I found these pumpkins basking in the sun at the cottage I was staying at. They looked so homely sitting there assembled and waiting to be used at a later date. So I got out my trusty iphone and captured the moment.

My trip to Berry!!

On the second day of my getaway I took the train down the Berry. Normally I love going there to look in all the great shops and dine in one of the many great cafe’s. Yet when I got there all I wanted to do was take photo’s of all the pretty trees and to collect some leaves.

After debating with myself over whether I should go or linger I decided that I should go. I was not in the mood to look at shops. I was in an arty mood and that taking photo’s of the pretty trees was the better option of the day.

I’m glad I made that choice!!!

Amaki Cottage Cafe

While I was on My getaway I visited the Amaki Cottage cafe twice. The first day was a freezing, cold, rainy and windy day and I made it to Amaki Cottage and ordered a very yummy meat pie. It had real meat chunks with a red wine flavor and was the best thing to eat on a day such that I was experiencing.

The next visit was on my last day and I ordered the eggs benedict for breakfast. It was so delicious and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the food. When your ever in Kiama call into the Amaki Cottage, it would be totally worth it.

A tourist in my own home town

When I was planning my getaway destination all I could think of was Kiama my home town where I was born and bred. Well technically I was bred in Kiama Downs but we wont let details get in the way. I believe that it was the best choice as I was relaxed and enjoyed every moment of my getaway. I booked a lovely cottage for two nights that was walking distance to everything.

My first day was rather windy, rainy and freezing but It didn’t stop the joy of being on my getaway for two days and two nights. When I first got to the cottage I made a cup of tea and looked out at the wonderful view and I could feel all this tension leave my body. I sat and had a chat to God and I asked for forgiveness and I too began to forgive the things and situations that had caused my tension for the past six years.

I then decided that It was time to brave the weather and go and have some lunch. When I stepped out of the door I found myself singing out loud. Yes, in the crappy weather and in public I was singing out loud!!! I was so happy and so I should have been, that’s the point of a getaway to enjoy yourself and make it a special time.

It was indeed a special time and a gift that I appreciate with gladness. I feel refreshed and inspired with readiness to keep on going with the normality of life. Sometimes we really do need to treat ourselves with a getaway.

O Oh!!…wrong toilet!!!

Ten years ago My Husband and I went to South Africa, Cape Town. It’s such a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time. One day we chose to visit the Art gallery and I felt inspired and a little more educated about such a lovely place. When we had finished and was about to leave I suddenly had the urge to wee, so of I ran-walked-ran. You know that “I’m in public so don’t look too desperate to use the toilet?”

So of I go in my dignified in my own mind walk-run when I hear my Husband shout out “Tam! Tam!” and I yell back “not now! I’m busting!!!” I push the door open, enter the toilet only to be met with the sight of a man peeing in the trough! He shouted out something in his foreign tongue and I quickly made my exit and found the girls toilets!!

I couldn’t stop laughing and when finally I made it out of the toilets I was met by my husband laughing hysterically. I then told him that we better make a move as I didn’t want to see the bloke who I walked in on and I was highly recognizable as my hair was all in tiny little plaits at the time.

So when out in public and your busting for a wee to avoid embarrassment take the time to notice what’s on the door!!!

Under the Blue Sky

A walk to the shops, down the road under the blue sky, cars everywhere, telegraph poles, streetlights traffic lights.

We find the path and stand clear for cyclists, do we venture through the tunnel or over the bridge?

Under the blue sky we walk interrupted vision by man-made structures invade our thoughts and become the landscape.

This is the landscape, this is what we know the sights and sounds burn deep in our brains.

Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? It’s just what it is. It’s all I know. It’s all some will ever know.

My Getaway!!

The thought of a getaway with just myself had never occurred to me before. I feel like I’m a happy and calm person in spite of the drama’s that rage about me like a frenzied storm. Recently My Husband and I were challenged to seek out time alone as life with a child who has a disability can be very stressful.

My Husband jumped at the chance and his time away really did have a calming effect on him. His first night away he rang us crying as he missed us but the next night he was fine. (I’ve probably just embarrassed him AGAIN!!)

Even though it wasn’t my turn yet I felt calmer as well. It was really quite easy to deal with my Son and it felt like there was less stress in the house. When Jason came home it was great and you could see how the time apart had greatly benefited everyone in the family.

So now it will be my turn next week and I am so excited about it. I’ve booked a cottage and I have no great plans except to just enjoy the time. I’m looking forward to uninterrupted sleep and the thought that I wont need to get anyone ready for bed and school and all those mummy things one has to do.

I feel a surge of excitement that I never expected to feel. I didn’t think that I needed it, truly I am a coper and I forget that really I must take that time out and recharge.

I reflect on the past six years of our lives and they are full of drama’s that we did not ask for. There has been job loss, bankruptcy, repossession of one car and accident with the other, our child needing surgery, our child being diagnosed with VCFS, my mum getting sick and needing oxygen twenty-four seven and then eventually she passed away.

Through all of these things I have kept my Faith in God and that’s probably why I haven’t had a full breakdown but don’t get me wrong I have had meltdowns and bawled my eyes out here and there.

I really think that this getaway is a gift that I must take, enjoy and come back refreshed and ready to go. I also see it as a vital part of our self-nurturing plan, in order to maintain the longevity required for being a carer of a child who has a disability.

30 day song challenge 21-30

day 21 – a song you listen to when you’re happy – Bubble toes by Jack Johnson / This whole album has full of happy memories as we bought it when on the road working in North Queensland packing mangoes. I also love listening to this album when I paint, it’s just so happy 🙂
day 22- a song you listen to when you’re sad – Why does my soul feel so bad by Moby / I discovered the power of this lamenting song when I had some inconsolable heart ache quite a few years ago. The song seems to sooth the pain in a way I just can’t explain.
day 23 – a song that you want to play at your wedding – Get up offa  that thing by James Brown / well, I am already married and I can proudly announce that this James Brown classic was our bridal waltz!!
day 24 – a song that you want to play at your funeral – Amazing Grace bag pipes / oh so stirring and powerful and hopefully will put a chill up everyone’s spine and make everyone bawl their eyes out!!!!! Yes, I want people to feel strong emotions at my funeral and then afterwards play a happy song , love each other and remember what was important to me!!
day 25 – a song that makes you laugh – Anything from Bob Downe!! Yeh yeh!!! / Bob just makes me laugh every time!!!!
day 26 – a song that you can play on an instrument Jesus never threw the first stone by Tamar Stanford/ Yes I chose my own song. I really don’t play the guitar all that well even my own song, my husband made it sound better!!!
day 27 – a song that you wish you could play –  After all these years by Silver chair/ I really love the complicated sound of this song. It’s not to easy to sing and I’m sure it would be a bit tricky to play. I love the result!!!
day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty – Maxine by Sharon O’Neill / this may seem like a strange choice but there is a reason. This song came out when I was a kid, back then I was very selective about who I spoke to. I came across as a very ignorant child but most of the time it was just good discernment. On one occasion when I refused to speak to (in my mind at the time) a scary adult the person said to me “what’s wrong with you?? Cat got your tongue??” So after that every time I heard this song which has the line “cat got your tongue” I would feel incredibly guilty about being an ignorant child!!!!….gosh, that was long-winded!!!
day 29- a song from your childhood –  Butterfly ball by Roger Glover / Now this one takes me back, it was one of many songs that were used as a fill in between shows on the ABC. I fondly recall The Goodies  as a part of this nice memory…..I miss those days!!!
day 30- your favorite song at this time last year – Winter winds by Mumford & Sons / Did this song come out last year???? I’m getting older (notice how I didn’t say “I’m getting old”) it would seem time goes so fast as when I was younger I could tell you exactly what my favorite song was this time last year!!!

Is it just me?

I love looking at my  blog stats

I can’t resist the little red box that appears at the top of my facebook page

I don’t like eating my crusts so I leave them

I really struggle when people don’t line up properly.Come on people queue correctly please!!!!

When I go to the library and the moment that I start looking at books I need to go to the toilet.

I like tomato sauce with my gravy

I avoid scary intersection’s even when it’s the short cut

I like the dunny roll to face out. It just makes more sense to have it that way

I often talk to myself

I dog ear the page that I’m up to and when I finish the book I write my initial in the back so I know I’ve read it!!

Well, am I alone?