Technology driven by creativity!!

I haven’t picked up a paint brush for months and I kind of feel slightly guilty. Painting is my primary medium of expression and playing with paint has always given me joy. So, what has happened that I seem to have neglected my preferred medium, what activity has seduced me away from my traditional form of expression?? Never would I have imagined such a thing to captivate my attention like it has for the past couple of months.

I’m talking about technology!!! People, I’m in shock! I got an iphone and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been playing around with Instagram and can’t seem to stop. Back in 1991 I majored in photography and became very frustrated by it and in fact always felt that I should have chosen painting instead.

As a prolific painter when I gave birth to my Son it became difficult to paint so I went back to TAFE and indeed redid my Major. However since finishing that and then My Mum passed away painting was put on hold for a little while. I have done the odd painting here and there but my creative need has been expressed through journaling and blogs. When I sorted my Mum’s ashes out I went to one of my favorite cafe’s and began to journal and I’ve been writing consistently since then.

A couple of months ago My husband made me up grade to an iphone and wow I can’t leave it alone!!!! My artistic endeavor’s are driving me to become what looks like a tech head. Don’t be fooled I am not technical but with the iphone photography apps and blogging I feel like I’m on fire. I’ve decided not to feel guilty from a lack of painting activity as I’m sure I will come back to it and when I do it will have to freshness of what I’m doing now.

I’ve also realised that my painting background is certainly informing my iphone photography causing me to make what I consider,  exciting images. I then am able to use my photo’s integrating in a blog and the creative process just keeps on going.

So this is where I’m at, at the moment. I may not be painting right now but I’m still arty farty and that part will never change!!!


3 responses to “Technology driven by creativity!!

  1. thanks Terese….. if you can, get one!! it’s just been very exciting for me!! I checked out the charcoal drawings and it gave me a giggle as I’v had the same thought’s myself about collecting a commission lol…I tried to leave a message! I’ll try again.

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