This is such a big topic that I think it needs a category of its own as I take myself down memory lane skipping delightfully with nostalgia gracefully beside me.

For me right now I’m having a bit of a 70’s music flash back, as on telly two different TV networks are promoting two shows that come from that decade.

One show is about Kerry Packer and every time the promo comes on this song is played

The other show is a remake of Puberty Blues with this song played

When I hear these songs it takes me back to my childhood when I thought the world was kind and innocent. I  had no responsibly and I could play for hours outside with not too many worries. I was free to my imagination and dreaded the thought of ever growing up, as adults were boring people who sat around talking and having cups of tea all day!!

The funny thing about nostalgia is that you tend to forget the bad stuff that happened. When you’re a child many things are missed and perhaps the world is just as bad now as it was then.

Nostalgia will never go out of style while there are people like me who go…..arhh remember that!!

I love it…..bring it on!!!!


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