Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

When you think of blue how does it make you feel? Sad? Cosy? Free?

Does it evoke feelings of escape or feelings of security?

When you glance at my examples of blue just ask your self how does it make you feel???


20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. All beautiful shots, especially the bird and balloons. I am someone who suffers from depression and yet your your photos do not read that way to me. I see them more on the hopeful side.

    If you share a connection to or support of mental health issues, perhaps you will come by and submit to our gallery.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and I am glad my pictures give hope.

      I have checked out your blog and thought it was for people who suffer from mental illness. I am not a sufferer however I do have a child with a disability that effects my life. Does that make me an inappropriate submitter to your gallery??

  2. The balloons are popular! That’s my fave too, but I really love all of the shots. For someone who’s sadly often blue, I get a positive charge/feeling from the colors I’ve seen in the this challenge. Maybe it’s just all the good energy I’m getting from blogging and ‘being blogged’ 🙂

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  4. Wow, these are really fantastic shots – very meditative and intriguing. I love the clothesline and the balloons are really lovely. I like the blue sky and railing too.

    • Thank you Louise!! For some reason those balloons are quite popular 🙂
      I loved taking the clothes line photo’s, it was a nice, breezy and sunny day!!!

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