Such a Lovely Day

I don’t usually post two blogs on the one day but this afternoon was so lovely I thought that I would take the opportunity to indulge. I went for a walk with my son and on the way as he was pretending to be lightning McQueen   “ka-chow” he started to come out with rhyming words and being rather clever.

As we were sitting on the jetty he suddenly became reflective and had many deep questions to ask such as “is she alone?” Referring to a lady sitting at the other end of the jetty. He then kept asking “Is she lonely, why is she alone, is she sad??? So many questions!! He then leaned on me and said “Is the lake talking? I then asked him what he could hear and he replied “brrmmmmmmmm”. It was a distant boat!!! It really was just so unusual as we never have these types of conversations.

On the way home we decided to call into a local cafe that is on the lake. It has cosy lounges and there is always music playing every time we go there.

My son had to make a commentary on every song that was played….awesome!!!!!!

No…… he is not asleep but he was totally relaxed that he didn’t want to leave!!!

This turned out to be such a lovely day considering the stress I’ve been feeling lately. Thought I’d write a quick post to recognise it!!!


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