Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

If we didn’t have the alphabet then we couldn’t put coded letters into words to create expression of the word form.

Expression is as natural as this rock in a rainforest

I’ve been creating memes about gardens and God

Using the word of God to express another form of creativity

coded words to make a sign

A tower of coded words and letters to take me on many different journeys



200th Post!!

Hi there all who read this,

I am pleased to announce that I have reached the 200 post mile stone!!! I am really pleased by this as it means that I have hung in there and have been a diligent writer.

Quite a few years back I belonged to a writing group and we would meet at our facilitator’s house, read our pieces of writing, fulfil writing challenges and eat olives, cheese and crackers.

I was quite sad when I could no longer attend the group and my writing ceased for a bit. Apart from when we went fruit picking and I kept a journal of our adventures.

When my brother was raving on about blogging I didn’t think I could keep it up but eventually he convinced me that I should. I’m glad I caved as writing a blog gives me that same challenge as when I went to my writing group.

Okay, there is no olives, cheese and crackers but the accountability is there as I attempt the weekly photo challenge or I try to post at least three times a week. Writing has always been  important to me just as painting or any creative pursuit so blogging has become a strong part of my creative expression!!!!

Another part of the blogging experience that I love is the interactions and friendships that I have made.  Thanks to all who visit my blog and leave comments 🙂

So here’s to my 2ooth mile stone!!!

Weekly photo challenge: Regret

I’m not the person who lives in regret very much but occasionally I will catch myself regretting my lack of pursuit for drama activities!!!! Lets face it!! I’m animated and love expression I also like to be a bit of an entertainer!!! So below you will view just a small tribute of myself attempting to be animated with dramatic expression for the readiness for a stage performance!!!!

Back in the day we had no safety net!!!

Today as I was sitting around a table reminiscing with some ladies and we fondly recalled our trampoline adventures. You know? The pre net around the trampoline days, the days especially in summer when you soaped up the mat and propped the hose to squirt through the mat to make it a dangerous, slipping time!!

I can remember doing somersaults and landing in the springs only to free myself from the tangle and do it again. We had so many misadventures to tell, like putting the trampoline close to the pool so you can jump right in with an almighty splash. Yesterday’s trampoline was so much fun with much room for adventurous expression and it makes me wonder, what will the stories be that our kids will tell to the next generation?

Today’s trampoline has a nice netting around it that hinder’s the child from bouncing off and injuring themselves. As a Mum, I must admit that the idea of protective netting seemed to satisfy my “safety first” sensibilities. So how does the child of today jump with recklessness? I’ll tell you how, by gathering all their toys  and catapulting them with such exuberance and edgy cleverness. No matter how much we like to protect our kids from danger they will find a way to make it risky.

Zachy spends hours jumping and he’s never alone, there is always the sound of something jangling as he bounces. I believe it is not recommend but I am totally impressed with the skill and ability to make up a game as he bounces. I let him do it with confidence because I know that these adventures teach our kids valuable lessons on life.

As a society we have become very safety conscious, which is a good thing but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. I know I just quoted an over used statement but it expresses rightly my thoughts on this very interesting topic.