Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I love this picture of my son and his friend. They both live in the same country, yet come from a different culture. They don’t seem to notice the cultural differences they just want to have fun in each others company.

My son has noticed that his skin is a different colour and he wants to be just like his friend. “Mummy I want to be aboriginal”.  There are just some things that I can’t arrange, sorry kiddo!!!

It’s Been a Week of Painting

When I partake in painting its normally to do with me facing a canvas and painting smallish pictures, however this week I have painted things in a different style.

On Tuesday one of the community gardeners retrieved some old tires and left over paint so I can start to add colour to the place.

This is me having a blast with the paint and tires. I can’t wait to add the colour.

The next day which was Wednesday I went to the Queen Street Servo to commence with the arty part of the project. This is the fellow artist who is working on the project and her kids. The kids came up with some of the design!!!

This is me in a selfy in front of my work

This work was inspired by this little wonder climbing through the brick work

I can’t wait to add colour

So Today is Thursday and a special day for Aussies as we remember our diggers on ANZAC Day and it also happens to be a public holiday, therefore at noon a bunch of us from church went to paint the children’s church walls. Colour was added to our lives today

Three days in a row doing communal painting!!

I love it and I can’t wait to continue with the projects.

I love painting 🙂

I especially love painting if it can change the feeling of a place and makes an impact within the community. Art belongs to the community and should be shared and not reduced to ridicule.

This kind of stuff makes me feel alive!!

The Frisbee Saga

See this humble little frisbee, It’s been on an adventure and this is its story.

This frisbee came to our house not via going to Hungry Jacks as we never go there but nevertheless we ended up with this propaganda marketing tool in our house. My son who has fixations on things didn’t even care about this frisbee until just recently. He began to throw it in his bedroom instead of going to sleep.

That’s annoying, especially when he loses it somewhere in the mess of his room!!!!


So there was consequences.

On Tuesday it was garden day and my son couldn’t wait to take his frisbee down to the garden and  as we were about to leave he decides to have a throw of it……..in his bedroom!

Of course there was consequences.

We could not find it anywhere, no where….I COULD NOT FIND IT!!!!!!!!

I looked, I prayed, I looked and desperately tried not to get frustrated as my son alongside me was. I looked, I prayed, I searched high, I searched low. Nowhere could I find this  little frisbee. In the end I gave him a lid of a container and said “that will have to do”. Before we left I decided to brush my teeth and as I glanced around I saw that the frisbee was positioned behind a painting that I had leaning against the hallway wall.

“Yeah” said I an hour later “let’s go to the garden” and as we left it started to rain %$^%^%!!

Nevertheless we persevered to our destination with an umbrella in tow.

So my son had a jolly good time down at the garden throwing it everywhere, at someone’s head….arrrrhhhhhhh!!!! DON’T DO THAT!! On top of the portable pergola, on garden beds NOT THERE EITHER. Nevertheless, he had a very enjoyable day and so did I.

Towards the end of the day a few of us helped Martie (one of the local gardeners) take a whole bunch of seedlings to her house so that she could look after them. My son and his frisbee came too. As we were in Marties backyard My son begins to throw his frisbee around and it landed over the fence into a neighbours back yard. Darren then jumped over to retrieve it and in the process nearly gave poor Martie a heart attack “Get your arse out of that back yard NOW!! There is a vicious dog that lives there” Darren survived and so did the frisbee!!

The next day the frisbee went along to Skoolzout (School holiday activities) as it was Wednesday  and Wednesday is news day apparently   the fribee was to be the subject of his news. At least by now he wasn’t throwing the frisbee inside the house and good for him, he held onto it until we got to Skoolzout.

When I went to pick him up in the arvo, the frisbee saga had continued. First they said it landed on the roof, which they were able to retrieve only then for it to land a few moments later on the big roof that is acts as a  shelter.

Oh dear!!!

They could not get it down and even one of the guys went up the Hungry Jacks to see if they could get a new one but there wasn’t any. So the frisbee had to stay on the big roof overnight until they could access a huge ladder.

So on Thursday afternoon when we went to pick him up he has his little frisbee

The end

I hope!!!!

I Belong Here

Your home town is not necessarily the place where you belong.   

This is a little bit sad for me, however I have come to accept this and I embrace the place where I do belong. I really wish to not offend anyone, as my home town holds so many lovely memories and when I need to go somewhere pleasant that’s where I head.

Today I realised that I don’t belong where I was and moving was for us the best thing that could have happened. A few years back, due to circumstances out of our control we ended up moving to Shelharbour City.

Since I have been here I have had the time of my life, in spite of suffering depression and anxiety.  I am so glad that I decided to take my son to the local community garden as its been one of the biggest blessing to have come in my life. This has been a place where I have been able to heal from grief, to pick up my paint brushes again, to be creative, make new friends, feel a part of the community, to reconnect with nature and to learn many new skills.

In fact one of my new skills is to make little movies, here is a montage of my experience at the garden

Another thing that I admire about this city is, when I took my soon to the 2528 project where free activities are available for the local kids. What impressed me the most, was when asking about the near by school that had closed down and I was delighted to be informed that it was reopened by a community of people who care for their children. I could hear the dignity and fight in their voices and I thought to my self “this is the type of people who I what to be around and these are the types of conversations I like to have”

Sorry, I don’t give a crap about your kitchen reno or how big your house is or if you even own it!!!!!!!

Being exposed to the 2528 project had me meet a lovely chap by the name of Brian, who made me glance over the road to a discarded servo and suggested that it would make a very good community art space. Once again, this is the type of conversations that get me excited and make me feel alive. As a result, I’ve been involved with the Queen Street Servo Project.

As I have been out volunteering in this city, I have never felt so valued before as I have now. I remember when I first took my paints to the garden, one of the members said that they felt privileged that I had chosen the garden as a painting space. This took me by surprise  as I’d never really had this before and I can say that the sentiment was echoed by all who attend making me feel like we were family. Everywhere that I go here and put my hand to the plough it is welcomed with honour, rather than the usual statements such as the messy mum, weird, unusual and unconventional. All those statements are good but I am more than that and being embraced by this city has proven it.

What is even more special about living here is that I have been nominated twice for The Good Neighbour Award 2013 and if I had been still living in my home town I would never have experienced this. This is why I say that I belong here, as I feel that my gifts and talents have been embraced and appreciated. I feel that I have grown in confidence and I want to do even more for this community that has embraced me.

This is what makes a place rich, when they invest in the people rather than the image.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My back yard is in for a big change.  Soon there will be a garden

the other day I made a teepee and when I was sitting in it I could then imagine the design of my potential garden. I then got really excited and started marking it out with some left over Bana grass and bamboo.

I expect that as my garden grows and my back yard changes, that so too will my life.

Queen Street Servo

For a couple of months I have been a part of a really exciting community project.

This is the Queen Street Servo in Warilla  and the plan is to tidy it up, splash some paint and turn it into a place for community gatherings. This of course will only happen if people with vision get involved.  It’s easy to sit back with a cynic eye but I really believe something great can come out of this.

I think “Why not?” Why not believe that something that is a bit of an eye-saw, can be turned into something positive and that’s why I’ve put my hand up to be a part of this project. It’s also great to be a part of a team and that’s one of the special things about joining a project like this.

For a more detailed outline of the project here is a post by ABCD Illawarra describing all the cool things that can happen at the Queen Street Servo