Obtain A Yield: Permaculture Principle No 3.

Permaculture is an enjoyable way to live and if you are an enthusiast then you will be aware of the 12 permaculture principles.

As I am a person who needs to digest things over time my focus has been on principle 3 – Abtain a Yeild. It’s about enjoying the abundance and not missing out….well that’s my interpretation.

My focus for this point is to use the humble chicken.

Oh look at those beautiful chickens.

We feed the chickens and then we get eggs.

we eat the eggs and soon we will sell from our overflow which will pay for the food we feed them.

Another by-product from the chooks is poo.

I use the poo to make more no dig gardens.

That’s free fertilizer.

I also find harvesting the poo quite relaxing and it contributes to my good mental health. (who knew that collecting chicken poo could be so relaxing)

Another by product is the eggs shells, which we crush then using them for various reasons.

I will also add, how relaxing this activity is to do and afterwards my hands feel all nice and smooth.

When the chickens are finished being productive I have no problem with using them as stock.

A soup made from chicken stock is the most comforting food one can ever experience.

I love our chooks and they make me happy and I think that’s the best benefit of having chickens. I love hugging them, being at home with them, I love how they are productive, I love how they sound, I love how they invite me to enjoy the outdoors and I love how I was challenged to build a fence in my backyard.

I have been obtaining my yield with passion and gusto.

When you get into gardening remember to obtain your yield.

The Accidental Gardener

I think I need to call myself The accidental gardener, as everything that has grown successfully in my back yard I didn’t plant. Unfortunately the things that I did plant failed to bloom.

Our potato crop turned out to be dismal, yet on the up side our tomatoes that we didn’t plant are amazing.

And lets talk about my compost……stuff growing everywhere

I’ve decided to let it all grow and see what happens. I’m sure I will learn something as an accidental gardener.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

What a great beginning to 2014

I put the tree down and packed it away

A tidy beginning to the year

I started my new journal

(the one with the bike on it)

And we have chickens

The beginning of a new tale within our suburban farming permaculture journey!!!!

Gardening And Art

I have come to the conclusion that gardening and art are a harmonious match. For over a year now I have been attending my local community garden and have been expressing myself through creativity which has everyone calling me the “resident artist”.

It really is such an easy environment to be arty farty and I am so glad that there are committed gardeners who create such a place for me to play. Just recently I have started my own backyard permaculture style garden and creating artworks in the backyard is a given.

I started to make a different style of teepee

As I was constructing my installation work I was thinking about the connection between a garden and art. As the  Garden of Eden was the first dwelling place for humans and we are created in God’s image then I am only doing what God did. I am being creative within his creation. I am imitating the great creator and feeling awesome while I do it. I don’t care if that makes me sound weird but, that’s enough for me to rejoice in such a wonderful match.

Charlie Mgee

On Thursday night I went and saw a live performance by Charlie Mgee  at the Flame Tree Community food Coop at Thirroul. Charlie is an  awesome ukulele player who writes all his songs about pemaculture as he endeavours to educate the world through his catchy songs.

Some songs really struck out at me such as, the edge. He explained that planting on the edge of places that nobody thinks of is one of the best ways to practice permaculture principles. Living on the edge is a more interesting place and I think I would have to agree.

Another song that spoke to me was about obtaining your yield  We must obtain a yield, whether it’s produce or the happy feeling one gets when they reap what is sown. This makes a lot of sense to me and I’m sure it the way God intended it. Jesus said that he came to give life and life in abundance, yet many don’t grasp that and live a life where there is limited yield.

Sorry if that sounded all preachy but I’m talking to myself here and it’s time for me to really be still and know that God is God and I am to receive the abundance and obtain my yield!!!

Anyway I’ll leave you with this catchy number and I hope you enjoy the tunes of Charlie Mgee

1st of January 2011

Today for me was relaxing and very enjoyable. As soon as I got up I decided to do a spot of gardening, which is funny because it’s not one of my greatest skills. In the past I’v tried to be a permaculture gardener with little success but the adventure didn’t last too long and I’d become quickly discouraged by neighborhood dogs tearing up the patch!!!

So today I set out to plant succulents, most of them I’d inherited from Mum. I’m not to daunted by todays attempt as most of these plants were in severe need of being replanted and were living quite happily off air. As I was pulling out weeds it was lovely to see my Son get filthy thinking that the garden bed was a sandpit. These moments are nice and pleasant and are something to treasure.

I know that I’m no expert but I hope todays effort pays off and my garden beautifies the house.