100 Days Of Happiness

Yesterday I completed my 100 happy day challenge  and I was kind of relieved. It was a great thing to do and really wasn’t that difficult , I just had to remember to do it each day.

Here is the link if you want to take a peak of my 100 photo’s 

I have decided that a good writing exercise would be, for me to let each photograph inspire some writing. I won’t do it every day, maybe once a week and  will put each post in the 100 happy day category. I’m looking forward to this, as it will help me stay consistent when writers block tries to muzzle in on my creative territory.

If you want to take the 100 happy day challenge, I highly recommend.

A Word in Season

Yesterday my stat’s went a little crazy as I decided to share this post that I wrote about two years ago. When I wrote it, I was in a very fragile place and had enough of people telling me how my child’s antics were just normal child behaviour.

Since penning my thoughts way back when, I haven’t really experienced this frustration for some time. Is it because people don’t say it to me as frequently, as the older he gets one can clearly see that his behaviour is nothing like a child his age? Is it because these days I’m a lot more calm about my situation? Who knows, I think the antidepressants are working….Oh, and seeing a psychologist too was pretty unreal…and I haven’t yelled at a man it public for a year now and the eF word has seemed to have made and exit from my general thoughts…..hi fives all round friends!!

Yesterday I was reminded of this topic as I was part of a discussion board with other’s who are effected by VCFS. (I can’t share the link as its private). On the thread there were a number of people who kept on insisting that the vcfs antics of one of the children who was posted about was normal behaviour for all children. 

I didn’t feel the rage of yester year, however frustration was mounting when the mum who wrote the original post clearly articulated her knowledge of the  differences between what a typical child does to one who has special needs and then seemed to go unheard.

This made me realise that my frustrations from a few years back, are being felt strongly today by many of those who are in my situation. As a result I decided to share my post called “But all children do that…..do they really???” and the response has been an awakening experience.

For those out there who could relate to the words I had expressed, it is a word in season just for you. It is my gift as one who goes through stuff and writes about them. Not all things get heard straight away but when the season is right the ears will be there to hear.

So to you my fellow VCFS peeps (and others who could relate to the post), keep being awesome and wonderful and thank you for receiving my written words. Lets not be put off by those who don’t seem to have the ears to hear about our lives. I hope your days are full of understanding and strategies to keep you sane.

All the best my lovelies 🙂

2012 in review

Again I have received a lovely annual report from wordpress….this is my 2012 🙂

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Scary!! I’ve just changed my blog theme!!!

I can’t believe it, After having notebook for over a year I have decided to give my blog a renovation. I had been thinking about it for a while now but I had a touch of but I don’t want to change to I really need a change. So change I did!! It was time. I finally found a theme that I could feel really happy about.

It’s called Rusty Grunge by Chris Wallace.

I like it because the design has blue and orange with white for the background to the main ideas. I felt like it expressed who I was a bit more than my previous theme.  It has a good sense of balance and great clarity. Although I loved Notebook, it really was time to move on.

Such a Lovely Day

I don’t usually post two blogs on the one day but this afternoon was so lovely I thought that I would take the opportunity to indulge. I went for a walk with my son and on the way as he was pretending to be lightning McQueen   “ka-chow” he started to come out with rhyming words and being rather clever.

As we were sitting on the jetty he suddenly became reflective and had many deep questions to ask such as “is she alone?” Referring to a lady sitting at the other end of the jetty. He then kept asking “Is she lonely, why is she alone, is she sad??? So many questions!! He then leaned on me and said “Is the lake talking? I then asked him what he could hear and he replied “brrmmmmmmmm”. It was a distant boat!!! It really was just so unusual as we never have these types of conversations.

On the way home we decided to call into a local cafe that is on the lake. It has cosy lounges and there is always music playing every time we go there.

My son had to make a commentary on every song that was played….awesome!!!!!!

No…… he is not asleep but he was totally relaxed that he didn’t want to leave!!!

This turned out to be such a lovely day considering the stress I’ve been feeling lately. Thought I’d write a quick post to recognise it!!!

200th Post!!

Hi there all who read this,

I am pleased to announce that I have reached the 200 post mile stone!!! I am really pleased by this as it means that I have hung in there and have been a diligent writer.

Quite a few years back I belonged to a writing group and we would meet at our facilitator’s house, read our pieces of writing, fulfil writing challenges and eat olives, cheese and crackers.

I was quite sad when I could no longer attend the group and my writing ceased for a bit. Apart from when we went fruit picking and I kept a journal of our adventures.

When my brother was raving on about blogging I didn’t think I could keep it up but eventually he convinced me that I should. I’m glad I caved as writing a blog gives me that same challenge as when I went to my writing group.

Okay, there is no olives, cheese and crackers but the accountability is there as I attempt the weekly photo challenge or I try to post at least three times a week. Writing has always been  important to me just as painting or any creative pursuit so blogging has become a strong part of my creative expression!!!!

Another part of the blogging experience that I love is the interactions and friendships that I have made.  Thanks to all who visit my blog and leave comments 🙂

So here’s to my 2ooth mile stone!!!

So what’s my niche???

Lately I have been asking myself the question of “what’s my niche?” What type of artist do I want to be and what is success anyway? Before my son arrived on the scene I was out there having exhibitions and spending loads of money with no financial rewards. Mind you, the rewards came in the form of the thrill of being out there and receiving feedback!!

Today my creativity has been Instagraming,  blogs and writing songs and for a awhile I had felt a little discouraged about not being “out there’…….but when you think about it, social networking is “out there’.

So anyway, I have recently felt the urge to paint again but I don’t want to do commissions and I don’t want to try to discover my niche. To be honest I’m a bit over it and I don’t want to try to please anyone…oh dear, does that sound too narcissistic??? I continue with saying I don’t want to paint pretty pictures that appease the masses or nor do I want to paint generic images that they sell in department stores….oh dear, now I’ve gone all grandiose…the confessions of an artistic snob!!!!

So what  solution have I come up with?? Considering that I am currently studying to become a teacher, that will be my bread and butter. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I feel very passionate about becoming one. This thought then gives me the freedom to just be an artist. It’s the act of creativity that gets me going and of late I have felt the strong urge to paint while everyone is worshipping at church. I am sure soon that will happen and the thought of it just thrills me. Who knows where it can go?? All I know is that freedom is connected and the pressure to perform in a financial way is absent.

Perhaps being an outstanding teacher is my niche?? Perhaps just painting from my heart and not being concerned about “will this sell” is my niche?? So what is my niche?? I don’t care as I am free!!!!!

Did someone say it was the 11th of FEB????

Wow!! Hi everyone can’t believe we are well into February already!!! My head-space for the past couple of months has been very distracted and at times even tormented! Well tormented seems a little extreme as I live in a peaceful country with no real threat to my daily peaceful life , yet tormented by the fact I had assignments to complete in the middle of a holiday.

Well, assignments have been completed and its taken me days to recover from the lack of sleep and now I’m sitting back with a book that has me riveted!!! So what can I learn from this experience? Well friends, when its a holiday have a holiday and don’t ever pretend that you are a wonder women who can juggle better then a circus performer. In fact I literally can not juggle in real life let alone figuratively….just let be a lesson for me!!

Anyway I thought I’d drop a word here or two considering I haven’t posted anything for two weeks and just like go WOW!!!!!!…the year is buzzing passed so quickly!!!!

Thank you

I would like to just take a moment to thank all of you who subscribe to Tamar’s art lounge.  I appreciate all who leave comments as it makes the blogging experience feel so much more personal *gee fanks*

Writing for me is another form of art and I love expressing myself and oops!! I haven’t picked up my brushes in about a year…That’s a sad bit 😦 . It’s just life is a bit busy at the moment but hey!!…this is the happy bit 🙂 I write in my journal and have a blog where I incorporate many of my Instagram shots which indeed are acts of artiness!!!

A part of being an artist is sharing your work and have people respond in their own way. This exchange really adds a new depth to the work because we all have our own thoughts and perceptions.

I know that there are blogs out there that have a massive following and some blogs go pro and have ads featured on their site but I am stocked if I get 20 clicks on my blog in one day…whoo hooo!!!! Just recently I had a moment of reflection after viewing some bitch fights on a popular blog and it made me think about what type of blogger I want to be.

I want to write about the things that matter to me and refrain from any nastiness. I want to express what  inspire’s me and hopefully in the process inspire other’s too. I want to share what it’s like to have a child with VCFS and how I cope. I love to share my faith and I love the freedom of just writing about whatever I want to with no pressure to perform or conform. Hey!! I just love to blog and you my subscriber’s are a part of my journey!!!!

So thank you thank you and keep on blogging!!! xxxxx