Creating Memories

Today a group of my garden peeps from both Barrack Heights and Albion Park community garden went on an adventure to harvest some bamboo.

However, a few of us got distracted by the mulberry trees and that was it…….fair share for all, fair share. 

As we were gathering and eating we reminisced about our childhoods. My Granny had a huge mulberry tree at the house by the river and another near the railway track. I have delightful memories of gorging on the fruit, climbing the tree and getting messy.

This made me think of how times have changed and children today have less access to this type of experience. This moves me to want to create memories for today’s children.  When this generation of children grow up, I want them to have memories that connect them with nature. I want them to experience the simple joy of what we did today. I want to leave a legacy.

Richard Louv is a great advocate for this kind of thing and it was after viewing one of his lectures that compelled me to get involved with Barrack Heights Community Garden. I’m so glad that I followed that prompt as it has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

So here’s to taking action to create wonderful memories for tomorrows adults and a future where nature is valued as it should be.

Oh yes, this is a selfy of me gorging on the mulberries!!!

Are The Chariots Of Fire Coming Soon?

Yesterday our church, Grace Church experienced something special and significant as our Senior Pastors Kim and Maggie laid hands on the associate Pastors Eugene and Angie and prayed that they would receive a double portion of what they have. The inspiration for this comes from 2 Kings 2: 1-15.

For the past four years Kim and Maggie with Eugene and Angie have run the church with love and grace that have caused many of us to call each other family. Two years ago Kim received the bad news of cancer and the prognosis was not good, yet two years later he is still alive, where according to doctors he shouldn’t still be here.

We are all believing for a miracle for his complete healing, however the manifestation of that healing hasn’t yet emerged. As we do not know our future we trust in God and out of obedience to the Holy Spirit the leadership heard and as a result, Sunday happened.

In the event of the worse case scenario occurring and our dearest Kim is taken, then we the church will be okay. We will miss him but as a result of Sunday we know that the transition will be a smooth one. Kim and Maggie are not going anywhere as they still will be senior Pastors but the assurance of the future that our church will be fine what ever the outcome.

Last night I was reflecting and I asked the Lord “Are the chariots of fire coming soon?”

We don’t know what is going to happen but we will not give up hope. We have a cry, grieve and believe again. Cancer is nasty but God is bigger and more powerful that what ever happens to Kim God has the victory forever and ever amen!!

This Is Beyond a Joke Disney!!!

After witnessing Miley Cyrus’ recent raunchiness at the VMA I said to myself “who couldn’t see that coming???”

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing the continued pattern that emerges from the Disney Princesses turn bad girl goes really weird then needs psychiatric assistance!!!!

This is getting beyond a joke. I remember when Brittany Spears lost the plot and everyone had a laugh at this chappy and yes I had a laugh but the truth is, I felt the same way. She’d just had two babies close together and perhaps could have been suffering some post natal depression??? Just a thought.

Brittany Spears is not the only one who has followed this path, as there is Lindsay Lohan,  Amanda Bynes and a few more that you can read about  here.

I’ve sat on this post for a while now not really knowing how to express what I want to say but after reading Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus who then responded by doing this, (Yeah, good on ya Miley, bag out the mentally ill. Do you feel all empowered now?)  I feel compelled to put down my words of this terrible pattern that is Disney. I must include though, the wonderfully  articulate response that was given by Sinead to Miley’s nasty tweets.

I don’t want to bag Miley out as I am concerned for her. I don’t believe for a minute that she is being herself. She is being controlled by the industry who have been exploiting innocence since the days of Norma Jean. Published in an article in 2011, Billy Ray Cyrus expresses his fears for his daughter and claims he was shut out by her handlers.

Divide and rule people. `It’s like one big giant money hungry cult that chews up and spits people out like they are nothing!!!! Miley my heart goes out to you, as this ride wont last forever. It is my hope that you find the strength to return to your father, as he is the one who really loves you not the handlers that surround you like  scavenger seagulls.

My Earliest Memory of Empathy

Late one night when I was having trouble sleeping I remembered an incident that happened at school where I experienced empathy for another person. At the time I had no idea that I was being empathic, I was just feeling my thoughts and acting accordingly.

I can’t remember how old I was, but somewhere between 4th or 5th class. Age 9-10??. There was a group of girls picking on one girl who had been brought  to tears.  I asked someone why she was being picked on for. The answer; her parents were getting a divorce.


I could not comprehend why anyone would be mocked for that reason and how dumb were those girls to be such bullies. Back then divorce wasn’t as common as it is today. I know this first hand as, my brother and I were the only kids that I knew who were from a broken family.

I was so disgusted in those bullies and my heart went out the victim. When the bell rang I did something that was very uncommon for me to do, I approached the girl and said “you will be okay, My parents are divorced and I’m okay”. She looked back at me with sad eyes but didn’t respond. I felt very inadequate at the time, however I realise now that it was probably the best thing that I could have done.

This is my only childhood empathy memory except when reading the Little Match Girl...that made me nearly want to cry. Oh, and watching The Champ with Ricky Schroder…..I had to hide my tears behind my hair!!!!!!

Oh dear, as I write this it is clear that there were plenty of opportunities for me to experience empathy as a child. What are your memories and experiences?