Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

I grew up by this river  and I often dream about it

This space, The Barrack Heights Community Garden. I am forever taking pictures every time I go there.

The Lake is always inspirational

And I can’t stop taking pictures of my garden and chooks

And of course, these two.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Awe the serenity

Serenity for me is found in many places

I know God through Jesus

and he gives me a place of rest.


Believe it or not being completely immersed in mud is serenity


This river from my home town is serenity and I often have peaceful dreams of it

Being at the community garden and sitting under a tree is serenity

Without further commentary  let me show you more images that help me feel the serenity

Ezekiel 47

This is my artistic response to Ezekiel 47

For some time now I have had a strong desire to paint a river and when I pray for my city it’s the image that I am always seeing.

In Ezekiel 47 it talks about the river that comes from the threshold of the temple where it flows out to the land. The river becomes too deep that Ezekiel can not cross and when he is brought to the bank of the river he sees the trees that bring life and healing.

This is a vision of hope and the abundance of God, let’s go jump in the river!!!

The living water

As a result of being zapped by God….yes zapped…..Jason (who is Deeper Cries Out) and I have commenced worship sessions at our church on a Monday mornings. After the third week we are experiencing  more freedom, we are writing songs and developing and atmosphere of Worship. Yesterday as  Jason was playing his guitar,  we went into spontaneous worship and these images and words came to me. I hope they lift your spirit?

The living water the never runs dry

life-giving, fresh and alive

The water was trickling over the rocks

and sparkling. If sound could sparkle

then it became a bubbling creek, strong, forceful,

clean, fresh  joyful and on the move

then there was like the roar of the ocean

powerful roaring like a lion, unstoppable

And then the crashing waters spilling out with great

unrelenting force

uncontainable power, dynamic

and awesome with majesty.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Entrance

This is the river entrance to the place where I grew up.

It’s a place of happy memories

With much swimming in the river and walking around the headland.

It’s my special place shared by many other’s, no doubt!!!!