The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

I think back to when I first became a Christian, I was 17.  Like most people in the world I’ve experienced  my share of  hardship’s in life. I can can truthfully say that the ribbon that runs unbroken through my interesting life has been my walk with Jesus. I ponder about what a magnificent journey it has been  and I have no desire to exchange the very thing that gives me strength to keep on going through whatever life has thrown out on the path before me.

I have the Joy, it gives me strength, it makes me laugh when there is no reason to laugh. I’ve heard it been said that Jesus is my imaginary friend who I talk to. So be it, to me Jesus is a reality that I base my whole lifestyle upon. It’s that rock that has seen me through many a trial and disturbance. I’ve seen many answer’s to prayer and I’ve seen visions, had dreams, been set free and I’ve been able to make the most wonderful connections with friends.

Today I want to lift Jesus high and I am not ashamed of the true connection that I have with the living God. I want to declare his freedom and love. I want to be astounded by his authority and captivated in the wonder of his creation. This has been going on since I was 17 today I am 38 and The Joy of the Lord has not worn of after all these years.

Cafe journaling

Today I did my cafe journaling and these are my tools. Very simple and not much to it really.

I am often amazed at the people I meet while I’m out journaling. Today it was the lovely Nikky, we took photo’s of ourselves as I have now entered the iphone family.

Today I did something slightly different as I took a book to read with me as well. I think I’m starting to feel at home and it was lovely to just sit there and read. I’m thinking that when it’s time to go back to school, one of my  strategies will be to study at a busy cafe at a busy shopping center.  I’v noticed my concentration abilities  appear to thrive in this environment. This has been an encouraging day.

I’m no coffee purist

I’m not a coffee purist so just stick that yummy caramel stuff in my coffee please!!! I was never a coffee drinker until I was introduced and seduced by the caramel cappuccino. I have no shame, non what’s so ever. I don’t care, it’s what I like and I’ll get it every time.

However when it comes to chocolate, I am a chocolate snob. I once again have no shame in admitting that to anyone. I announce it proudly and boldly, dark it needs to be don’t give me that milky watered down stuff. I wont get through it. it’s not for me.

I’m no photography purist either, I’m not missing the dark room. hey isn’t digital a treat. But I am a literary snob, don’t give me an abridge version of a book!! huh, my intelligence has just had a great big swipe!!!!!

So what am I trying to say?? sometimes I can be the biggest snob and other times I’m just no purist at all!!!!!

I’m going to treat myself tomorrow

I’ve decided to give my self an extra cafe journaling session tomorrow. Usually Wednesday’s I drop the little man off to early intervention and then cruise on home to do home stuff. but today I feel a little bit fragile and I think I need a bit of cafe journaling to make me feel a little cozy, comfy and all warm on the inside. I don’t feel massively sad or downcast just feeling perhaps slightly stretched. By stretched I mean I’ve taken on responsibility’s recently that I would never thought I could ever have accomplished in the past. There are more things on my schedule and I’m finding myself a student to new things more frequently.

So what are these things?

I’ve been a worship leader now for over a year and it’s funny to think years ago people said I couldn’t sing in tune. Or trust me when I say this, but I don’t fit the worship leader mold!!! In Gods eyes I’m just what he’s after because I worship in spirit and truth. I’m not blowing my own trumpet I’m simply agreeing with what Jesus Christ said.

I’ve also put my hand up for leadership roles in the community and involving my self on committees. Funny how I’ve always thought meeting’s were such a pretentious activity. Sometimes they are pretentious if you have too many too soon and talk a lot a BS. However meetings at the appropriate times are very beneficial and admittedly quite necessary.

I’m also a volunteer for Playgroup NSW. My thing is to visit different playgroups and do a craft activity with the kids. I find this highly rewarding as I am passionate about art and sharing it with the community. Oops!! that bit sounded like a cover letter for a job. Speaking of Job seeking, I was also on an interview panel with a service that helps my Son. Once again, this is funny because the only job interview I was ever successful at was for a pizza hut delivery driver job.

So all these things are new to me and I’ve been thrown out of my comfort zone.  I think I’m doing well and I’m enjoying myself. However,  I’ve decided that I  need to treat myself with a comforting activity. So tomorrow I will be armed with my vintage tools and I shall journal and sit amongst the people. I shall soak up the atmosphere and enjoy my caramel cappuccino, yes I have caramel for I am no coffee purist. And that my friends is a whole other blog.

Everyone has something to say

I was thinking about a wonderful  documentary I watched about Paul Simon, he was in Africa conducting song writing work shops. One of the significant things he spoke about was, that every one has something to say.  He talked about how we tell our selves that we have nothing to say but he was insistent that this was not true at all . Some times what we have to say is not pleasant or we think our thoughts are insignificant.

I agree with Paul Simon, we all have our bit to contribute and there are many ways one can express what’s inside of us. I have the privilege of being an artist that allows me to express all sorts of things without too much articulation. Often I will do a painting and when I stand back and look I see the painting says a lot more than what I intended. I don’t know if many of us are afraid to say what we think or perhaps we are just being polite because that’s an expected social law?

I suggest have a journal ready and write down your uncensored thoughts and ideas. You will find with that process you will discover  that indeed you have something worthwhile to say. Okay there are times to keep a lid on it!! but just have confidence to know that we all have something to say.

A touch of excitement

Today we went to the shopping center that we affectionately call The Square to go and have a baby chino and cupcake. When that was over and after a friendly chat with a stranger we went down to K mart to buy something.  The moment I saw all of the Christmas decorations I felt a touch of excitement. Emotion’s of that kind have been absent from me for a while. My son ran over to the Christmas trees, even he looked excited.

I can’t wait for Christmas this year, I even bought some brown wrapping paper ready to paint. I failed to do this last year as the passing of my mum had only been very recent. This year is a new year, I have a fresh excitement and a renewed strength. It’s now time to make a happy and joyful  Christmas for my family.

Letting go of the dream and embracing a new one!!

It was my dream for my son who has VCFS to attend the school that my husband I went to. It’s the closest nearby school and has many memories that are sentimental and powerful. When my son was born that’s the school that I’d thought he’d attend, no deviation from the plan. However, as time has swiftly moved and circumstances have taken me by surprise I’ve had to rethink the dream.

At the beginning of the year I can say that the thought of Zachy going to school would send me in a moment of worry and concern toppled with much anxiety.  His toilet training and his functioning age was very much behind peer’s his own age. There was also tears of just feeling overwhelmed by the whole school thing.

Sometime mid year I was encouraged to visit schools that had an IO unit as my Son had recently been diagnosed with having a moderate intellectual disability. I visited three in total and was impressed with them all. I then began to change my mind about holding him back a year as these schools have a wonderful program and attitude towards children like my son. The fact that my Son is still in nappy’s, dribbles madly gets distracted and lost  is a non issue. I feel that my son will be nurtured and yet challenged, accepted and taught with excellence and encouragement to bring out his abilities.

The thought of school now excites me and I realise there is a whole different world other than my fixed dream to embrace. It’s what you make it and this VCFS journey before me is full of adventure and quite often the unknown.  I do put my trust in Jesus and know that whatever happens I will be okay. We all have dreams but sometimes the dreams need a little adjustment.

Blogging and Zumba

Ever since i’ve started Zumba and more recently blogging, my husband seems very fascinated by these two activities. I’ve shown him some of the zumba moves, he really likes it when I do that and then he gleefully calls me zumba girl. or says “love ya zumba moves”.

My new thing: blogging, seems to have really captured his attention “hey you should blog about this, you should blog about that”. I said to him that he should start a blog himself and blog about him telling me what to blog about. Any way perhaps he should join me at zumba one day or perhaps he should start blogging himself. Who knows??