I Built A Fence and Fired the Neurons

The most strangest thing has happened to me in the last week and I am loving it. I have become organised, have been cooking meals again and have felt like I have come out of some kind of hazy fog.

What happened?

I built a fence. Yes, a fence and admittedly not the most stable of fences but it has done the job which needed to be done.

I want to build and extend the garden but because we have lovely chickens, this is impossible without some kind of fence or enclosure of some sort.

Last week I decided it was time to take charge, so I armed myself with a hammer, bits of wood, bamboo and left over chicken wire and I built a fence.

I felt powerful and free and since then so many things are just falling into place. At our coffee carers today it was suggested that I have fired of some neurons. I’m no scientist but let’s go with that hey!!!

Another nice thing that I’ve noticed is how much more my son wants to interact with the chickens instead of just heading for his iPad or computer.

He’s been calling him self the white chicken.

The thing that has also been pleasing me is, that I feel like I am living the dream.I want to be that person who is resourceful and doesn’t waste. I not only want to live within my means but live in the abundance that has been promised to me through Jesus Christ.

I don’t need a lot to be happy. I just need to be empowered to do the things that matter and walk in it. And I must add, how nice is it to have the fog clearing away.


Doc Neeson

Well I can’t go by today without writing something about Doc Neeson, my teenage crush.

Today he passed away at just age 67 from a brain tumour.

He was such a captivating performer that oozed stage charisma. I love his theatrical voice and movement, he was born to perform.

I first noticed his awesomeness back in 1987 when I was in year 9. I think that makes me about 15? I was in art class and one of my fellow students brought in a Tape to play. I loved every song on the tape and asked “who and what is this?”

It turns out that it was The Angels and the Album was The Howling. Come Christmas time I had that album and played it over and over and over again. I then developed a crush and started looking at all of their old stuff and became just a little bit obsessed!!!!


I said it before, he had such presence and a charisma that made me unable to take my eyes of him, oh and lets not forget that I was 15.

I’m not so enchanted by him now but I appreciate his stunning effect on me in those years of my life.

This is his last piece of work, just him talking over some mellow music. My son even likes this and has requested that I play it times.

such a stunning voice

Here is the man in action

You won’t be forgotten Doc Neeson xxx