How Was I Doing It All?

For some time now, I have shed a lot of activities from my life and as a result I seem to be in a more happy and calm place.

Last year I was struggling to keep up with my study work load and as a result had failed five assignments and a subject. When I decided not to continue my studies a burden was lifted off me and even my son told me the next day “mummy, I’m happy”.

I look back at all the things I was doing and wonder How was I doing it all?

I don’t think I realised how demanding it is to bring up a child who has a disability and I underestimated the emotional toll that it takes. I’m not resentful of this because my son is one of the biggest joys to our lives, however I just have come to recognise what it takes to get through this marathon with your sanity intact.

I’m not allowing myself to be put under any unnecessary pressure and as a result life is just so much better.

I don’t care much for ambitious thoughts right now as what do I have to prove? I have nothing to prove to myself or to anyone, I just am. I am me. I am loved and I have been created by God for good purposes. What is my purpose? Right now it’s to nurture my family and take care of my emotional life.

I think that’s a good start 🙂

My ambition, is to be a disciple of Jesus and that’s not to difficult as hanging out with Jesus is very rewarding. My joy, is just smiling at the world and being grateful for my life. My sanity, in tact!!!


Last month the chariots of fire came and took our pastor from us and although we are sad to say good-bye we rejoice in the fact that he no longer is suffering.

He was a kind man who taught us what a pastor really is. I have learnt that a pastor is one who looks after the people and is a servant rather than the other way around. Unfortunately in my pentecostal/charismatic background I have been taught that we, the people are here to support the pastors vision and for many years was indoctrinated by those thoughts. Jesus said “if you want to be great then you must become the servant of all”  Matt 20:26

Kimbo taught us that love never fails, that kindness is strong and humility is powerful. What a great legacy he has left for us and may we all be better servants of Christ for knowing our dear friend Kim Iredale.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Behold the selfie

There’s a lot of them

Me and the stack (which might not be here soon…bastards!!)

Me wearing an awesome awesome t-shirt

Me wearing another awesome T-shirt….Barry Morgan, oh how lovely is he.

Me chillaxing

My feet

Me and my husband

Me and the chicks

Me on the cruise

Me and my son