringes, burnt rubbish and general waste the sight of this was like a beacon in the dark.

It’s symbolic of a hopeful future. Lets not give of on hope people. The future is bright.

Creating Memories

Today a group of my garden peeps from both Barrack Heights and Albion Park community garden went on an adventure to harvest some bamboo.

However, a few of us got distracted by the mulberry trees and that was it…….fair share for all, fair share. 

As we were gathering and eating we reminisced about our childhoods. My Granny had a huge mulberry tree at the house by the river and another near the railway track. I have delightful memories of gorging on the fruit, climbing the tree and getting messy.

This made me think of how times have changed and children today have less access to this type of experience. This moves me to want to create memories for today’s children.  When this generation of children grow up, I want them to have memories that connect them with nature. I want them to experience the simple joy of what we did today. I want to leave a legacy.

Richard Louv is a great advocate for this kind of thing and it was after viewing one of his lectures that compelled me to get involved with Barrack Heights Community Garden. I’m so glad that I followed that prompt as it has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

So here’s to taking action to create wonderful memories for tomorrows adults and a future where nature is valued as it should be.

Oh yes, this is a selfy of me gorging on the mulberries!!!

My Earliest Memory of Empathy

Late one night when I was having trouble sleeping I remembered an incident that happened at school where I experienced empathy for another person. At the time I had no idea that I was being empathic, I was just feeling my thoughts and acting accordingly.

I can’t remember how old I was, but somewhere between 4th or 5th class. Age 9-10??. There was a group of girls picking on one girl who had been brought  to tears.  I asked someone why she was being picked on for. The answer; her parents were getting a divorce.


I could not comprehend why anyone would be mocked for that reason and how dumb were those girls to be such bullies. Back then divorce wasn’t as common as it is today. I know this first hand as, my brother and I were the only kids that I knew who were from a broken family.

I was so disgusted in those bullies and my heart went out the victim. When the bell rang I did something that was very uncommon for me to do, I approached the girl and said “you will be okay, My parents are divorced and I’m okay”. She looked back at me with sad eyes but didn’t respond. I felt very inadequate at the time, however I realise now that it was probably the best thing that I could have done.

This is my only childhood empathy memory except when reading the Little Match Girl...that made me nearly want to cry. Oh, and watching The Champ with Ricky Schroder…..I had to hide my tears behind my hair!!!!!!

Oh dear, as I write this it is clear that there were plenty of opportunities for me to experience empathy as a child. What are your memories and experiences?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I love this picture of my son and his friend. They both live in the same country, yet come from a different culture. They don’t seem to notice the cultural differences they just want to have fun in each others company.

My son has noticed that his skin is a different colour and he wants to be just like his friend. “Mummy I want to be aboriginal”.  There are just some things that I can’t arrange, sorry kiddo!!!

The Frisbee Saga

See this humble little frisbee, It’s been on an adventure and this is its story.

This frisbee came to our house not via going to Hungry Jacks as we never go there but nevertheless we ended up with this propaganda marketing tool in our house. My son who has fixations on things didn’t even care about this frisbee until just recently. He began to throw it in his bedroom instead of going to sleep.

That’s annoying, especially when he loses it somewhere in the mess of his room!!!!


So there was consequences.

On Tuesday it was garden day and my son couldn’t wait to take his frisbee down to the garden and  as we were about to leave he decides to have a throw of it……..in his bedroom!

Of course there was consequences.

We could not find it anywhere, no where….I COULD NOT FIND IT!!!!!!!!

I looked, I prayed, I looked and desperately tried not to get frustrated as my son alongside me was. I looked, I prayed, I searched high, I searched low. Nowhere could I find this  little frisbee. In the end I gave him a lid of a container and said “that will have to do”. Before we left I decided to brush my teeth and as I glanced around I saw that the frisbee was positioned behind a painting that I had leaning against the hallway wall.

“Yeah” said I an hour later “let’s go to the garden” and as we left it started to rain %$^%^%!!

Nevertheless we persevered to our destination with an umbrella in tow.

So my son had a jolly good time down at the garden throwing it everywhere, at someone’s head….arrrrhhhhhhh!!!! DON’T DO THAT!! On top of the portable pergola, on garden beds NOT THERE EITHER. Nevertheless, he had a very enjoyable day and so did I.

Towards the end of the day a few of us helped Martie (one of the local gardeners) take a whole bunch of seedlings to her house so that she could look after them. My son and his frisbee came too. As we were in Marties backyard My son begins to throw his frisbee around and it landed over the fence into a neighbours back yard. Darren then jumped over to retrieve it and in the process nearly gave poor Martie a heart attack “Get your arse out of that back yard NOW!! There is a vicious dog that lives there” Darren survived and so did the frisbee!!

The next day the frisbee went along to Skoolzout (School holiday activities) as it was Wednesday  and Wednesday is news day apparently   the fribee was to be the subject of his news. At least by now he wasn’t throwing the frisbee inside the house and good for him, he held onto it until we got to Skoolzout.

When I went to pick him up in the arvo, the frisbee saga had continued. First they said it landed on the roof, which they were able to retrieve only then for it to land a few moments later on the big roof that is acts as a  shelter.

Oh dear!!!

They could not get it down and even one of the guys went up the Hungry Jacks to see if they could get a new one but there wasn’t any. So the frisbee had to stay on the big roof overnight until they could access a huge ladder.

So on Thursday afternoon when we went to pick him up he has his little frisbee

The end

I hope!!!!

Go Play

About two years ago I was sitting in our new church building

and I believe this is what God told me;

That the church was like a tree-house and the land was his. That he was my Heavenly Father and I was to go and play.

At the time I thought “aww that’s nice” but I did not recognize the significance of this until just recently. For the past year I have been dealing with depression due to many stresses of life  that have had me feeling like there was no hope and nothing will ever change in our lives. Praise God that for the past six months I’ve been coming out of it with an abundance of joy!!

So what happened???? I went to the Doctor and got some happy pills 🙂

Not just that alone, as I still had my faith in spite of feeling lost, one of the scriptures that kept me going was this Habakkuk 3:17  I posted it on our fridge to remind me that everything will be okay.

The other thing that has helped, has been my garden adventures. I have never felt so creative in all of my life and I am having the best fun ever. God showed me that the first dwelling place that he made for humans was a garden. It came as such a revelation as I continued to enjoy the space at the community garden. Being out in nature in the sunshine with other people is so good for emotional well-being that I totally recommend anyone who is suffering depression to just go and be a part of a community garden, even if you just sit for a while.

So I sat for a while and then I started to get creative, here are some of my adventures

What have I been up to??

I have been playing.

This then brings me back to my vision that I had nearly two years ago when God told me to go  play!!!!

I have and through this experience I am learning what being childlike is all about. I am learning that as adults we can still play and the things that get us down in this world should not be taking so much of our valuable time. I am learning that God really does desire to be our Heavenly Father. I am learning to receive and not be so stoic in life. I am learning to just be me.

One Idea Leads to Another

Well, today at the garden I started off doing this

and ended up doing this

This was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

I am amazed at how much inspiration lives in a garden.

When I am creating and following an idea I feel like I’m a kid again.

It excites me and makes me feel happy.

It is delightful


I am living the dream

I don’t have much yet I am extremely rich

I feel like I am playing in My Father’s backyard

God made me a play ground full of peace and joy

When I am there I feel protected and loved

I don’t care what this world has to offer, who needs  the stress?

If that makes me some weird chick, then bring it on

I am free

When The Son set you free, you are free indeed.


Innocence: Where did it go????

It’s a funny thing when you are a kid and don’t notice any innuendoes or double-entendre’s and then one frightful day you are awakened to a whole new way at looking at something.

I mean take this song. As a child I loved singing it,  however as I was recently listening to it, my whole  perspective changed in an instant!!!!

Can I just go back to innocent thinking??? You can’t un-ring a bell my friends.

Another example of this was when I was watching reruns of Countdown on RAGE one night and Molly Meldrum was off his face drunk!!!! He couldn’t even finish the show. Hilarious!!!!

Like Laura Branigan  wearing a see-through top on with no bra or John Paul Young and Daryl Braithwaite all flirting with Molly…….I totally did not see that when I was a kid!!!!

I’m sure this has happened to all of us at some time, so what are your innocent no-more moments?

Yesterday I built a Teepee

Yesterday I built a teepee and it felt amazing to do so.

It was started on Sunday when we had a fun day at the community garden and I worked on it yesterday. It reminded me of when I was a child and I used to make floor plans of homes.

I would draw floor plans, make floor plans out of grass clippings or my toys, I would imagine floor plans and play accordingly. I loved looking at display homes and my greatest dream would be that I could look inside all of the neighbourhood houses. I think you could say that I had an obsession with houses.

I reflect on this and think “How remarkable”! I had no desire to become an architect and even today I have no desire to be an architect. Yet here I am in a community garden building a primitive structure that reminds me of my childhood desire to create houses.

I get quiet distressed at what I call ugly new estates, where houses don’t make ecological sense. Houses should reflect personality not wealth. I believe that houses need to reflect an understanding to the environment and should be  a place where we can be ourselves.

Any way, that’s enough of me preaching and here’s some pictures of my teepee.