It’s a Start

A couple of years back I had a happy little¬†garden¬†in my mum’s back yard and an awesome worm farm.¬†Unfortunately¬†discouragement set in when the neighbours dog tore up my garden and I failed to care for my beloved worms and they died…boo hoo ūüė¶

I think that if I was attending a community garden as I am now I probably¬†wouldn’t¬†have let gardening go by the way side, but never fear; it’s never to late to start¬†again.

Last week I attended the Big Back yard Festival at the Wollongong Botanic Garden where I got a little bit inspired by this idea

So armed with a free rocket plant that I received at the festival, my hubby and I came up with this

It is small, but its a start and in the process I really feel like I’ve stuck it to the marketing man by reusing things that were of no longer any use to us.¬†As well¬†as starting our very small garden at home, last Tuesday I decided to actually do some gardening for a change and¬†harvest¬†some food from the¬†garden¬†too.

This very small start feels like a big change and suddenly I no longer feel helpless about the rising cost of life. I have always¬†desired¬†simplicity and to do the things that matter. I don’t like this world¬†system¬†and getting back to gardening somehow makes me feel like I am taking¬†responsibility¬†and being a good steward of the earth.

I feel more rested¬†and¬†when God’s word tells us not to worry about tomorrow I am able to just¬†receive¬†it with peace in my heart. Matthew 6:25-34.

I was¬†also¬†excited¬†because¬†Jason came to the garden too, it’s become a real family thing and I love it

Sushi- I call it happy food!!

When ever I have sushi it makes me feel happy and that’s why I call it happy food.¬†I don’t know if there is any scientific proof that backs my theory but it works for me.

I didn’t think that I was a person who would like sushi but since giving it a go I have to say it’s¬†pretty¬†awesome!

I have been quite depressed of late, which is strange for me as I am usually a happy little chappy but never mind we all get a crack at it sometime or another!! (a bout of depression that is)

Today I was kind to myself and went for a drive to my home town to replenish my tower of novels. I then went for a walk down the street and got me some sushi mmm mmmm.

A library visit, coffee, my happy pill, a walk in the sun, sushi and happiness ūüôā


But I don’t like the crusts (and it doesn’t make your hair curly!!!!!!)

When I have a sandwedge or toast of some sort I always leave the crust. I just don’t like them, no offence to crust loving folk who think I’m a crust snob but truly I hate the crust!!!!

I find it a big¬†disappointment as I’ve enjoyed the inside ingredients wedged¬†between¬†bread¬†and the last bit¬†remaining¬†is a task. ¬†I know, it’s kind of pathetic when you think of other’s starving across the globe……….bugger!!! now I feel really¬†shallow!!!

Regardless of my¬†shallow¬†tastes I refuse to eat my crust’s and I do not believe the old wives tale that says “crust make your hair curly”! That’s¬†bollocks¬†as my hair is quite boofy and I’m always trying to go for the flat hair look!!

So what does this say about me? Perhaps I like the interesting things of life and when it gets to the crusty boring bits I just¬†discard them? Or perhaps it a matter of knowing my¬†boundaries? ¬†I never do anything out of guilt or just because!! Just because there is a crust and there is an unspoken law that I must eat it doesn’t mean I have to eat it!!!

Okay¬†enough¬†of the psycho babble!!!!! Hi my name is Tamar and I refuse to eat my crust’s!!!


I found these pumpkins basking in the sun at the cottage I was staying at. They looked so homely sitting there assembled and waiting to be used at a later date. So I got out my trusty iphone and captured the moment.

Amaki Cottage Cafe

While I was on My getaway I visited the Amaki Cottage cafe twice. The first day was a freezing, cold, rainy and windy day and I made it to Amaki Cottage and ordered a very yummy meat pie. It had real meat chunks with a red wine flavor and was the best thing to eat on a day such that I was experiencing.

The next visit was on my last day and I¬†ordered¬†the eggs benedict¬†for breakfast. It was so delicious and I¬†couldn’t¬†resist¬†taking¬†a photo of the food.¬†When your ever in Kiama call into the Amaki Cottage, it would be¬†totally¬†worth it.