Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

One pelican enjoying a solitary moment

One red pot standing alone amongst the garden

One solitary tree that stands alone

Some, I believe are afraid of solitude. I know this because when I hunger for it, many just don’t understand my need for it.

Some are just surprised that anybody would get excited to be alone, or some can be quite condescending in their response to my love of solitude.

I have always been like this and when times get to overwhelming, just being alone for a couple of days can do the trick.

For those who are afraid of solitude or simply can not understand it, just ask you self why. You might find an interesting answer.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This is a rather boring everyday life thing that one must do to maintain cleanliness in one’s house.

It’s a good thing that I have a lovely husband to help full fill this boring task

Maybe I can make this my everyday life, having fun, playing and getting my fashion on at the garden!!!!!!

and by the way, that’s no tea-towel I’m wearing!!

Inspired by Christo

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting my art on at my local community garden and it’s been a very awesome and pleasant experience. Traditionally I am a painter who likes to takes photo’s on my iphone and have never seen myself as a sculptural kind of girl. At art school I flat-out did not do well at sculpture and was always uninspired to produce in the 3D realm.

Although sculpture has never been my forte I have always had a soft spot for installation art, in particular Cristo. Wrapping stuff up in material just makes me visually excited for some reason. So as I have been letting the creativity juices flow in the garden my inspiration has led me to create installation pieces from things found there.

One day I spent a pleasant afternoon creating trees form newspaper and sticks and it felt very liberating. There was a slight breeze that day and the movement of the paper was delightful to watch.

When the kids arrived after school we made some variations of the fake trees and they became like fake fire twirling things. I know I had an awesomely great time swinging the sticks around!!!! It felt like I was venting out my frustrations!!

My son is using this makeshift whip for a crane

Anyway I now have many more ideas that I would like to do at the garden, like create a river cascading down the hill. This is where I suddenly think of Christo and find myself amazed that I’m thinking about creating installation art. In fact, I find it like a new adventure and the garden is my canvas and I can’t wait to just play.

Fun day at the Garden

Last Sunday was a gathering day at the community garden and the turn out was wonderful. There were heaps of families and fun things for the kids to do. I was there with a whole lot of cardboard boxes, masking tape and paint. I was amazed at how the kids were just hungry to be creative where just painting on cardboard was enthralling for them.

I witnessed how many of the children painted their hands and desired to leave their hand prints. They enjoyed the mess, They loved the unstructured open-ended activity and they were engaged for long periods of time. Some of the kids took their masterpieces home, yet some of them just left theirs behind which suggest’s that the action of creating is more important than the end product for some kids.

The good thing about being in an organic environment is that the neglected art works ended up in the compost heap!!!!

My boy want’s long hair and I don’t care!!!

My Son want’s to grow his hair and I am happy to let it happen.

He has to endure many rules in his young life and so he should, as he is a child. However, there are some things in life that shouldn’t be a rule such as if a child want to sport long hair or not!!!

Okay, being a sensory child when confronted with scissors to his hair it’s like we are killing him and with that being said avoiding hair cuts is awesome!! Yet believe it or not, my young child has an opinion of how he would like his hair and his desire is for it to be long.

One of the first reasons he gave for growing his hair was so he could be like his Uncle Wayne.

Unfortunately my son has never met his uncle as he passed away quite a few years ago, but we have lots of memories and this awesome photo to look at.

The second reason he gave was because he thinks he’s a rock star. Let’s face it!! We all have dreams.

For me, I don’t mind little boys having long hair and I don’t see what the big deal is. You know, there really is nothing about my life that has been regular so why not follow the tradition of who I am and let my child come with me.

let the hair grow!!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

When I gazed over my photographs with Free Spirit in mind I immediately made the connection with this picture.

However, as I think about what Free Spirit is to me I think about myself.

I feel free as a bird to be who I am and never to worry about what people think of me. I became this way when I met Jesus when I was 17 years old. I took of the mask of expectation and just let myself be me.

I think a free spirit is one who knows their boundaries and will not allow themselves to be manipulated by others.

I remember a few years ago my Dad told me I as a Free Spirit.  It kind of shocked me at first but I took it on board. So in step with my Dad words, another picture needs to be added to this weeks challenge.