Merry Christmas Bloggers

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a great new year.  Christmas for us has been a bit tough with illness and remembering family members lost,  nevertheless we have been blessed with parcels and a bazaar ability to enjoy some Christmas cheer with each other.

So here is my Christmas cheer I give to you with one sleep to go……Merry Christmas my lovelies


Christmas cheer done cheep!!!

This year I have decided that Christmas is going to be fun!!!!

Last year we had a bit of sadness as my Father-in-law passed away just before Christmas and silly me decided to do a study period within that time.

We also, like last year have a lack of funds but we have decided that this Christmas will be spectacular regardless. For a start I remember Jesus at Christmas and I think about the gift of Salvation. Secondly, Christmas should not cause us to get into debt!!!!

So what is my solution?

Do crazy fun things like this

Any way, here is a vlog about our answer to this conundrum.

Goofy is Awesome!!!

How funny, this afternoon I was feeling a little vulnerable about my son and when I went to pick him up I saw this written on one of the outside blackboard’s. It instantly cheered me up, so out came my iphone and I captured a shot!!!  It’s amazing what God can do to encourage your heart. The little person who did this, wouldn’t have a clue as to the impact of their chalk expression. So thank you whoever you are and thank you God for cheering me up!!! 🙂