My latest Favorite photo!!!

This is my latest favorite photo and I’m really proud of it. I like it because it captures a mood and I have caught the subject in an off guard moment. It appears that he his daydreaming and looking out of the window of possibility while enjoying one of his favorite activities : eating cup cakes.

To me this is what portraiture is all about. This is a real moment taken in a moment of time and history. The only tweaking that I have done is put it through pictureshow to make it black and white and I also used the tilt shift application. The reason why I did that was to provide mood and expression and add a certain drama to the shot.

Please note that I have not  used photoshop to clean his face or to take away blemishes. I do not believe we should be using photoshop on children as I think it sends a bad message about self-image and robs us all of  the history of life’s occurrences.

Sorry I didn’t mean for this post to get preachy about this topic but as I started to write I felt compelled to mention it. Anyway, at the end of the day this is just my opinion and I have enjoyed the freedom to express it.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Flowers

Life sometimes can be a little busy and I know it’s a bit of a cliché but stopping the smell the flowers is an important part of life. When I took this photo I was walking to my coffee group. I had a strong fast pace, however when I saw this flower it was time to stop, take a shot using my iphone and give it the Instagram treatment.

By stopping it gave me a chance to enjoy the wonder that this little flower has to offer. It gave me an opportunity to be creative and enjoy the moment.

I always say to my self that I’m the tortoise because I don’t do rushing around very well. I’m not one that can juggle everything and I never pretend to. Life is not a rush for me as slow and steady wins the race and I have learnt over the years to not succumb to that competitiveness of life.

I hope you enjoy my flower.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

This is the river entrance to the place where I grew up.

It’s a place of happy memories

With much swimming in the river and walking around the headland.

It’s my special place shared by many other’s, no doubt!!!!