Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

Taking a picture of the sun in all it’s full glory is a great way to capture something a bit different and provides an opportunity to explore the rules that govern how one must take a picture.

I can remember many times as a youngin being told  to never take a picture when the sun is behind the subject.  Yes I understand the logic of that advice but if you’re an explorer of new images that type of thing is just plain stifling!!!!

So many interesting moods can be captured by going purposely against the grain and I’m not talking about a full-blown rebellion here!! I am discussing how creative thinking should challenge assumptions such as “blue and green should never be seen” Where did that come from???

Someone better tell God that one because how good does a blue sky look against a green landscape??

So here is my small tribute to pointing my lens to the full glory of the sun and I hope you can enjoy the results.

But all children do that!!…do they really???

If there is one statement that gets on my nerves since finding out my son has VCFS it is this:

Oh but all children do that!!

Sure…… all children chuck tantrums, push the limits, want what they want and want it now blah blah blah blah blah.

But can I just express how it makes me feel when people say this to me?

  • I feel patronised
  • It compounds my frustration
  • It generalizes my experience and makes me feel like my difficulty isn’t valid
  • I feel as though I am unheard
  • It makes me want to shut down and not talk about how hard it is to bring a child up who displays autistic traits
  • It makes me feel worn out

I am not the person who seeks sympathy, I just need validation. I try not to windge about my circumstances but when I share about my life with a child who has a disability I cop the dreaded statement Yeah but that’s just kids. Please, just hear me.

I have a child who chucks three-year old tantrums in a near seven-year old body. Do all children do that? ?My son has obsessions that drive you crazy, like at the moment, it is watches and he constantly goes on about the time….ummmm I’ve listened to 6-7 year old conversations and they don’t sound like that!!!! My son has always been an absconder. Funny, in my experience I notice  how all the other children sit nicely and participate with designated activities while my son does his absconding trick and then I’m on the run to chase him!!!

Please, I ask If possible when talking with a mum or dad who has a child with any type of disability or ASD and they begin to share their experiences with you I ask that you refrain using the statement Oh but all children do that. 

If you use it with me I simply will not believe you.

Sorry for the rant but I’m feeling a bit fragile right now!!

Weekly photo challenge: Two subjects

I got so excited when I read this weeks challenge and I couldn’t stop at just one shot either 🙂

Boy and food

Boy and mural

Reeds and jetty

Boy and projector screen

Drums and thongs (Australian thongs)

Caine’s Arcade…..An inspiring story!!

This little film brought me to tears.

It’s about 11 minutes of your life well spent as you view a young boy’s imagination and ability to play. He has an awesome dad who just allows his son to use objects with no monetary value to create an innovative cardboard arcade!!!

Caine is the kid who will never be bored in life. Caine is the person who will overcome disappointments and will find ways to overcome tricky situations. Caine is a genius as the film-maker states.

Why did this bring me to tears?

Because it is a welcome relief from the consumerism that is blastered at parents that says “children must have this!!” For goodness sake the kid is using cardboard boxes and things that would otherwise be discarded as worth nothing!!!

It is also a wonderful to see this dad  give his son the opportunity to create and not just state it as rubbish.  It also impressed me, how when Caine asked for a claw machine his dad replies “Just make one”.

As a result, Caine uses his brain and makes one!!!!!!

200th Post!!

Hi there all who read this,

I am pleased to announce that I have reached the 200 post mile stone!!! I am really pleased by this as it means that I have hung in there and have been a diligent writer.

Quite a few years back I belonged to a writing group and we would meet at our facilitator’s house, read our pieces of writing, fulfil writing challenges and eat olives, cheese and crackers.

I was quite sad when I could no longer attend the group and my writing ceased for a bit. Apart from when we went fruit picking and I kept a journal of our adventures.

When my brother was raving on about blogging I didn’t think I could keep it up but eventually he convinced me that I should. I’m glad I caved as writing a blog gives me that same challenge as when I went to my writing group.

Okay, there is no olives, cheese and crackers but the accountability is there as I attempt the weekly photo challenge or I try to post at least three times a week. Writing has always been  important to me just as painting or any creative pursuit so blogging has become a strong part of my creative expression!!!!

Another part of the blogging experience that I love is the interactions and friendships that I have made.  Thanks to all who visit my blog and leave comments 🙂

So here’s to my 2ooth mile stone!!!

Apparently I was a hippy???

Going back a number of years I had very long hair right down to my bum and my brother enthusiastically labelled me as a hippy. That’s okay as I totally embraced the whole hippy thing and had strange want for being at Woodstock!!! The funny thing is that I really used to bag my dad out who wore 70’s retro suits during the 80’s and sported a 60’s style hair do with beard.

What happened to me that in my late teens that I began to dress like a hippy??

Art school!! That’s what happened, I went from living my days in a small coastal town to commuting on a bus to Wollongong to pursue my passion for art. I must mention it was 45 minute  bus ride and  not some faraway distant destination!!! It was so cool seeing people dressed differently and expressing creativity through their dress sense.

Once going to art school I didn’t immediately begin dressing like a hippy purposely, I was just a Dag not really caring how the world viewed me so I kind of fell into it….if that makes sense???

A number of years ago I decided to do a self-portrait from the above photo in the style of a 70’s inspired cushion with green hues.  Why on earth do I love this type of style?? Who knows, I just go with it. That’s what artists do.

Since my long hair hippy days I have sported many different types of hair styles. As you can see below!!!

The first time that I shaved my head was for charity but since then I’ve done it about four times!! The last time was for nits!!!! I could not rid myself of the evil little creatures!!!!!!

Below is one of my favourite hair styles ever. I got extensions and went blond.

I felt like between the hair stylist and myself, we had created a master piece together!!!!

I will never get extensions again as it was very high maintenance hair do and I’m a low maintenance girl!!!!

So here below is my latest do!! I’ve gone for the heavy fringe.

And this is a more accurate (not styled by the hair dresser) look of my latest do!! It’s a little bit fluffy but that’s because my hair is boofy 🙂

So I’m no longer a hippy chick but that doesn’t matter because just  like hair that grows so do I. When we grow we change and we need not fear it when it comes our way!!!

Okay, enough of the hair philosophy!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey!!

I can’t  believe this but only last month I wrote a post about journey and here it is if you would like to have a read.

So I’ve had give this topic more thought in order to challenge myself with this weeks challenge. Sorry to reuse an image but it’s not exact so I’m not completely cheating!!!


Usually when one goes on a journey one makes sure that they are equipped. That would depend on where one is going as to want to take.

When one embarks upon a journey there are many different sights.

And of course the are many new horizons that one could face along the way

And like with any good journey there are always doors that one is sure to come across!!

May your journey in life go well

Planted by the River!!

I’ve had such a good day today and I consider it quite the treat. For the past couple of days I’ve been bawling my eyes about being an artist. Why???? I can’t tell you because I don’t even know why!!

But funny and interesting things happen, such as last night at the end of my home group (which is bible study group) one of the gentleman who attends asked me if I was okay as he noticed how distressed I was on Sunday. That’s when I proceeded to tell him about my sudden emotional dilemma of being an artist which is so weird cause usually I couldn’t care less about such matter’s that were reducing me to tears………uh um……….. waffling Tamar!!!!

Anyway, I went home and sat on my son’s bed so I could touch his foot (sometimes I need to do that as he can have trouble calming down to go to sleep) and as I was sitting there I got a vision of myself as a tree and all these branches were branching out. Some were musical, some had paintings, some told the story of the journey it is to raise a child with VCFS and many more aspects to my life.

I then (after the little fella had quietened)  grabbed my bible and looked up Psalm 1 with particular interest in verses 2 and 3. I then began to sing a song and was uplifted and full of joy.

This morning I went for a walk armed with my vintage methods of capturing images….sketch book and pencils!! I drew a few pictures and then decided to try and draw the vision!! this is the result below!!! I think it will become a painting and kind of reminds me of the fabulous artist Marc Chagall

Sometimes we just have to cry even if we don’t really know what it’s all about. I will take it as a healing experience and will carry on with joy and rejoice in the  breakthrough!!!!

Information bloodsuckers!!!

I find it amazing that there are people out there who can suck information out of you and you don’t even realise that it’s happening until they have left your presence!!!

Like today I was chatting to a lady who lives up the road from me, she was having coffee at the same cafe I go to weekly and the next thing you know I’m experiencing the following interaction:

Lady : How are you surviving with the amount of rent you need to pay? (after I told her that both my husband and I are currently studying)

Me: I own my own car and we don’t have debt…..and then I proceeded to tell her about my block of land

Lady: Why didn’t you buy a house?

Me: I had to share the inheritance with my brother

What?????? I am justifying my self to this women who I hardly know!!!!!!!!

I remember having this same type of interaction with a lady who owns a fancy local shop and I was spilling my guts out like we were best pals!! How do these people do it??? How?????

They are information bloodsuckers and could not care less about the person that they are interacting with. So how can I ward myself from such leachy people??? Well when I figure that one out, I’ll get back to you lol

I am an open person who doesn’t mind sharing stuff about me, what I don’t like is that creepy feeling you get when you feel like the other person is about on trample on your treasures. What I don’t like is the feeling of being judged for a decisions that is clearly none of their business. What I don’t like is the feeling that I am being interviewed and that information will get used against me down the track.

I am happy to report that this occurrence doesn’t happen to me very often but when it does, wow!! Gee golly I sure do get annoyed  🙂