Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

If we didn’t have the alphabet then we couldn’t put coded letters into words to create expression of the word form.

Expression is as natural as this rock in a rainforest

I’ve been creating memes about gardens and God

Using the word of God to express another form of creativity

coded words to make a sign

A tower of coded words and letters to take me on many different journeys


Celebrating my 100th post!!!!

To make to my 100th post really makes me feel quite chuffed as it shows me that this blogging thing isn’t just a fad but now part of my regular doing of life.

I love the process of writing and always have. Years ago I was a part of a writer’s group where we met weekly, had homework, did  on the spot writing and had to read our words out to receive feedback. Although I don’t go to that writing group anymore, I feel through blogging it gives me that same type of satisfaction.

I love taking my journal to any cafe to commence with writing down my thoughts. I miss painting and it has been put on hold for a little bit so blogging has been very important part of my creative process. When I was describing to a fellow painter friend about my lack of painting production he very wisely answered with this “Tamar what is drawing or painting? it is an activity where you put a selection of lines together to create an image that is seen with the eye! now what is writing? An activity where you put a selection of lines together to create an image that is seen with the mind”

I thought his response was genius and I am always thinking about that statement whenever I’m being creative of some sort. It really doesn’t matter what medium you use to express your self, just as long as you do.

Likable words

Some words are just so likable and when they come into your sphere of knowledge or attention you can’t help but use them as frequently as possible. When you use such words it is delicious and you savor every moment especially in public because in public the word sounds even better.

so here is just a few of my favorite words, perhaps this might be a blog that keeps on growing as more words join my “likable words” family!!

I shall start with abscond, absconding and absconded – since becoming familiar with the Additional needs world due to my son’s genetic disorder I have heard this word quite a lot. When  my son takes off I’d much prefer to use the word Abscond as it just sounds so fitting. When having interviews for school funding the “absconding” word seems to be the powerful key that unlocks the treasure to be released!!!

Eclectic When I first heard this word it was like music swirling in my ear so gently. It explained my design style and I would find any excuse to use this word at anytime. Say it with me “eclectic” its melodic

Sensory is another word i’ve become very familiar with in the past few years. When a child can’t handle loud noises or they can’t get out of the ball pit because it feels soooo good to them, we say that they are a sensory child. I love saying that word, it’s like yeah!!!!!

Volkswagen My first car was a Volkswagen beetle and it was so cute but a real nuisance as it frequently broke down in very awkward places!! When I affectionately  refer to my first car  I really prefer to use the word Volkswagen as it just feels so good to say!!!

Pheromones This word just cracks me up but  I love the sound of it!!

Awesome This is one of those words that you just want to shout out loud with enthusiasm and excitement and clench your fist at the same time. This word has power!!!

Vintage  I like to say this word better then antique, it’s just so much more vogue. However perhaps it also falls into the modern clichés box!!! Having said that I happen to like the word clichés too!

Affluent/ effluent  I’ve coupled these two words together as they remind me of a Kath and Kim Episode where the two women get these words mixed up!!! When I hear either of these words I just get a nice inside chuckle!!

Symphony  This is such a beautifully well composed musical word, all the sounds are harmonious together as word and sound are completely apt with each other.

Well, I think that might be enough words for today, happy word-smithing!!!

sometimes it just hurts my head!

sometimes it just hurts my head when I have to do a quick mathematical equation. or a lengthy one at that!!

sometimes it hurts my head when I try to imagine the whole world in my brain or the universe for that matter.

sometimes it hurts my head when I have to remember phone number’s. I only know two of by heart, my current land line and my Mum’s. Mum’s isn’t any use to me now but I still retain it with fondness.

sometimes it hurts my head when I can’t spell a word and even spell check has no idea what I’m talking about. and then I go to a dictionary and still I have no idea where to look.