Discovery is a wonderful thing!!!

This morning I found out after many years of wondering, what the word protagonist meant!!! I’m in shock as its a word that I really should have known by now, as I’m a avid reader and love watching shows about books where the word PROTAGONIST is frequently used!!!!

It just goes to show that not all information is received and understood immediently, some times it can take years. The key to my gaining the knowledge in this instance was, that I finally asked the question “What does protagonist mean?” I posted the question on Facebook and Googled it and the same answer came back……….”The main character of the story!!!

It reminded me of the time I packed capsicums in Bowen. For many years I thought they were called capsiCUNs, when I noticed how all the Filipino workers were calling them capscIUMs. I then observed on the boxes that indeed the fruit that we were all packing were called capsicums and not capsicuns as I thought all these years!!!

I find it a fascinating that one could be incorrect for many years or simply not be aware of an obvious word. I love it when the correction comes and it kind of just blows you away in amazement!! Amazement of, how could I have not known this after all these years????

Let me just  finish by saying, discovery is a wouderful thing!!!

Pretend play

This is my son doing pretend play

I know that it may not seem all that remarkable to some

but to me it is awesome!!!

Awesome because finally my Son is starting to use his imagination

in a more, in depth way.

In our culture we view pretend play as important

other cultures view exploring the land and learning how to track footprints as important.

For so long I viewed pretend play as the ultimate way to play

but as I learn more about how different children play  it has opened my eyes

to see that whatever play my son does

whether it is pretend, repetitive,  kicking balls, or imitating his non verbal friend

it is all awesome and no lesson is escaping him

as he continues in a state of play.

You can’t see it very well but the above image is of my son

playing is his cardboard box train that  I made for him.

And below is my Son pretending to be a fisherman!!!!

Reading the evidence on play!!!…..I knew I wasn’t talking out of my bum!!!!!

One of my subjects that I am studying is called pedagogy and play and as a part of the subject I’ve been required to do lots of reading on the subject of play. It’s so exciting to me that after all these years of having strong opinions about play there is actually evidence that supports my views.

I’ve always had the belief that play stops way too soon in life and that is not recognized as a healthy part of being human. I’ve seen a growing trend these days for children younger then preschool age being taught academic skills as the marketing machine attempts to put pressure on parents for their child to perform.

This saddens me, as so much is learnt through the process of play and it’s where the child is in control and a love for learning can be cultivated. Play promote’s  innovation, creativity, exploration and curiosity and all these things are ingredience for effective learning.

When children play imagination games and partake in story telling then this is the beginnings of literacy. When children play, they learn problem solving skills which helps a lot when it comes to numeracy.

Too often these days play is underestimated and regarded as unimportant. So many unrealistic pressures are being put on children to perform and please tell me, when did academic success become the most important thing in life? Don’t get me wrong academic success is a good thing to achieve and should be encouraged but I’m urging all that we take a balanced approach.

I feel that if we lose our playtime that unnecessary stress will be suffered as children try to keep up with unrealistic expectations. Why do we expect children to be good at everything?  Are you good at everything? Yes numeracy and literacy are important and should be held in high regard but not at the sacrifice of play and other creative subjects.

Much discussion has been made over the NAPLAN  test and concerns that have been expressed are, the risk of schools narrowing their curriculum just to get the top scores and as a result classes that have to do with creative arts and  sciences get less attention.

If I was at school today, how would I fair? I am that creative kid who liked/likes to paint. I was that kid who knew all the songs on the radio and had an awesome knowledge about all the rock stars. As my late mum would say “If only you knew your times tables like you know the top 10 on Countdown” I was that kid who would look strange to the niehbours as I carried a Frisbee around pretending it was a steering wheel. What would happen if I was not allowed to be that kid who had the freedom to imagine, be creative, laugh and make pretend cakes? What would happen if  massive pressure was put on me to perform and be something that I am not?

I advocate, let the children play!!!!

Here is an interesting lecture about play is more than fun it goes for nearly half an hour so only watch it if you have the time and desire.

God redeems lost moments!!!

Today I really felt the need to visit my home town and have lunch at a particular cafe, which shall remain nameless as God forbid I ever get sued for deformation!!!

So I ordered some fish that came with chips plus a pot of tea and all up, it cost me $17. When the meal arrived at my table I was massively shocked!! It was the piddliest fish and chips that I have ever seen and was clearly not worth the money I forked out.

I ate with crankiness and wonder of such robbery, I kept thinking that I could get the same thing up the road for much cheaper, I was dissatisfied and said to myself ” I wont be back here again”!! I even left most of my chips as they really weren’t that nice at all.

As I was walking down towards the ocean my internal monologue was informing me that I’m such an idiot, how could I be so stupid as to throw away $17 on a crappy meal, sorry God for calling myself an idiot…blah, blah, blah, blah!! While I was having this pathetic conversation with myself I spotted an old lady who was struggling with her load.

We locked eyes and I said hello to her. She then replied “I’m pooped”. I offered to help her with her load but initially she refused and told me I was a very kind person.  Eventually she received my help and again called me a very kind person.

As I walked away I suddenly realized that I had, had a moment with God and that my feeling sorry for myself about wasting money is just not worth it. Get over it love!!!! I made a poor choice when it came to ordering food and there are more important things in life to worry about like, showing kindness to someone in need.

God redeemed a wasted, lost moment for me and I am truly blessed and thankful!!!