Evidence of the Pterodactyl!!!

Move over Nessy, Big foot, The Yeti and Bunyip, I now have evidence of the existence of the commonly thought of extinct Pterodactyl.

As I was on my treacherous coastal walk I came upon a staircase build so long ago. It took me down to a hidden beach with a huge rock and to my great delight I saw this

When I saw this I was trembling with such excitement and couldn’t wait to share this with a chap who is so old that he used to ride the Pterodactyl to school when he was just a young lad!!!

Needless to say, when I showed him the photograph of the big dropping on the rock he nearly peed his pants like an excited little puppy.

It brought so much nostalgia back to him as he remembered his childhood so long ago. It was then that my ears glazed over and my eyes could only see the memory of that big splat on the rock along with a ching sound of money flowing my way.

As I moved on with the sun beating down on me I came across the most extraordinary sight and surely you would not have believed me if I had not grabbed a quick shot.

A gecko-like crocodile

What is this place???? Is it safe???

This  walk leaves many questions unanswered!!

Beware……………………………. pterodactyl!!!!!!!!!!

Where have I Been???

It feels like I haven’t written a post for ages and it’s true, I haven’t!!

So where am I and what’s been going on???? To be honest nothing too exciting except for my two-day getaway where I chose to revisit the same destination as last year.

It was so lovely when I arrived at the cottage to be greeted with this lovely note

There is no better feeling then being welcomed and walking in the place felt like I’d entered a big hug!!

This is the view from the cottage

It has this lovely garden in the back yard

To me I find this place inspiring and very helpful towards my good mental health. It’s been a stressful couple of years full of grief and loss and gaining solitude in a small cottage by the sea is so restorative. I visited cafes. I went for long walks. I took many photo’s on my iphone. I was just responsible for myself. I am grateful.

One thing that I have noticed since I have come home is how inspired I feel. Inspired again to write, inspired to draw and inspired to paint. I’m sure this is what it is meant when people say Be kind to your self!!!

The Blue Light Disco

Oh dear, more discussions about  nostalgia!!

Today I was reminiscing with myself about the Blue light Disco and I’m shocked to find that there is a website and they still exist!!!!

I was a teenager when the Blue light disco was in full swing and they were awesome. I felt so grown up going to them and dancing to the latest music played on radio and Countdown. 

One memory that strikes out at me is at the end of every BLD they would play Fifty Years by Uncanny X-Men and everyone would be pashing off. Except me of course, as I was a nerd and didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 16 and when it came to my first pashing experience I just wanted to go back to the fantasy……pashing!! so overrated!!!

Well lets move on to the next memory that is a little less tragic and had nothing to do with my lack of love life. I won a dancing competition to this song by Black Lace Agadoo.

Hang on! Did I did mention something about being less tragic????

This is tragic!!!

Anyway, I won a huge basket of Easter eggs for being the best dancer…..and let it be known that’s no fantasy!!!!

Other things that were experienced at the BLD was the odd celebrity from A Country Practice or Son’s and Daughters 

We also had dress ups where I was a punk and put cochineal in my hair (ugh…just found out it was made from bugs!!). We also got to see break dancers and lots of other stuff!!

Man!! How cool were my early teens 🙂


This is such a big topic that I think it needs a category of its own as I take myself down memory lane skipping delightfully with nostalgia gracefully beside me.

For me right now I’m having a bit of a 70’s music flash back, as on telly two different TV networks are promoting two shows that come from that decade.

One show is about Kerry Packer and every time the promo comes on this song is played

The other show is a remake of Puberty Blues with this song played

When I hear these songs it takes me back to my childhood when I thought the world was kind and innocent. I  had no responsibly and I could play for hours outside with not too many worries. I was free to my imagination and dreaded the thought of ever growing up, as adults were boring people who sat around talking and having cups of tea all day!!

The funny thing about nostalgia is that you tend to forget the bad stuff that happened. When you’re a child many things are missed and perhaps the world is just as bad now as it was then.

Nostalgia will never go out of style while there are people like me who go…..arhh remember that!!

I love it…..bring it on!!!!

No Dig Garden

I had a lovely day yesterday at the community garden, as those who were present participated in making a no dig garden.

Here is the set up with lots of organic matter that came from the garden or the local race track (horse poo) Which by the way is for free at Kembla Grange.

You have to remember to water each layer

Good to see the kids getting involved!!When we were putting the top layer of dried kikuyu grass on top my son asked if it was a blanket!!

I’m Sorry that I don’t have a picture of the final product as I forgot to get one!!!

A glass of ice with lemonade!!

Who knew that a glass of ice with lemonade could be so entertaining??

We took a big risk today taking our son out for lunch in a crowded cafe/restaurant. It’s always a tad stressful and we have avoided doing it for some time.

As we were waiting for a table he nearly started to have a melt down but was able to calm down when we were directed to a table…… phew crisis diverted!! We ordered lemonade for him and when it came it was the best calming thing I have ever seen 🙂

He was busy stirring the lemonade, putting the ice in his mouth and later blowing bubbles!! These are all sensory things that had an obvious calming effect on him…I can’t wait to tell the OT, she’ll be stoked!!!!!

So the risk paid off and we had a lovely family time at a crowded restaurant……..nice 🙂

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