Tim Winton.

I got so excited yesterday when I discovered that Tim Winton’s novel “The Turning” is a movie!!!!! And that’s not all, there are two books about to be released and I’ve been doing the happy dance since I’ve found out.

I love the way he writes. I love how I get immersed in a Winton book. I love the characters. I love the stories. I love Tim Winton. Some people don’t get him but that’s okay because we all have our flaws lol. (sorry just being a bit cheeky).

Why is he my favourite author? What impresses me is, how when reading a Winton book I feel like the people he is describing are real and I know them personally. He has a way of connecting me to the characters and making me care about them. He paints a picture with words where the place is real and the landscape is poetic. I read, feel, experience and enjoy.

He writes in a very distinct way that is inviting and unique. I never experience cliché’s that make me roll my eyes. He is an artist and I can’t help but love his books. For some reason he harmonises with my imagination just as Bernard Fanning does when I hear him sing.

Anyway, did I tell you that I love Tim Winton???

And I Shall Read Novels

For the next three months I am looking forward to reading novels and gobbling them down like a juicy fruit!!

I’ve decided to take a break from the next study period and recommence my studies in August as I feel very worn out at the moment. I think I’m still recovering from the Christmas holidays when I very unwisely undertook two subjects and nearly had a mental breakdown!!!!

So, on Wednesday I submitted my last assignment for my current subject and now I am looking forward to the many novels that one can read within a three-month period. It really feels like I’m going on a holiday whoo hoo!! Lets pack my creative writing bags and go on a literacy journey that has nothing to do with academic reading that requires me to respond in an academic way…it’s just all so dry!!

I am going to look forward to this time guilt free and I will regain my motivation that is required to maintain when undertaking studies of any kind. I will stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the Autumn/winter light. I will take my journal to all of my favourite cafes and just write self indulgent stuff that requires no referencing of any kind, because they are my words and they shall not be marked at all!! I shall walk slowly and take many photo’s with my iphone and drench them through Instagram like a cattle dipping experience. Well perhaps this isn’t the best way to describe it but it kind of had a groovy ring to it, so being an artist I just went for it.

I shall walk around with a smile on my face and will talk to many random strangers, which by the way is not creepy because I’m not creepy. I will be content, shall be recharged and ready to deal with stuff that I otherwise have not been able to handle of late. I will watch TV, I shall visit the library and most importantly I shall read novels!!!!!!!!

It’s so refreshing

it's so refreshing to be up early enough to see the sun light invade the kitchen with glory

it's so refreshing to read a breathtaking book after a run of crappy ones.

it's so refreshing to finally have a band practice after nearly two years of not having one.

it's so refreshing to be entertained by talent on the street.

For the love of reading

I’ve always enjoyed reading since I was about 12 and it was great that my Granny was an avid reader too. As we would continually discuss the different books that we had read and could recommend books to each other. She used to say that when “finishing a good book  was like saying goodbye to an old friend”. With some books I can understand that sentiment as there are books which grab you and take you on a literary journey.

A book that grabs me is one that makes me feel empathy for the characters and intrigue’s me to keep turning the pages. It makes me look forward to picking it up and seeing what happens next. I love those moments and I always find it more enjoyable than watching a movie.

I have found though, that there are times when I don’t read as life can get busy or distracting. Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes you need to read a few crappy books before you get to the gold but that’s okay because life can be that way sometimes!!

How nice it is to get to the end of a crappy run to then be met with an extraordinary read? That’s the type of experience that keeps me loving the act of reading.

I love watching shows about books  I love having discussions about my reads and I really love library’s. I don’t really know why I get so passionate about reading but I’m really glad that I do. I know that my love for reading is influencing my Son as he attempts to read my books. I hope as he actually learns to read that something is ignited in him and he can continue to be a happy little reader too.

I guess I’m just a fair weather adventurer then!!!!

Today I am car-less as my Husband needed the car to attend a training day for his work. My Son’s Grandma took him to school so it’s like a have an almighty free day today. My plan was to take a big walk around the lake which is just down the hill from my place and enjoy a nice rewarding coffee at the funky cafe I recently found.

I woke this morning to a very chilly and windy day and thought I may need to come up with another plan for the day. I decided instead of a big adventure walk that I’ll take a 15min dash down to the local shopping center. I armed myself with my book, took myself to Gloria Jeans and had a lovely morning reading and doing coffee.

I have no shame, yes!!! I am a fair weather adventurer and that’s okay. Well to be kind to myself I had to walk in the freezing cold for 15mins TWICE!!!!

Is it just me?

I love looking at my  blog stats

I can’t resist the little red box that appears at the top of my facebook page

I don’t like eating my crusts so I leave them

I really struggle when people don’t line up properly.Come on people queue correctly please!!!!

When I go to the library and the moment that I start looking at books I need to go to the toilet.

I like tomato sauce with my gravy

I avoid scary intersection’s even when it’s the short cut

I like the dunny roll to face out. It just makes more sense to have it that way

I often talk to myself

I dog ear the page that I’m up to and when I finish the book I write my initial in the back so I know I’ve read it!!

Well, am I alone?