Reading Novels again :)

I’m feeling quite refreshed right now as I have decided not to partake in Study period 4 and to just enjoy the Christmas break. Last year I nearly had a breakdown and I am determined that holiday’s should be a holiday.

One of the enjoyable things that I like to do is read novels and here is a tower that I got from the library the other day

Last night I finished the first book of the rank The Song House by Trezza Azzapordi.  An intriguing book that kept me going, but a bit disappointed at the conclusion.  I still recommend it as a good read though.

Anyway this is me doing one of the things that I love and hope others will find the time to do likewise. It’s worth it for good mental health (for me anyway).

Weekly Photo Challenge: thankful

I have so much to be thankful for; where do I start???

I’m thankful that I go to a loving church.

This is me as an angel appearing to the Sheppard’s

I’m thankful for my super cute little family

I’m thankful that by bff has moved back home after being out of the area for the past ten years

I’m thankful that I have great times at my local community garden

I’m thankful for the next three months I will be able to read this large pile of novels

I’m thankful for coffee group and all my social things that I go to

I am thankful that I was able to attend this ceremony for the Local NAIDOC awards, especially when lindy won the Female Elder award. Right after the award ceremony we watched The Sapphires. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!!!!

I am thankful for much 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is my favourite colour and it’s also my son’s.

I think green is the most relaxing colour that there is and I’m always fond of a green room.

I have a cuddle with green….I love green

Go Play

About two years ago I was sitting in our new church building

and I believe this is what God told me;

That the church was like a tree-house and the land was his. That he was my Heavenly Father and I was to go and play.

At the time I thought “aww that’s nice” but I did not recognize the significance of this until just recently. For the past year I have been dealing with depression due to many stresses of life  that have had me feeling like there was no hope and nothing will ever change in our lives. Praise God that for the past six months I’ve been coming out of it with an abundance of joy!!

So what happened???? I went to the Doctor and got some happy pills 🙂

Not just that alone, as I still had my faith in spite of feeling lost, one of the scriptures that kept me going was this Habakkuk 3:17  I posted it on our fridge to remind me that everything will be okay.

The other thing that has helped, has been my garden adventures. I have never felt so creative in all of my life and I am having the best fun ever. God showed me that the first dwelling place that he made for humans was a garden. It came as such a revelation as I continued to enjoy the space at the community garden. Being out in nature in the sunshine with other people is so good for emotional well-being that I totally recommend anyone who is suffering depression to just go and be a part of a community garden, even if you just sit for a while.

So I sat for a while and then I started to get creative, here are some of my adventures

What have I been up to??

I have been playing.

This then brings me back to my vision that I had nearly two years ago when God told me to go  play!!!!

I have and through this experience I am learning what being childlike is all about. I am learning that as adults we can still play and the things that get us down in this world should not be taking so much of our valuable time. I am learning that God really does desire to be our Heavenly Father. I am learning to receive and not be so stoic in life. I am learning to just be me.

One Idea Leads to Another

Well, today at the garden I started off doing this

and ended up doing this

This was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

I am amazed at how much inspiration lives in a garden.

When I am creating and following an idea I feel like I’m a kid again.

It excites me and makes me feel happy.

It is delightful


I am living the dream

I don’t have much yet I am extremely rich

I feel like I am playing in My Father’s backyard

God made me a play ground full of peace and joy

When I am there I feel protected and loved

I don’t care what this world has to offer, who needs  the stress?

If that makes me some weird chick, then bring it on

I am free

When The Son set you free, you are free indeed.


Christmas cheer done cheep!!!

This year I have decided that Christmas is going to be fun!!!!

Last year we had a bit of sadness as my Father-in-law passed away just before Christmas and silly me decided to do a study period within that time.

We also, like last year have a lack of funds but we have decided that this Christmas will be spectacular regardless. For a start I remember Jesus at Christmas and I think about the gift of Salvation. Secondly, Christmas should not cause us to get into debt!!!!

So what is my solution?

Do crazy fun things like this

Any way, here is a vlog about our answer to this conundrum.

Innocence: Where did it go????

It’s a funny thing when you are a kid and don’t notice any innuendoes or double-entendre’s and then one frightful day you are awakened to a whole new way at looking at something.

I mean take this song. As a child I loved singing it,  however as I was recently listening to it, my whole  perspective changed in an instant!!!!

Can I just go back to innocent thinking??? You can’t un-ring a bell my friends.

Another example of this was when I was watching reruns of Countdown on RAGE one night and Molly Meldrum was off his face drunk!!!! He couldn’t even finish the show. Hilarious!!!!

Like Laura Branigan  wearing a see-through top on with no bra or John Paul Young and Daryl Braithwaite all flirting with Molly…….I totally did not see that when I was a kid!!!!

I’m sure this has happened to all of us at some time, so what are your innocent no-more moments?