Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

If you go to Jamberoo Action park then there is an opportunity to have a ride on the Funnel Web.

Now this is a very scary ride and I screamed the whole way down!! It felt like I was always going to fall out and made me feel kind of giddy. At the end of the ride I said to the young man who was retrieving the rubber thinggy that you have to sit and hold on to (and please don’t judge me, I was in shock) “I was a Funnel Web virgin” and he said “well you’re not any more”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

My back yard is in for a big change.  Soon there will be a garden

the other day I made a teepee and when I was sitting in it I could then imagine the design of my potential garden. I then got really excited and started marking it out with some left over Bana grass and bamboo.

I expect that as my garden grows and my back yard changes, that so too will my life.

The Nourishment of Joy

Life for me lately has been pretty good and it feels like I have been feasting on the fruit of joy. It’s supernatural, as this is something that I have not experienced before. I know this, as I have always been a happy person who copes through life no matter what happens. The past year has been the exception, but anyone would go nuts with how my life has panned out for the past 7 years.

How did this happen??

All I can say is that hunger to know The Father and spend time in the loving arms of God has increased and every time I take a small step towards God, he takes a big step towards me.

One night I was having a little dance listening to Our Father on YouTube

I was getting into it so much that my engagement ring flung off (it was just like diamonds and gold falling from heaven……not!!).  I then went to bed and the air was alive with the sound of  distant thunder and crickets singing loudly. I saw  lightning and then I saw a vision of me running from a beautiful room and into the hands of God and I was safe.

I feel safe and secure for the first time in ages and I am living it up!!! It is time to obtain my yield and believe what God says about me. I’m going to plant a garden in my back yard and make a teepee, I will get a job and no one is going to underestimate me any more. The time for that is passed. I will love this place where I live like I’m living the dream and my heart will yearn for what is possible. I will be the leader I am called to be and will do it with Grace. This is a great day and I’m eating the fruit of joy that is beyond this world!!!

Feeling Groovy….and really happy too!!

For a long time now I have been having a bit of a break down of some kind. I would say that the beginning of last year I was depressed but the second half has been high anxiety, however I am seeking help and those practical things like medication and seeing a psychologist seem to be working.

Other than those practical things, which are important, I have been getting deeper into the knowledge of the love of God. I am discovering after 23 yrs of knowing Jesus, that the love God has for me is more than I will ever know. I am discovering that there is always more and I will never reach the end of The Father’s love no matter how far I go.

I am discovering that I don’t have to be like a camel in the desert just wondering from one watering hole to the next, that My Father in Heaven has a paradise and longs for me to experience his love daily. I have discovered that I lacked trust in God to be my provider but through this journey I am recognising that every day I need to rest upon his chest.

I am recognising that I do not need to strive but cast my burdens onto Jesus who cares for me, to be still, to rest and to mount up on wings like an eagle and fly under the currents of the Holy Spirit.

Since all this crazy love has been revealed to me in a more deeper way,  I have been having wonderful visions and have been experiencing waves of happiness.  It’s like I have been gobbling happiness down like fruit and as a result I have been doing some quirky things around the house such as, making my living room feel like a tree house.

Yesterday I put green material on the wall and I feeeeeeel gooooooood!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my tree house

Weekly Photo Challenge: thankful

I have so much to be thankful for; where do I start???

I’m thankful that I go to a loving church.

This is me as an angel appearing to the Sheppard’s

I’m thankful for my super cute little family

I’m thankful that by bff has moved back home after being out of the area for the past ten years

I’m thankful that I have great times at my local community garden

I’m thankful for the next three months I will be able to read this large pile of novels

I’m thankful for coffee group and all my social things that I go to

I am thankful that I was able to attend this ceremony for the Local NAIDOC awards, especially when lindy won the Female Elder award. Right after the award ceremony we watched The Sapphires. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!!!!

I am thankful for much 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is my favourite colour and it’s also my son’s.

I think green is the most relaxing colour that there is and I’m always fond of a green room.

I have a cuddle with green….I love green

One Idea Leads to Another

Well, today at the garden I started off doing this

and ended up doing this

This was a lot of fun and very relaxing.

I am amazed at how much inspiration lives in a garden.

When I am creating and following an idea I feel like I’m a kid again.

It excites me and makes me feel happy.

It is delightful


I am living the dream

I don’t have much yet I am extremely rich

I feel like I am playing in My Father’s backyard

God made me a play ground full of peace and joy

When I am there I feel protected and loved

I don’t care what this world has to offer, who needs  the stress?

If that makes me some weird chick, then bring it on

I am free

When The Son set you free, you are free indeed.