The living water

As a result of being zapped by God….yes zapped…..Jason (who is Deeper Cries Out) and I have commenced worship sessions at our church on a Monday mornings. After the third week we are experiencing  more freedom, we are writing songs and developing and atmosphere of Worship. Yesterday as  Jason was playing his guitar,  we went into spontaneous worship and these images and words came to me. I hope they lift your spirit?

The living water the never runs dry

life-giving, fresh and alive

The water was trickling over the rocks

and sparkling. If sound could sparkle

then it became a bubbling creek, strong, forceful,

clean, fresh  joyful and on the move

then there was like the roar of the ocean

powerful roaring like a lion, unstoppable

And then the crashing waters spilling out with great

unrelenting force

uncontainable power, dynamic

and awesome with majesty.

To be this free!!!

Imagine the urge to just spontaneously dance in a public space and not care what anybody thinks or says!!! Would you be able to do it? I’m not really sure that I could but the thought of it thrills me!! We go about our daily life living certain unspoken rules that keep us sensible and socially acceptable. What if we could be like this dancing man and just have no inhibitions?

Sometimes my life is already  like that due to having a child with VCFS. Not that I’m complaining about it, it’s just true like the embarrassing story of the bear in the cave. People who have an intellectual disability sometimes have their own social rules that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Anyway, back to the dancing man!!! He’s awesome and puts a smile on my face. We need people like this to show us how to not get caught up in our own self importance. He is showing us how to be free, he’s throwing of the cloak of restriction!!! Bless him, he’s an inspiration!!!!

The broken drum

For Christmas my son received a little drum kit that he absolutely loved and banged the life out of it……like yeah….it’s now broken!!!!

He has a passion for drums and last year even declared that “One day I will be a drummer”. Well according to him, that day has already arrived as he now thinks himself as a drummer and when I showed him Animal on Youtube he was talking like some expert and I some novice with no drum knowledge what so ever!!

So now the lovely little drum kit is broken (and I mean broken as in little pieces) and today he took it to school for NEWS. I even had to buckle the pieces up when I drove them to school. He is so proud of his drum that he doesn’t seem to care that it’s broken. It really got me thinking about how meaningfulness comes in many forms. Just because the drum kit is broken doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold some significant meaning to my son.

I wrote this for my status update on Facebook: Zachy took his broken drums for news today….. I even had to buckle it up in the car!!!…. Funny how meaning varies from people to people!!!

This is what Jason my husband wrote: He is a musician in the making, no matter how crap your equipment is you still love the art and the tools that make the music.

I think that says it all……………if you have a passion for music making, art or any creative expression that we should not be limited by the lack of tools but push through and be creative.  On a deeper note, if we ourselves are broken then know that we are worth something to someone. I mean there was a bloke who paid with his life for our brokenness and thought we were worth it. Most people know him as Jesus.

Weekly photo challenge: Down

Never underestimate looking down as there is always an interesting image to capture.

We walk around and view the world front on or where our eye level leads us.

To capture images that  guide your  eyes down provides a nice surprise and allows us

to see a different point of view!!!

Weekly photo challenge: Regret

I’m not the person who lives in regret very much but occasionally I will catch myself regretting my lack of pursuit for drama activities!!!! Lets face it!! I’m animated and love expression I also like to be a bit of an entertainer!!! So below you will view just a small tribute of myself attempting to be animated with dramatic expression for the readiness for a stage performance!!!!

Did someone say it was the 11th of FEB????

Wow!! Hi everyone can’t believe we are well into February already!!! My head-space for the past couple of months has been very distracted and at times even tormented! Well tormented seems a little extreme as I live in a peaceful country with no real threat to my daily peaceful life , yet tormented by the fact I had assignments to complete in the middle of a holiday.

Well, assignments have been completed and its taken me days to recover from the lack of sleep and now I’m sitting back with a book that has me riveted!!! So what can I learn from this experience? Well friends, when its a holiday have a holiday and don’t ever pretend that you are a wonder women who can juggle better then a circus performer. In fact I literally can not juggle in real life let alone figuratively….just let be a lesson for me!!

Anyway I thought I’d drop a word here or two considering I haven’t posted anything for two weeks and just like go WOW!!!!!!…the year is buzzing passed so quickly!!!!