Paying somebody else to decorate my tree!!….No Way!!!!!!

See this tree? Notice how it doesn’t look like it should be in a shop or some designer department store? That’s because it was decorated with much gusto and enthusiasm by my 6-year-old son and myself who now  has taken ownership of the design and repeatedly tells me how much he loves our Christmas tree.

Now think for a moment what it would be like for my son if I paid someone to decorate my tree that showed the world that I am all about style. It would send the message that Christmas is something that happens to him rather than he being a participant of the festive season.  I know I’m sounding a bit harsh right now but I want to express how I feel about the notion of paying somebody else to decorate your Christmas tree.

I know that people are busy and time poor these days but putting up a tree and decorating it does not take that much time. It took My son and I ten minutes tops!!! During the process we ( um huh I) were singing Christmas carols and having a jolly old-time together.

I really don’t want to make anyone feel guilty or incensed about what I am scribing, I just want us to think about how it seems the world wants to move away from simplicity or things that encourage connections for building strong relationships. It’s when we do these simple and sometimes inconvenient things together, that life is being performed and memories of love are being established.

Please, have a Merry Christmas together and enjoy the inexpensive and simple things that make up the special things in life.

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