So I had a big cry and rang Maggie!!!

Last night I had  to hand in my first assignment for my uni course and it was almost traumatic!!!  I spent the whole week working on it  feeling as though I was burning time and not getting anywhere. The subject matter was something that I really enjoyed, I had to interview two parent’s  about their views on play.

I haven’t studied for so long that words like referencing and appendix etc are all like another language to me.  As I’m doing this course online  it has been revealed that certain things have missed my radar like; make sure you submit your assignment with a cover page!!!!!

So after much sweat, agony and over use of brain matter I submitted my assignment in the drop box. I felt somewhat relieved and was thinking Thank goodness that bit’s over, or so I thought!!! As I was readying my self for bed I went to turn off the computer but at the last minute decided to check my uni emails and sure enough there was a message from my tutor.

The message was informing me that I had no title page or an appendix!!!…..arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I just wanted to go to bed and what’s an appendix????????

So I did a quick Google search as well as giving myself a very quick tutorial that are available through the blackboard academic suite and promptly fixed up my colossal stuffup!!!(sorry for the cliche but I’m not writing for uni now!!!)

Today I woke up in tears as the whole experience had left me drained and emotional so I rang Maggie!! Maggie is our supper dooper Pastor and really cares for people. The phone call was great and as I was specking to her I said I just want some one to say to me “bad starts don’t mean bad endings”

So today is a new day and I will learn how to be a good academic writer. I just need to hang in there and persevere and give myself a break course lets face it…….uni stuff is not natural!!!!!!

A passion for play!!

Why do we stop playing? Is play just for children, or are we meant to continue it into adulthood? I’m asking these questions as I’ve been doing  a lot of reading about it for uni.

This morning I was thinking about what it’s like to be an artist and why young children consider themselves as an artist, yet as they get older they cease to think this way.

I see art as a form of play and a place for experimenting and expression. In order to become a good artist you first need to learn how to play with paint or whatever art medium you so choose to express.

Many people struggle to come to terms with art that they can not understand, so therefore bag it out. I just wonder when does this critical thinking come in? Is it the same thinking of  when a child  get’s to a certain age that they must act in a certain way that is fitting to society.

As my son’s imagination has kicked in, I’ve found that we have been having lots of fun playing together. To me this is very stimulating and it makes me want to be a kid again. I always joke around and say that the world has a collective stick up its bum and I mean it.

Life gets to serious and we all need to learn how to play!!! As you watch this commercial, be honest you want to dive in the ball pit too!!!!

Feels like I’ve got a brick in my head!!!

This is my third week of studying and lets just say it’s hurting my brain!!!! I’m not used to this intense reading and gathering of information and lets face it, academics love using big words.

To remedy this I have found when it gets all a bit too much I’ve been going out to the garage and splashing some paint on a canvas. The funny thing is I haven’t painted anything for a whole year, so now that I’m swamped with Uni stuff it seems to be a strong motivation to release the pain!!!!

I didn’t think your brain could really hurt from studying but now I’m convinced that it can. I’m not being dramatic it’s true and I could envision a black brick in my left side of the brain. It felt like it was throbbing(poor thing).

Having said all that, I really don’t think it’s a bad thing for your brain to be stretched. It’s a challenge and the end result will be worth all the injury to my brain. I’ll be a qualified teacher and you can’t regret that!!

Some people are funny!!!

Last week was our first little athletics experience and my Son loved it, however, for all of us parents who had an under 7’s boy we were all new and had no idea how the evening was supposed proceed. We were all looking at each other with slight panic in our eyes because the call for the first race had been made and we were clueless!!!!

Finally a nice lady came up to us and said come with me and I’ll show you the folder and explain what you have to do. Next thing you know I’m wearing the fluro vest and I’m the team leader arrrrhhhh!!!!!

So we had a rocky start and then came out next event; shot put!! so we lined the boys up and tried to figure out which ball is meant to be used for this aged group. Thank goodness someone took the brief moment to show us which one to use. Then another group team leader eloquently said “this is usually where the girls do shot put; boy’s go over the other side of the field but we will go there this time” oh how kind!!!

When the night had finished and I returned the folder and fluro jacket back I was explaining to one of the organiser’s  of our drama’s. He was full of apologies and explained that most of the committee member’s were away due to school trials. I then in a jovial way said ” we were even in the wrong shot put, we should have been at the boys one” that’s when he replied and said “no, it doesn’t really matter which one you go to. It’s first in best dressed”

Some people are funny; just because that lady was obviously more experienced than us, there was no need to be all snooty about it!!! Seriously can someone explain to me how this behavior can make a person feel better about themselves? Here’s the thing, I was clueless last week but this week I will know better and guess what? I’m a pretty good team leader and If I saw a struggling bunch of parents I’m not going to be  misguiding with my information to boost my ego up!!!!

You should never underestimate anyone, because it’s that one who is underestimated  that  gets the can of whip ass and outdoes the small-minded, critical and  insecure individual!!!! hope my message is clear!!!

Uni….my first week!!!

So it’s been a week tomorrow that I’ve started my Uni Course and it’s been both stressful yet exhilarating. I’m doing my course online so for me the challenge has been learning to use the site and navigate my way around it.

I feel like I’m starting to find my feet and I’m hoping tomorrow I can organize the week better and get things done not at the last minute. Which is something I’ve always done in the past I was a last minute girl but I’m determined to change that aspect of me!!!

What I have found helpful in my studies has been to take my reading material to a variety of local cafe’s. For some, this may seem like a crazy idea but for me I find it works beautifully.  If I was to just stay home I would be so much more distracted then if I go out and grab a coffee while I do work!!!!

I enjoy the background noise that a public space has to offer. I feel that it urges me on to keep going until I finish my allocated task during the coffee session.

Another place that I found great was my home town library where I took my laptop and that’s where I learnt better how to navigate the blackboard and how the group forums work etc. It’s always a bit exciting when the light bulb goes on!!!!

I am however having a big struggle with the whole referencing thing. Yes I know it’s very important but it’s doing my head in!!!!!!!! It’s the same thing that did my head in when I was 22 and made my first uni attempt back in the early 90’s however, this time I’m not going to run.

So here’s to giving it a go and meeting all my challenges one by one!!