Yeah for going Slow

Today I started Study Period 2 and I am only doing one subject this time. As a result of dropping a subject I already feel good about my future studies. This morning I felt a sense of relief as I logged into my student portal to retrieve my learning modules and it was at that moment when knew that I was going to enjoy the next three months of study. This calmness of mind helps me to digest what I am reading and makes me feel confident of potential good performances.

I am not in a hurry to become a teacher as I already am one and have been for many years. I’m not in a hurry as I feel that the journey is way more important then just getting a degree. I don’t want to be a person who just does things to tick the boxes because really, where is the enjoyment of that???

I have always been a person who needs to go slow as my brain does not pick things up well when things are lightning speed. I always say that I am the Tortoise and often quote “It’s the tortoise who got there first”.

I also think that multitasking is overrated and if you can do it successfully then know that  you are gifted. I, alas do not have this gift as my stress levels bombard me with overwhelming feelings of “I can’t do this”.

Today as I took the slow road I felt so much better about everything, I could stop and ponder my assignment with happiness rather than impending doom, I could get excited about making plans, I could enjoy my coffee, I could enjoy my day and I can smile about tomorrow.

This is a topic that I never tire of as the pressures of this world often tries to gobble me up, however I am thankful to God that I was created with good intrapersonal skills to know myself and am able to get back on the slow track of life. As I ponder this topic further I often wonder if we were meant to be living a fast pace life. For some, I think they need to live fast as they might get bored otherwise but for others like me; feeling groovy is way better than getting there quickly. On that note here’s a little tune that sums up what I’m feeling.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I think going for a lovely drive in the country with my bestie is a pretty good escape.

First we went to Fitzroy Falls and brrrrrrr

Oh!! nice view!!

And after our very hasty view of the falls we decided that lunch should be on the agenda very quickly.

So off we continued to Kangaroo Valley and called into the Jing Jo Cafe & Restaurant and it was an escape!!

This place was delightful

The food, the place, the location and the company

Hanging out with the Baptists!!

For the past month or so, our church Grace Church Shellharbour City  has teamed up with the lovely folks from the Shellharbour City  Baptist church to help organise an event in our city that’s going to be pretty excitingly awesome; Kingdom Fire with Randy Clark.

As part of the teaming together, singers and musicians from both churches have been meeting every Sunday night to practice and play. It’s been a great thing to witness as the weeks go by and I can’t work out which part I’m more excited about; that Randy Clark is coming to our city or that we’ve been hanging out with the Baptist crew?

I’m so glad that we are a part of this and I know special things are in store for our great city.

Anyway here is a few snap shots of the band

A Weekend of Flight

I have had quite a thematic weekend and it seems to be all about flight. On Saturday morning it was my besty’s birthday breakfast

That’s her in the maroon with her niece Yazzy.

After breakfast my friend suggested that we go for a drive.

I love that, drives are so awesome!

I do miss that about my mum. We would always go for a nice drive somewhere and it was always so easy.

We ended up at Bald Hill Stanwell Tops and on such a beautiful day the hang gliders were out.

This then inspired us to start singing this song

The next day which was Sunday our little family went to Wings Over Illawarra.

We caught a train and walked to the air port.

For a good family day out this is a great thing to go to.

There was so much space that even though there were stacks of people it wasn’t too crowded.

Oh look!! Famous person called Tom

I even had time to have a little lie down

Flight is such a lovely theme to focus on and I think that God is trying to tell me something.

I’m listening.