A Word in Season

Yesterday my stat’s went a little crazy as I decided to share this post that I wrote about two years ago. When I wrote it, I was in a very fragile place and had enough of people telling me how my child’s antics were just normal child behaviour.

Since penning my thoughts way back when, I haven’t really experienced this frustration for some time. Is it because people don’t say it to me as frequently, as the older he gets one can clearly see that his behaviour is nothing like a child his age? Is it because these days I’m a lot more calm about my situation? Who knows, I think the antidepressants are working….Oh, and seeing a psychologist too was pretty unreal…and I haven’t yelled at a man it public for a year now and the eF word has seemed to have made and exit from my general thoughts…..hi fives all round friends!!

Yesterday I was reminded of this topic as I was part of a discussion board with other’s who are effected by VCFS. (I can’t share the link as its private). On the thread there were a number of people who kept on insisting that the vcfs antics of one of the children who was posted about was normal behaviour for all children. 

I didn’t feel the rage of yester year, however frustration was mounting when the mum who wrote the original post clearly articulated her knowledge of the  differences between what a typical child does to one who has special needs and then seemed to go unheard.

This made me realise that my frustrations from a few years back, are being felt strongly today by many of those who are in my situation. As a result I decided to share my post called “But all children do that…..do they really???” and the response has been an awakening experience.

For those out there who could relate to the words I had expressed, it is a word in season just for you. It is my gift as one who goes through stuff and writes about them. Not all things get heard straight away but when the season is right the ears will be there to hear.

So to you my fellow VCFS peeps (and others who could relate to the post), keep being awesome and wonderful and thank you for receiving my written words. Lets not be put off by those who don’t seem to have the ears to hear about our lives. I hope your days are full of understanding and strategies to keep you sane.

All the best my lovelies 🙂

Creating Memories

Today a group of my garden peeps from both Barrack Heights and Albion Park community garden went on an adventure to harvest some bamboo.

However, a few of us got distracted by the mulberry trees and that was it…….fair share for all, fair share. 

As we were gathering and eating we reminisced about our childhoods. My Granny had a huge mulberry tree at the house by the river and another near the railway track. I have delightful memories of gorging on the fruit, climbing the tree and getting messy.

This made me think of how times have changed and children today have less access to this type of experience. This moves me to want to create memories for today’s children.  When this generation of children grow up, I want them to have memories that connect them with nature. I want them to experience the simple joy of what we did today. I want to leave a legacy.

Richard Louv is a great advocate for this kind of thing and it was after viewing one of his lectures that compelled me to get involved with Barrack Heights Community Garden. I’m so glad that I followed that prompt as it has changed my life in ways that I could never have imagined.

So here’s to taking action to create wonderful memories for tomorrows adults and a future where nature is valued as it should be.

Oh yes, this is a selfy of me gorging on the mulberries!!!

And I shall Swan About!!!

I have come to the conclusion FINALLY, that being a mum is a full-time job and having a child with special needs is overtime!!!

I am not being a victim here by the way, I am just  finally acknowledging something that should have been acknowledged long ago. My life is full on and I can’t do everything therefore if swanning about in a kaftan in my backyard like some queen bee makes me feel happy then I’m going to do it guilt free!!

From a worldly point of view I am unemployed but in reality that’s just not true. Worldly expectations I think, can be very damaging if you allow the pressure of life to way you down.

Worldly expectations: YOU SUCK

  • You suck the life out of living
  • You suck the dreams out of people
  • you suck energy out of the strongest
  • you suck the creativity out of the artist
  • you just suck you meanie!!

Who do you think you are? I am living the best life I can and my expectations come from God anyway, which are soooooo  much easier, so worldly standards and point of view; let me describe what I am doing right now,

  • I am giving you the bird when I decide to swan about
  • I am giving you the bird when I decide to make a teepee in the garden
  • I am giving you the bird when I allow my child with a disability play with his ipad for as long as he wants to
  • I am giving you the bird when I don’t care about your stupid silly rules
  • I am giving you the bird when I decide to do what matters instead of living up to the unobtainable.

It may sound as though I am angry but I’m not. I am just deciding to do what really matters and I will now choose to put my love and energies into the most important people in my life; my family. Those are the people who need me to be strong, energised and happy, therefore I shall swan about feeling sexy and when I am happy my family will be happy.

That is all. Have a good day my friends.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I love this picture of my son and his friend. They both live in the same country, yet come from a different culture. They don’t seem to notice the cultural differences they just want to have fun in each others company.

My son has noticed that his skin is a different colour and he wants to be just like his friend. “Mummy I want to be aboriginal”.  There are just some things that I can’t arrange, sorry kiddo!!!

It’s Been a Week of Painting

When I partake in painting its normally to do with me facing a canvas and painting smallish pictures, however this week I have painted things in a different style.

On Tuesday one of the community gardeners retrieved some old tires and left over paint so I can start to add colour to the place.

This is me having a blast with the paint and tires. I can’t wait to add the colour.

The next day which was Wednesday I went to the Queen Street Servo to commence with the arty part of the project. This is the fellow artist who is working on the project and her kids. The kids came up with some of the design!!!

This is me in a selfy in front of my work

This work was inspired by this little wonder climbing through the brick work

I can’t wait to add colour

So Today is Thursday and a special day for Aussies as we remember our diggers on ANZAC Day and it also happens to be a public holiday, therefore at noon a bunch of us from church went to paint the children’s church walls. Colour was added to our lives today

Three days in a row doing communal painting!!

I love it and I can’t wait to continue with the projects.

I love painting 🙂

I especially love painting if it can change the feeling of a place and makes an impact within the community. Art belongs to the community and should be shared and not reduced to ridicule.

This kind of stuff makes me feel alive!!

It’s time to grow up

You know what I am sick of? All the hooha that surrounds the feeding of the most vulnerable people of our society; babies!!!

Just recently Koschie from Sunrise caused a stir with his discreet comment when it comes to women breast-feeding in public.  Many blogs and pictures on Facebook have displayed a good point, that nobody seems to be outraged when girls wear skimpy clothes that ride up their bum but God forbid any poor suckling infant that needs a drink at the most inconvenient time.

Yes little baby, a lot of adults in this country have a big problem when you need to have your basic human right fulfilled. They see your source of nourishment as offensive in public for some reason???

`And I’m not finished there.

You breastfeeding Nazi’s that put pressure on mum’s to breast feed, BACK OFF NOW. Some women do not get their milk and  some babies can not suck due to a medical condition, as is the case with me. Sometimes this actually happens and as the uptight society that we are when it comes to feeding infants we don’t provide support for those who have to bottle feed their baby. Aside from medical conditions breastfeeding is difficult for some and if a women chooses to bottle feed her child then three cheers for her, her baby is not going to starve to death.

I’m tired of the pathetic attitudes that surround this topic. How do other nations and races handle this natural situation?? Most probably with maturity that is lacking in this great nation of Australia. I suggest that we all grow up and start supporting each other with a big group hug….hang on, is that even allowed these days?? Hugging??

I am Angry

I am angry when control freaks get their way

I am angry when good ties get severed because of some stupid rule

I am angry when one person can influence everyone into thinking that love, kindness and compassion is a bad thing

I am angry when I feel powerless

I am angry that there are those who think they know

I am angry that I have to explain that my normal looking child has a disability and his behaviour is not due to my bad parenting style.(just shut the f$#%  up you experts!!!)

I am angry when I am underestimated

I am angry when I see injustice

I am angry when stupid rules are put into place over basic human needs

I am angry that my mum died

I am angry that I have less family members alive today

I am angry when people don’t get it, even when my articulation has been made clear (clearly not for some arrogant, up them self, pious individuals)

I am angry when I am patronized

I am angry that I have tried my best to fit in

I am angry when I get advice that makes me feel worse than I already feel

I am angry when I am not heard

I am angry that sickness took my mum

I am angry that I always need a strategy in dealing with my son’s behaviours

I am angry when those strategies don’t work any more and I have nothing left

I am angry when breast-feeding nazi’s put guilt on those who bottle feed their baby (for goodness, sake some of us get no milk or our baby cant suck because they have a soft cleft palate)

I am angry and I need help!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Green is my favourite colour and it’s also my son’s.

I think green is the most relaxing colour that there is and I’m always fond of a green room.

I have a cuddle with green….I love green

Go Play

About two years ago I was sitting in our new church building

and I believe this is what God told me;

That the church was like a tree-house and the land was his. That he was my Heavenly Father and I was to go and play.

At the time I thought “aww that’s nice” but I did not recognize the significance of this until just recently. For the past year I have been dealing with depression due to many stresses of life  that have had me feeling like there was no hope and nothing will ever change in our lives. Praise God that for the past six months I’ve been coming out of it with an abundance of joy!!

So what happened???? I went to the Doctor and got some happy pills 🙂

Not just that alone, as I still had my faith in spite of feeling lost, one of the scriptures that kept me going was this Habakkuk 3:17  I posted it on our fridge to remind me that everything will be okay.

The other thing that has helped, has been my garden adventures. I have never felt so creative in all of my life and I am having the best fun ever. God showed me that the first dwelling place that he made for humans was a garden. It came as such a revelation as I continued to enjoy the space at the community garden. Being out in nature in the sunshine with other people is so good for emotional well-being that I totally recommend anyone who is suffering depression to just go and be a part of a community garden, even if you just sit for a while.

So I sat for a while and then I started to get creative, here are some of my adventures

What have I been up to??

I have been playing.

This then brings me back to my vision that I had nearly two years ago when God told me to go  play!!!!

I have and through this experience I am learning what being childlike is all about. I am learning that as adults we can still play and the things that get us down in this world should not be taking so much of our valuable time. I am learning that God really does desire to be our Heavenly Father. I am learning to receive and not be so stoic in life. I am learning to just be me.