Embarrassing moment……#101

When we go to the Doctors, my son just runs around everywhere and likes to talk very loud as he’s doing it. Visiting the Doctors is a fun thing for him. Between Doctor visits we also see a speech therapist and part of that therapy is to try and get Zachy to keep his mouth shut to prevent his dribbling habits. One of the things we came up with was to say that his tongue was a bear and we are going to hide it in the cave, which of course is his mouth.

We’d been implementing this technique and it seemed to have a positive and constructive effect on him. Although with a very cheeky grin on his face there were times where he just wasn’t into it. However on this particular day in a crowded yet quiet Doctor surgery my energetic son decides it’s speech therapy time and on the top of his lungs he declares “Daddy hides the bear in the cave!!!”

I was mortified……it’s bad enough having to constantly run after my son as it immediately puts me on public display and now with the added statement I could easily run away and hid in a cave myself!!!!


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