When the Noise Stopped

Just recently I have noticed that I am once again able to participate in our church band.

How did this happen?

My son stopped having melt downs and has learnt the art of contentment.

It reminds me of when I lived on the highway and for most of my life I never really noticed the traffic noise or the trains out the back. Growing up living on the highway was a normal part of life and I really didn’t know any better.

Many years later a by- pass was developed which meant that all of the traffic no longer went past mum’s house. The first week of it being opened I noticed something really strange; I noticed the birds singing and I could hear neighbours conversations.

What struck me about all of this, was how I didn’t  notice the  noise of the traffic and how clearly it had affected my ability to hear other things. I liken this illustration to how I didn’t realise the noise of VCFS or disability was affecting my ability to participate in the church band among other things.

This is a stunning revelation and shows me that I am not one who can multi task and nor should I. I’m a slow and steady person and that’s why I’m going to win the race. If I can’t do everything than that’s okay.

I will learn from this and will never feel the guilt of not doing enough again…..seriously why do we burden ourselves with false guilt??? From now on I am deeming it inappropriate guilt because we are human beings for goodness sake!! Enjoy being human OKAY!!!!

Sorry, just got a bit preachy then.

So I’ve taken a moment of reflection and now I can’t wait to enjoy the next chapter of my life.



#Day 1…..100 Happy Days

This is the photo that started it off. Why did I choose this? Well it was looking at me and the memory surrounding the bunting was a good one. I made it as part of my birthday celebration in March.  I found that having a party was a good excuse to do some event styling.

That was such a great night for me, as missing my 40th had a tinge of sadness. I also loved how all of my mates were together in the one room and the night showed me how far I had come through grief. I believe that night marked a whole new day for me. I’ve been in celebration mode ever since.

What do I celebrate?

My life, it is good. I come from a good family, I have a good family, I have good friends, I go to a good church, I have community around me, I am living the dream and my future is bright.

So now this bunting is on my curtain rod looking groovy and making me feel all gypsy like……….note, this is not a Pintrest fail.

I am happy that i made this bunting

Prophetic Art

Just recently I have launched out and have begun to do prophetic drawings for other people.

What is Prophetic art?

What I consider to be prophetic art is where I create from God’s heart to bless the person whom I am creating for. I’m not the only one doing this kind of thing. Here is what others say about prophetic art’ Worship Studio, Prophetic Artists,  Daniel Vogler and many more.

My journey as an artist began as a small child and I have always considered myself an artist. When I was 17 I came to the Lord and found a whole new and wonderful life to live. When it came to God and art I always saw the connection but I never saw myself as a Christian artist. I have always seen myself as an artist who loves God. Yes, there is a difference 🙂

A number of years ago I painted my first prophetic painting at church (You can read about it here) and I had no idea that it was prophetic until a few years later when one of our elders mentioned it. Oh yeah, that’s prophetic!!! So that was in front of a church and a word in season but what about individuals?

So strangely at the end of last year I had a compulsion to draw this picture about one of my friends

My friend is the one who is flying and I had no intention of ever showing him the picture until I had another sudden urge to show him. The very next day I received a word saying that I will paint pictures that will bring healing to the person I have painted for. Things are heating up people!!!

So I began the journey after one of my friends asked me for one

I then thought that I would draw a picture for the newly appointed elders of our church.

It’s important to note that this is not my style of art, yet it is a thoroughly enjoyable way to be creative. I think about the person and ask God what I should draw. I then get an image. Once I start the first part of the picture the rest just flows and God gives me an encouraging word for the recipient.  I also pray that what I drawing will mean something to the receiver and that it indeed shall bring a healing to them that is supernatural. This really is an exciting way to do art. I love it.

Today I drew another picture for someone. While I was drawing this I was reflecting on a word I had received the night before from one of our elders. she saw me giving away daisy’s to people. Oh yeah…..love that word. I then had a sudden Holy Ghost thought “I should draw daisy’s and give them away” So I did!!


I gave these two to the cafe workers who serve me coffee all the time.



 I’m so loving doing all this creative stuff.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey and I am struggling to put into words but I’ll try because I want to keep a record of this awesome wave I am on.

I’ll shall keep you all posted.

Words Fail….At The Moment

Recently I have found it very difficult to put words down. Even in my journal where nothing is viewed except me, I have struggled to just write the words that bubble in my brain. It seems a bit of a shame, as so many great things are happening in my life right now. It’s as though I am living the dream.

What is the dream?

To be happy

Look at me I am happy

There has been an increased revelation of God’s love for me where I have learnt to just believe what God says about me as truth and to stop carrying on about what I am not.

I have a lovely family. I have a garden. I have chooks. I have peace. I have friends. I have the favour of God. I have pink hair. I have creativity. I have the abundance of God. I have joy

As words seemed to escape me of late let me show you what adventures I have experienced this recent month.

Our girls lay eggs

Our worship team have been meeting to write our own songs. We have become home-grown.

We are doing a pantomime at the community garden

I got to play dress ups for the panto

I got my hair dyed pink

We have baby chickens

Received sponsorship for the panto from Shellharbour City Council 

I got an opportunity to create prophetic drawings for our newly appointed elders

What further things can I add? So many great things that probably don’t need words, or the words are in my head mixed with joy and excitement that it’s difficult to express with just words. May my pictures, body language and how I go about my daily life tell the story.

Before I sign off let me just share this video of me as Penelopen. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Out Of Action

For the past couple of weeks our internet has been down and I haven’t been able to write a post. I mean I could give it a go on my smart phone but that’s annoying!!

So Christmas happened, how was your’s?

I went to two lots of carols and enjoyed both. The one at Shellharbour village was pretty good however someone sabotaged the generator and that hindered the performances, yet in spite of that the night was fab. My son had a dip in the harbour and played with other kids. He also got to see the fire works that were set up

fire works

Christmas Eve was pretty awesome too. I went along to a food drive at my old church and got six bags of free food, supplied by Aldi. The best part of the night though, was I saw my old Manager from Pizza Hut and he and his wife are both in the Lord and run the food bank at the church.

Anyway, this is my lovely breakfast of free stuff that I got to enjoy on Christmas morning

Hope you all had a merry Christmas xxxx

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

The community is made of of many faces such as this crowd at the Carols last Friday night

However, the community is more than just the crowd,

it’s a bloke like this who raised money for a local charity by walking a long distance

or it’s hanging out with my church peeps and putting on a Nativity play for Christmas

or it’s going to the Village markets with my garden peeps

or doing coffee with my support group


Community is you and me.

Another Week of Painting

Last week I spent time painting at all of my community spaces. 

I was thinking before last week how I was craving to do some art. I’m so glad that craving was satisfied.

On Tuesday I got to fancy up some tires.

On Wednesday I got to paint at the servo with others

And on Sunday at church I got to do some Jackson Pollock style artworks with the teenagers


Hanging out with the Baptists!!

For the past month or so, our church Grace Church Shellharbour City  has teamed up with the lovely folks from the Shellharbour City  Baptist church to help organise an event in our city that’s going to be pretty excitingly awesome; Kingdom Fire with Randy Clark.

As part of the teaming together, singers and musicians from both churches have been meeting every Sunday night to practice and play. It’s been a great thing to witness as the weeks go by and I can’t work out which part I’m more excited about; that Randy Clark is coming to our city or that we’ve been hanging out with the Baptist crew?

I’m so glad that we are a part of this and I know special things are in store for our great city.

Anyway here is a few snap shots of the band

It’s Been a Week of Painting

When I partake in painting its normally to do with me facing a canvas and painting smallish pictures, however this week I have painted things in a different style.

On Tuesday one of the community gardeners retrieved some old tires and left over paint so I can start to add colour to the place.

This is me having a blast with the paint and tires. I can’t wait to add the colour.

The next day which was Wednesday I went to the Queen Street Servo to commence with the arty part of the project. This is the fellow artist who is working on the project and her kids. The kids came up with some of the design!!!

This is me in a selfy in front of my work

This work was inspired by this little wonder climbing through the brick work

I can’t wait to add colour

So Today is Thursday and a special day for Aussies as we remember our diggers on ANZAC Day and it also happens to be a public holiday, therefore at noon a bunch of us from church went to paint the children’s church walls. Colour was added to our lives today

Three days in a row doing communal painting!!

I love it and I can’t wait to continue with the projects.

I love painting 🙂

I especially love painting if it can change the feeling of a place and makes an impact within the community. Art belongs to the community and should be shared and not reduced to ridicule.

This kind of stuff makes me feel alive!!

Ezekiel 47

This is my artistic response to Ezekiel 47

For some time now I have had a strong desire to paint a river and when I pray for my city it’s the image that I am always seeing.

In Ezekiel 47 it talks about the river that comes from the threshold of the temple where it flows out to the land. The river becomes too deep that Ezekiel can not cross and when he is brought to the bank of the river he sees the trees that bring life and healing.

This is a vision of hope and the abundance of God, let’s go jump in the river!!!