Letting the Outdoors Influence the Inside

For over a year now I have been attending my local community garden and I never get sick of it. I have found time after time that it inspires and sparks creativity in so many different ways. Sometimes the inspiration is unexpected, like when I made a tee pee or when I decided to put a green sari on the wall to represent a tree house in my lounge room.

This leads me to talk about how the outside is influencing my interior design for my little abode. I have always loved green and I enjoy nature colours and by placing them in my house I have found that it really does make me feel good!!!!!

Last year I made the wall hanging from a stick and other collected  items from the garden. I did those little paintings while sitting at the garden with some music to accompany me.

I look forward to see how more inspiration comes as there is a turn of the season and I hope to create a legacy of some kind that will inspire people to love nature and to let your home be designed in a way that makes you feel good.

Inspired by Christo

For the past couple of weeks I have been getting my art on at my local community garden and it’s been a very awesome and pleasant experience. Traditionally I am a painter who likes to takes photo’s on my iphone and have never seen myself as a sculptural kind of girl. At art school I flat-out did not do well at sculpture and was always uninspired to produce in the 3D realm.

Although sculpture has never been my forte I have always had a soft spot for installation art, in particular Cristo. Wrapping stuff up in material just makes me visually excited for some reason. So as I have been letting the creativity juices flow in the garden my inspiration has led me to create installation pieces from things found there.

One day I spent a pleasant afternoon creating trees form newspaper and sticks and it felt very liberating. There was a slight breeze that day and the movement of the paper was delightful to watch.

When the kids arrived after school we made some variations of the fake trees and they became like fake fire twirling things. I know I had an awesomely great time swinging the sticks around!!!! It felt like I was venting out my frustrations!!

My son is using this makeshift whip for a crane

Anyway I now have many more ideas that I would like to do at the garden, like create a river cascading down the hill. This is where I suddenly think of Christo and find myself amazed that I’m thinking about creating installation art. In fact, I find it like a new adventure and the garden is my canvas and I can’t wait to just play.

Just another lovely day at the community Garden

Yesterday was great!! I felt like a had one big shot of serotonin which flooded me with happiness. Once again I took my Arty stuff to the Garden where I then proceeded to work on some paintings. I’m telling you, there is something extremely pleasant in partaking in this activity!!

Notice the seat that the painting is resting on? It’s made from recyclable materials such as old tires, brick rubble that’s been used as fill and reused timber to create the seating. It has been made in the shape of a crescent and when I sit in the middle of it I feel like I’m the recipient of a big hug!!!…..That’s special 🙂

It makes me think of God the Father and why Jesus came so that we too can know the Father like Jesus. It  reminds me that no matter what I do or don’t do I can’t make God love me any more then he already does.

After having a lovely time painting my own thing, then came the second stage of happy happy joy feelings.  It was now time for me to pick up my son from school and other kids to be at the garden where I was able to facilitate an art session with the kids!!

It’s so good to see kids keen to be creative

I love how this little one began to mosaic bits of cardboard onto a bigger piece of cardboard. She spent a lot of time creating and inventing with just things that we consider rubbish.

I love the passion in this work

I’ve discovered that a community garden isn’t just for gardening. What ever your gift is use it and contribute to the diversity and pleasure of the place. When you reach out with your gift the enjoyment of your passion increases and more ideas start to flow. What I find so interesting is that I started going to the garden for my son’s benefit but now it’s me who is getting the biggest benefits of all.

I encourage anyone if it’s possible, to join a community garden, get out in the sunshine, contribute your gift and get to know your neighbours 🙂

No Dig Garden

I had a lovely day yesterday at the community garden, as those who were present participated in making a no dig garden.

Here is the set up with lots of organic matter that came from the garden or the local race track (horse poo) Which by the way is for free at Kembla Grange.

You have to remember to water each layer

Good to see the kids getting involved!!When we were putting the top layer of dried kikuyu grass on top my son asked if it was a blanket!!

I’m Sorry that I don’t have a picture of the final product as I forgot to get one!!!

On Eagles Wings

I read this book by Col Stringer  about 20 years ago. Back then I found it very inspiring and influential in the way I thought about eagles in relation to being a Christian.

Today as I am reading it, it is like medicine to my soul. My life of late has been full of stress, fear and worries. This book talks about how the eagle is able to sour high above the storm and it is an analogy of how a believer in Christ can do likewise when face the storms of life.

Right now it is a timely read and I am refreshed!!!