Scary!! I’ve just changed my blog theme!!!

I can’t believe it, After having notebook for over a year I have decided to give my blog a renovation. I had been thinking about it for a while now but I had a touch of but I don’t want to change to I really need a change. So change I did!! It was time. I finally found a theme that I could feel really happy about.

It’s called Rusty Grunge by Chris Wallace.

I like it because the design has blue and orange with white for the background to the main ideas. I felt like it expressed who I was a bit more than my previous theme.  It has a good sense of balance and great clarity. Although I loved Notebook, it really was time to move on.

200th Post!!

Hi there all who read this,

I am pleased to announce that I have reached the 200 post mile stone!!! I am really pleased by this as it means that I have hung in there and have been a diligent writer.

Quite a few years back I belonged to a writing group and we would meet at our facilitator’s house, read our pieces of writing, fulfil writing challenges and eat olives, cheese and crackers.

I was quite sad when I could no longer attend the group and my writing ceased for a bit. Apart from when we went fruit picking and I kept a journal of our adventures.

When my brother was raving on about blogging I didn’t think I could keep it up but eventually he convinced me that I should. I’m glad I caved as writing a blog gives me that same challenge as when I went to my writing group.

Okay, there is no olives, cheese and crackers but the accountability is there as I attempt the weekly photo challenge or I try to post at least three times a week. Writing has always been  important to me just as painting or any creative pursuit so blogging has become a strong part of my creative expression!!!!

Another part of the blogging experience that I love is the interactions and friendships that I have made.  Thanks to all who visit my blog and leave comments 🙂

So here’s to my 2ooth mile stone!!!

Did someone say it was the 11th of FEB????

Wow!! Hi everyone can’t believe we are well into February already!!! My head-space for the past couple of months has been very distracted and at times even tormented! Well tormented seems a little extreme as I live in a peaceful country with no real threat to my daily peaceful life , yet tormented by the fact I had assignments to complete in the middle of a holiday.

Well, assignments have been completed and its taken me days to recover from the lack of sleep and now I’m sitting back with a book that has me riveted!!! So what can I learn from this experience? Well friends, when its a holiday have a holiday and don’t ever pretend that you are a wonder women who can juggle better then a circus performer. In fact I literally can not juggle in real life let alone figuratively….just let be a lesson for me!!

Anyway I thought I’d drop a word here or two considering I haven’t posted anything for two weeks and just like go WOW!!!!!!…the year is buzzing passed so quickly!!!!

Thank you

I would like to just take a moment to thank all of you who subscribe to Tamar’s art lounge.  I appreciate all who leave comments as it makes the blogging experience feel so much more personal *gee fanks*

Writing for me is another form of art and I love expressing myself and oops!! I haven’t picked up my brushes in about a year…That’s a sad bit 😦 . It’s just life is a bit busy at the moment but hey!!…this is the happy bit 🙂 I write in my journal and have a blog where I incorporate many of my Instagram shots which indeed are acts of artiness!!!

A part of being an artist is sharing your work and have people respond in their own way. This exchange really adds a new depth to the work because we all have our own thoughts and perceptions.

I know that there are blogs out there that have a massive following and some blogs go pro and have ads featured on their site but I am stocked if I get 20 clicks on my blog in one day…whoo hooo!!!! Just recently I had a moment of reflection after viewing some bitch fights on a popular blog and it made me think about what type of blogger I want to be.

I want to write about the things that matter to me and refrain from any nastiness. I want to express what  inspire’s me and hopefully in the process inspire other’s too. I want to share what it’s like to have a child with VCFS and how I cope. I love to share my faith and I love the freedom of just writing about whatever I want to with no pressure to perform or conform. Hey!! I just love to blog and you my subscriber’s are a part of my journey!!!!

So thank you thank you and keep on blogging!!! xxxxx

2011 in review!!!!

I recieved this email from today!!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Post a week challenge 2011- a reflection!!

Wow, so we are nearing the end of the year and I have been partaking in the post a week challenge 2011 and I’m glad to say that I’ve done okay, apart from a lagging week here and there. My lagging weeks however had a very good excuse such as, I had to get rid of a stalker , the commencement of study and……yeah being bogged down due to academic reading!!!!

I love being able to write and the weekly challenge helps keep up the commitment. One of the creative ways to partake in the challenge was to be a part of the weekly photo challenge. As I am an Instagram  addict I have many many many photo’s so there were many pic’ to choose from.

I found myself blogging about what is important to me and if something strikes me as outrages I can express it in a post. I like to share my book discoveries or words that interest me.  I like to share about things that inspire and to give voice for those who are effected by VCFS. Blogging regularly has been an expressive joy in my life and certainly hope there is a 2012 challenge.

Some of my most exciting events in 2011 was when I got 729 clicks in just half an hour!! whoo hooo!!!! That’s probably nothing to some people but to me it was awesome!! Another exciting event was when I posted about my local community garden and I made mention of Richard Louv, who is the American journalist who wrote The last child in the woods. Within a couple of hours of pressing publish Richard Louv himself left a comment on my post requesting that I email him.

It’s been a great year and amazingly has gone too fast. I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 and for those who have a blog….keep on posting 🙂

The type of post’s I like to read

I was thinking this morning about the type of post’s that I like reading and what attracts me in the first place to a blog? I was also thinking how much I enjoy being a blogger as it fulfills some expressive need that I obviously have perched inside me. As an artist I find that when I paint it allows me to swim in  self-indulgence guilt-free.

So! what do I like to read? A while back I discovered a blog called the Awkward list I love reading it as I feel that we can all relate to what is mentioned in them and even though most are written in a testimonial style they are not self indulgent. They are uplifting and make you laugh like a Seinfeld episode and I have literally laughed out loud while reading some of them.

I also like instructional posts such as “how to be a better writer” as blogs like that are not only interesting but are helpful to those who are reading it. I’m very fond of Instagram or any type of arty post’s, I love reading about those who journal and who like to write about their observation’s of this world.

I definitely appreciate a blog with a list!! How good is a list??? It just breaks up that body of words and makes you feel all organised inside awwww nice 🙂

  • I love book reviews
  • declarations of faith
  • stories of triumph
  • when everyone was doing the 30 day song challenge
  • funny stories

I could just keep on going but I wont as perhaps I should talk about what I don’t like???? ummm well, I really don’t like reading things which are too self absorbed, like every thing is about me me me me me me me look at ME darling look at me!!!!

Oh!! I really hope I’m not offending anyone by what I am writing and perhaps it can sound a little hypocritical, as I myself are writing till my heart’s content about anything I so desire. It’s just when it’s all about the writer I start to get a little bored!! So does that make me perhaps a self absorbed reader? as the posts that attract me and that I enjoy reading are all things that interest’s me???

I find what I am writing in this post very fascinating, as it really makes me question my own self absorbent levels by what I write and what I read!!!!

Your thoughts??

Weekly photo challenge: old fashioned

For this weeks photo challenge I was going through some of my early recent shots and as soon as I came across this one I thought “yes!! choose this one”

I call this my vintage journal and the pen my vintage writing apparatus. When I skip down to my local cafe to commence my journaling at times I really do feel old-fashioned. With today’s access to technology and social media it’s so easy to just type, text, send a message via Facebook, tweet, blog and instagram.  You would think with all these new ways of communication that the pen and paper would be made obsolete.

Nevertheless, I don’t let this sway me as I enjoy the action of holding a pen and physically committing pen to paper. I love the look and feel of my journal, it’s so pretty and special.  Yes technology has come and made its dominate presence felt but you will always get those who like to do the tactile old fashion way.

So here’s to doing something that is old-fashioned!!!!

Celebrating my 100th post!!!!

To make to my 100th post really makes me feel quite chuffed as it shows me that this blogging thing isn’t just a fad but now part of my regular doing of life.

I love the process of writing and always have. Years ago I was a part of a writer’s group where we met weekly, had homework, did  on the spot writing and had to read our words out to receive feedback. Although I don’t go to that writing group anymore, I feel through blogging it gives me that same type of satisfaction.

I love taking my journal to any cafe to commence with writing down my thoughts. I miss painting and it has been put on hold for a little bit so blogging has been very important part of my creative process. When I was describing to a fellow painter friend about my lack of painting production he very wisely answered with this “Tamar what is drawing or painting? it is an activity where you put a selection of lines together to create an image that is seen with the eye! now what is writing? An activity where you put a selection of lines together to create an image that is seen with the mind”

I thought his response was genius and I am always thinking about that statement whenever I’m being creative of some sort. It really doesn’t matter what medium you use to express your self, just as long as you do.

Blogging ideas

I’ve been having lots of fun with the 30 day song challenge and I’ve come to realise that it’s a great platform to lauch interesting writing idea’s. For instance, day 4 had me thinking of a sad song but I couldn’t choose just one so I wrote a blog about all the sad songs. I now  feel inspired to write more on the topic of a sad song and I can see how one idea spawns a whole bunch of other ideas.

Tomorrow I’m to share a song that reminds me of someone. The song I’ve chosen reminds me of my best friend which then leads me to write about  all of our fun laughing adventures we had together (usually sipping tea at 4am in the morning).

If you have a writer’s block then I suggest giving the 30 song challenge ago, even if it’s to just to inspire idea’s. It has certainly got me thinking and on a  roll. I wrote in a previous blog about when writer’s block strikes what can be done to overcome it. I hope somehow this helps spark some ideas for anyone who is struggling to write their next post?

Happy blogging!!!