Weekly photo challenge: broken

The path of brokenness

a shattered heart

time doesn’t heal

but, I let  God heal me and willingly surrender my heart

then the brokenness

becomes beauty

A mosaic of life and one I could not imagine for myself

the life and love shines through

so I am broken but not beat!!

A Playgroup Volunteer

I decided to become a volunteer for Playgroup NSW after attending one with my son for a number of years and felt that I wanted to contribute my gift’s and talents to this organisation. I found it really enjoyable running craft for the children that it was my pleasure to extend that and take it to other playgroups.

Creating an art and craft space for children makes me feel fulfilled as I love the imagination and ability that children have to play. When I facilitate these moments I feel like I’m playing an important part of a child development. Whether I’m getting out some paint and allowing the children to be as messy as possible or creating an underwater adventure these activities are a joy.

My other volunteer role is to visit baby clinic’s to promote awareness of Playgroup. I love doing this as I love that collective new baby motherhoodness (is that a word??) and to be honest I love talking in front of a crowd!!! Promoting playgroup is easy for me as I found it to be a valuable resource to me and my child. I also like the idea of encouraging people to get together and be a support for one another.

I can see myself being a happy volunteer for Playgroup NSW for a long time and I feel that it will complement my studies; Bachelor of education in early childhood. So why not check out you’re local playgroup and give it a go? You never know what friendship’s you will make or what friendship’s your child will form.

The type of post’s I like to read

I was thinking this morning about the type of post’s that I like reading and what attracts me in the first place to a blog? I was also thinking how much I enjoy being a blogger as it fulfills some expressive need that I obviously have perched inside me. As an artist I find that when I paint it allows me to swim in  self-indulgence guilt-free.

So! what do I like to read? A while back I discovered a blog called the Awkward list I love reading it as I feel that we can all relate to what is mentioned in them and even though most are written in a testimonial style they are not self indulgent. They are uplifting and make you laugh like a Seinfeld episode and I have literally laughed out loud while reading some of them.

I also like instructional posts such as “how to be a better writer” as blogs like that are not only interesting but are helpful to those who are reading it. I’m very fond of Instagram or any type of arty post’s, I love reading about those who journal and who like to write about their observation’s of this world.

I definitely appreciate a blog with a list!! How good is a list??? It just breaks up that body of words and makes you feel all organised inside awwww nice 🙂

  • I love book reviews
  • declarations of faith
  • stories of triumph
  • when everyone was doing the 30 day song challenge
  • funny stories

I could just keep on going but I wont as perhaps I should talk about what I don’t like???? ummm well, I really don’t like reading things which are too self absorbed, like every thing is about me me me me me me me look at ME darling look at me!!!!

Oh!! I really hope I’m not offending anyone by what I am writing and perhaps it can sound a little hypocritical, as I myself are writing till my heart’s content about anything I so desire. It’s just when it’s all about the writer I start to get a little bored!! So does that make me perhaps a self absorbed reader? as the posts that attract me and that I enjoy reading are all things that interest’s me???

I find what I am writing in this post very fascinating, as it really makes me question my own self absorbent levels by what I write and what I read!!!!

Your thoughts??

My Instagram book on Blurb!!!

I’m very excited to announce that I have just made a book using some of my Instagram photo’s using the Blurb website. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to accomplish as the site now has the ability where you can access all of your instagram pic’s. All you need to do is sign into your instagram account then give permission for blurb to pull them from that account. Once you’ve done all that the next process is too easy and I say easy because I was able to do this without any supervision from my computer savvy husband!!!

Now I’m looking forward to its arrival and I can’t wait. I look forward to being able to look at my photo’s in book form as even though the world has moved on and everything seems to be electronic the feel and look of a book never loses its satisfaction with me.

I think it’s a worthy thing to do as my art in whatever form is important to me and having my work printed for posterity makes me feel nice. 🙂


When is it the best time to study and gain a career? Should it be straight after school or years later when you become mature aged? I’m sure that there really is no right or wrong answer to the above questions as we all have different needs and priorities.

My story is one like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. When I left school after completing year 10 I went straight into  studying fine arts.  I have no regrets in that decision as art is a passion of mine that I’ve been practicing passionately after all these years.

Back in about 1993 when I was 22 I made attempts to become a teacher by studying at Uni, however after completing the Gateway program ( a bridging course) the whole idea of Uni just made me feel overwhelmed!!! If I could go back to my younger self I would say “Tamar, everyone gets overwhelmed!! just do it as it will serve you well later in life.”

I don’t like to dwell too much in the land of “what if” as that can bog you down with a chain of regret causing you not to move on with life. Although I can’t go back and change my past I today can make different choices now.

So I am about to commence study at the end of August and I am very excited about it. I feel that finally I am ready and perhaps doing this earlier would have indeed been the wrong choice for my life. As I made that step forward to study it has felt like everything has just fallen into place.

Why do I feel this is the best time? As I said before everything seems to be falling into place. My son is at school and my husband now has a job where he needs the use of our car. This leaves me with a lot more time on my hands, so filling in that time studying something that I love (Bachelor of Ed early childhood) feels great and exhilarating.

I feel that I am carving a way to a career that I will enjoy doing and that it will set me up for future stability. I’ve never really been a person who thinks about those things, however when I had my child and my mum became ill those two event’s forced me to think differently.

I think another reason for my readiness is, that I am so tired of not being that teacher I was meant to be. I no longer want to sit and procrastinate and complain about not being where I want to go. It’s my time and I am ready!! No more procrastinating for readiness is by my side!!!!

Filling out form anxiety…… Is it just me??

I struggle so much with filling out forms that it almost becomes a full-blown anxiety attack. I’ve had in my possession forms to apply for carer’s payment and lets just say i’ve spent a lot of weeks in procrastination towards these dreaded forms.

I’ve recently just applied to commence study for my bachelor of education ( early childhood) and was looking to perhaps apply for Austudy. Now that’s an added dilemma, which one should I apply for and how do I complete these forms with my sanity intact??

I feel so frustrated at myself for being this way as it feels like such a minimal thing to be anxious over. Is it just me or do other’s feel this pain too????

I can’t wait to get started!!!

I finally enrolled myself into doing a Bachelor of Education (early childhood) and I can’t wait to start. I’ve been wanting to go back to study for a while now and have been so frustrated by my procrastination that I couldn’t bear yet another year of non study!!!

I’ve decided to go distance learning as it will be flexible and fit into my life style, such us writing in a cafe while my son is at school. As I have been weekly journaling for nearly two years I have proven to myself that I indeed, have the self discipline of committing words to paper of my own accord. I also love the subject matter and feel very passionate about it that I know I will enjoy the journey of study.

I feel that it will empower me with more opportunities for employment and give  strength to what I already know and do on a volunteer basis. I am madly passionate about children being allowed to be children that’s why I love being a volunteer for Playgroup NSW. I visit playgroups and do crazy fun craft activities with the children and get to be like a little kid again for and hour.

I guess a part of me just never grew up and you know what???

I’m glad!!!!!


The other night I was watching that new show called “Can of worms” and one of the subjects that came up was “Do Australian’s swear too much?” and who knew that Don Burke liked to let the bad words fly. Let’s just say it was a most fascinating thing to watch and has had me thinking of my own swearing adventures.

For starters I want it to be known that I don’t condone swearing and I really hate hearing it in songs but I try never to judge those who like to use them. Even though I am not a swearer I must confess that there have been times when one or two have  escaped me, and here is my story!! (ching ching…that’s the law and order sound)

My most recent decent into bad language was when I was driving my son to school and I nearly had an accident as some irresponsible driver pulled out of a drive way in my path. As I was swerving to avoid a collision a word came out of my mouth very powerfully!! My son then asked me “Mummy, did you just say buck??” (phew!! that was close) In the afternoon when I picked him up and we were driving home he very tenderly asked me “Mummy can we go on the road where the buck is??”

I can remember other times when I think to myself  “gosh I wish I was a swearer, because right now the use of one would be so musical” Like when you feel so passionately angry about something or frustration has hit that swearing Richter scale.

I then remember when I was a little kid and being in the backyard with no adults present (remember it was the 70’s a lot less adult supervision back then) I would then take that opportunity to just blurt out all the swear words that I knew and do it with passion and power!!! Gosh I was naughty!!!

So that’s enough of my swearing confessions and trust me there is more but I think I’ve given it enough discussion for one day.

So Australia, do we swear too much?