Likable words

Some words are just so likable and when they come into your sphere of knowledge or attention you can’t help but use them as frequently as possible. When you use such words it is delicious and you savor every moment especially in public because in public the word sounds even better.

so here is just a few of my favorite words, perhaps this might be a blog that keeps on growing as more words join my “likable words” family!!

I shall start with abscond, absconding and absconded – since becoming familiar with the Additional needs world due to my son’s genetic disorder I have heard this word quite a lot. When  my son takes off I’d much prefer to use the word Abscond as it just sounds so fitting. When having interviews for school funding the “absconding” word seems to be the powerful key that unlocks the treasure to be released!!!

Eclectic When I first heard this word it was like music swirling in my ear so gently. It explained my design style and I would find any excuse to use this word at anytime. Say it with me “eclectic” its melodic

Sensory is another word i’ve become very familiar with in the past few years. When a child can’t handle loud noises or they can’t get out of the ball pit because it feels soooo good to them, we say that they are a sensory child. I love saying that word, it’s like yeah!!!!!

Volkswagen My first car was a Volkswagen beetle and it was so cute but a real nuisance as it frequently broke down in very awkward places!! When I affectionately  refer to my first car  I really prefer to use the word Volkswagen as it just feels so good to say!!!

Pheromones This word just cracks me up but  I love the sound of it!!

Awesome This is one of those words that you just want to shout out loud with enthusiasm and excitement and clench your fist at the same time. This word has power!!!

Vintage  I like to say this word better then antique, it’s just so much more vogue. However perhaps it also falls into the modern clichés box!!! Having said that I happen to like the word clichés too!

Affluent/ effluent  I’ve coupled these two words together as they remind me of a Kath and Kim Episode where the two women get these words mixed up!!! When I hear either of these words I just get a nice inside chuckle!!

Symphony  This is such a beautifully well composed musical word, all the sounds are harmonious together as word and sound are completely apt with each other.

Well, I think that might be enough words for today, happy word-smithing!!!


5 responses to “Likable words

  1. At school, my students end up “teasing’ me for my overuse of the word”awesome”. I say it loud and proud! Even more so, once they start teasing me! They soon take on using the word, too. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean, I sort words out all of the time! One of the ones I’ve had a tough time putting into a category is the word “Stumble”. Hmm.. I still haven’t decided.



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