Yesterday I built a Teepee

Yesterday I built a teepee and it felt amazing to do so.

It was started on Sunday when we had a fun day at the community garden and I worked on it yesterday. It reminded me of when I was a child and I used to make floor plans of homes.

I would draw floor plans, make floor plans out of grass clippings or my toys, I would imagine floor plans and play accordingly. I loved looking at display homes and my greatest dream would be that I could look inside all of the neighbourhood houses. I think you could say that I had an obsession with houses.

I reflect on this and think “How remarkable”! I had no desire to become an architect and even today I have no desire to be an architect. Yet here I am in a community garden building a primitive structure that reminds me of my childhood desire to create houses.

I get quiet distressed at what I call ugly new estates, where houses don’t make ecological sense. Houses should reflect personality not wealth. I believe that houses need to reflect an understanding to the environment and should be  a place where we can be ourselves.

Any way, that’s enough of me preaching and here’s some pictures of my teepee.

Just one of my many childhood dreams.

When I was a kid my dad listened to lots of different music and one of my favourites was Queen. Since both me and my brother loved Queen too, we requested that dad tape it for us.

Every night I would go to sleep listening to The best of Queen and The night of the Opera and quite often I would have the fantasy that Freddie Mercury would take me out of boring school so that I could join his choir!!!!

Pretty good dream huh?

How Technology is opening my world.

One of the subjects that I’m doing is called Technologies for learning and I have been quietly surprised at how I am enjoying it. I never thought technology could be so much fun.

What has impressed me is how I have been able to work stuff out and add some creativity to the projects. I created a website for my last assignment and now I feel that more doors are open to me. For our latest task we had to make a video of our working life and I enjoyed the challenge.

At the moment I am in a place of fresh creativity and innovation. It’s all very exciting for me as my world has opened for new possibilities for the future.

Anyway, here is what I did today.

Kinetic Wind Sculptures and other stuff!!

I’m in awe. I have just viewed a Youtube film about Theo Jansen’s  kinetic wind sculpture that walks by itself because of a breeze.

My world of art is expanding and I love it. Just recently I have been enjoying making installation, weaving and butterfly palaces at the community garden and was asked what work ideas I could contribute from an artist point of view.

This got me thinking and since then I have been on a kinetic, wind, sculpture, music, sensory and interactive search.

I would love to see interactive musical sculptures dotted throughout the garden. I would love to see kinetic wind sculptures bringing visual delight to viewers. I would love it to be a place where kids with sensory needs can come and be stimulated or calmed by such an enriching place. I would love to see the garden to become an outdoor class room for children who just find it difficult to learn inside. I might just stop here because I could keep going.

I love this art world, for it’s more than just pretty pictures or limited to just arty farty’s.

The arts can provide innovation, enjoyment, play, problem solving, community connection and just good old fashion fun.  Beats me why people don’t value it enough??

Anyway enjoy the film and get inspired!!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

My hand reaching for the sky is a silhouette against the light.

This silhouette has movement and extends to the ground below it.

A line of trees silhouetted against a moody sky

Moving silhouette’s decorate and fill the expressive sky

The willow branches silhouette the sky with delicate pleasure and it looks peaceful.

Little boxes!!

All my life I have been told that I am unusual, unique or different. I get told often that I dance to a different drum beat to the rest of the world.

I have finally realised that everyone could be right???

I find that being in the box is very stifling for me: it frustrates me, it makes me feel blocked, at times disheartened, ostracised, it is suffocating and I just want to clam up!!!!! Is that too many descriptive words????

I never set out to be this way, I just be me.

I find that if I try to be what seems to be normal, then all the “in the box” words become relevant. When I am just being myself then I am free and happy.

The trick is not to be cranky at the people who love being in the box because that’s where they feel comfortable. I have come to the knowledge shared by our Sunday school coordinator that there are two types of people. “there are box people and there are out of the box people”

Wise words as it puts it all into perspective. We need each other and no person is better than the next. God loves me for who I am and I have been fearfully and wonderfully made, so I better just get over myself and embrace what God had made and that includes me and others!!!!!

Anyway, here is a song about little boxes that kind of encourages me and makes me feel a bit supported…hahahahha

I Think I’ve got a Butterfly Theme Going on Here!!

I’m just a bit excited and feel like I’m a kid ready to play and have fun. Last Monday I went op shopping and found myself some pretty delightful bargains!!

I picked up this butterfly dress for $7.50

I couldn’t resist wearing it the other day, on a frightfully rainy come windy kind of stormy day. I felt like a butterfly flitting from place to place.

One of the other items that I was able to purchase is a mosquito net for the gorgeous price of $5.  I was instantly thinking that it would make the best butterfly palace ever!!!! So I hung it on my clothes line and road tested it at home

Now that is nice and so delightfully serene. Forget some exotic location to bring some tranquillity, just get yourself a mozzy net and you’ll be fine.

The next step was to take my net to the garden for yet another road test

Now that looks fantastic and I can’t wait to set up the butterfly palace for the kids at the community garden…….. Sometimes I think that the kids are just an excuse to me to experiment and play.

So the next thing to do is make some butterfly wings and make up a story and in the meantime lets sing this classic song

It’s a Start

A couple of years back I had a happy little garden in my mum’s back yard and an awesome worm farm. Unfortunately discouragement set in when the neighbours dog tore up my garden and I failed to care for my beloved worms and they died…boo hoo 😦

I think that if I was attending a community garden as I am now I probably wouldn’t have let gardening go by the way side, but never fear; it’s never to late to start again.

Last week I attended the Big Back yard Festival at the Wollongong Botanic Garden where I got a little bit inspired by this idea

So armed with a free rocket plant that I received at the festival, my hubby and I came up with this

It is small, but its a start and in the process I really feel like I’ve stuck it to the marketing man by reusing things that were of no longer any use to us. As well as starting our very small garden at home, last Tuesday I decided to actually do some gardening for a change and harvest some food from the garden too.

This very small start feels like a big change and suddenly I no longer feel helpless about the rising cost of life. I have always desired simplicity and to do the things that matter. I don’t like this world system and getting back to gardening somehow makes me feel like I am taking responsibility and being a good steward of the earth.

I feel more rested and when God’s word tells us not to worry about tomorrow I am able to just receive it with peace in my heart. Matthew 6:25-34.

I was also excited because Jason came to the garden too, it’s become a real family thing and I love it