Out Of Action

For the past couple of weeks our internet has been down and I haven’t been able to write a post. I mean I could give it a go on my smart phone but that’s annoying!!

So Christmas happened, how was your’s?

I went to two lots of carols and enjoyed both. The one at Shellharbour village was pretty good however someone sabotaged the generator and that hindered the performances, yet in spite of that the night was fab. My son had a dip in the harbour and played with other kids. He also got to see the fire works that were set up

fire works

Christmas Eve was pretty awesome too. I went along to a food drive at my old church and got six bags of free food, supplied by Aldi. The best part of the night though, was I saw my old Manager from Pizza Hut and he and his wife are both in the Lord and run the food bank at the church.

Anyway, this is my lovely breakfast of free stuff that I got to enjoy on Christmas morning

Hope you all had a merry Christmas xxxx

I love This Comercial….Ho Ho Ho

It’s that time of year again where every business and their dog gets on the Christmas propaganda wave to deliver the season cheer.

Last year this surfing Santa ad came out by Aldi and I immediately loved it. I still love it and so does my son, so if you don’t mind, I would like the share the love….ho ho ho


Merry Christmas Bloggers

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a great new year.  Christmas for us has been a bit tough with illness and remembering family members lost,  nevertheless we have been blessed with parcels and a bazaar ability to enjoy some Christmas cheer with each other.

So here is my Christmas cheer I give to you with one sleep to go……Merry Christmas my lovelies

1st of December

Finally the first of December has arrived and we got to put up the Christmas tree. My son (cough cough…me) has been so excited that he wanted it up in October so I had to photocopy the calendar and we marked the day of each night.


This worked beautifully and I think I might continue to do this as it helps my son understand that not everything happens when he says so!!!!!!!

So here is our master piece that the three of us did together as a family.


I think it is special and creates a family tradition that is full of happy memories, as opposed to paying someone to decorate your tree!!! But I shalt talk about that this year as that was my last year grief and this year is new.

Merry Christmas


Reading Novels again :)

I’m feeling quite refreshed right now as I have decided not to partake in Study period 4 and to just enjoy the Christmas break. Last year I nearly had a breakdown and I am determined that holiday’s should be a holiday.

One of the enjoyable things that I like to do is read novels and here is a tower that I got from the library the other day

Last night I finished the first book of the rank The Song House by Trezza Azzapordi.  An intriguing book that kept me going, but a bit disappointed at the conclusion.  I still recommend it as a good read though.

Anyway this is me doing one of the things that I love and hope others will find the time to do likewise. It’s worth it for good mental health (for me anyway).

Christmas cheer done cheep!!!

This year I have decided that Christmas is going to be fun!!!!

Last year we had a bit of sadness as my Father-in-law passed away just before Christmas and silly me decided to do a study period within that time.

We also, like last year have a lack of funds but we have decided that this Christmas will be spectacular regardless. For a start I remember Jesus at Christmas and I think about the gift of Salvation. Secondly, Christmas should not cause us to get into debt!!!!

So what is my solution?

Do crazy fun things like this

Any way, here is a vlog about our answer to this conundrum.

Paying somebody else to decorate my tree!!….No Way!!!!!!

See this tree? Notice how it doesn’t look like it should be in a shop or some designer department store? That’s because it was decorated with much gusto and enthusiasm by my 6-year-old son and myself who now  has taken ownership of the design and repeatedly tells me how much he loves our Christmas tree.

Now think for a moment what it would be like for my son if I paid someone to decorate my tree that showed the world that I am all about style. It would send the message that Christmas is something that happens to him rather than he being a participant of the festive season.  I know I’m sounding a bit harsh right now but I want to express how I feel about the notion of paying somebody else to decorate your Christmas tree.

I know that people are busy and time poor these days but putting up a tree and decorating it does not take that much time. It took My son and I ten minutes tops!!! During the process we ( um huh I) were singing Christmas carols and having a jolly old-time together.

I really don’t want to make anyone feel guilty or incensed about what I am scribing, I just want us to think about how it seems the world wants to move away from simplicity or things that encourage connections for building strong relationships. It’s when we do these simple and sometimes inconvenient things together, that life is being performed and memories of love are being established.

Please, have a Merry Christmas together and enjoy the inexpensive and simple things that make up the special things in life.

A touch of excitement

Today we went to the shopping center that we affectionately call The Square to go and have a baby chino and cupcake. When that was over and after a friendly chat with a stranger we went down to K mart to buy something.  The moment I saw all of the Christmas decorations I felt a touch of excitement. Emotion’s of that kind have been absent from me for a while. My son ran over to the Christmas trees, even he looked excited.

I can’t wait for Christmas this year, I even bought some brown wrapping paper ready to paint. I failed to do this last year as the passing of my mum had only been very recent. This year is a new year, I have a fresh excitement and a renewed strength. It’s now time to make a happy and joyful  Christmas for my family.