Bazinga!!!….I find this just so funny!!!

I find this scene from the Big bang theory so hilarious not only because it is hilarious but it wonderfully describes what it’s like to get my Son out of a ball pit!!!!!…….BAZINGA!!!!

For all the parents with a sensory loving child, enjoy!!!!!

It’s so refreshing

it's so refreshing to be up early enough to see the sun light invade the kitchen with glory

it's so refreshing to read a breathtaking book after a run of crappy ones.

it's so refreshing to finally have a band practice after nearly two years of not having one.

it's so refreshing to be entertained by talent on the street.

Revelation Jesus!!


This is an artistic interpretation that I painted of Jesus Christ featured in the book of Revelation. It’s an image that I had thought about for a long time and after much pondering and prayer I gave it a go. When I was doing my research into Revelation I was mightily blessed as it says in the word “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near. – Rev 1:3”

I started with many preliminary sketches first, as it is a common artistic practice of mine to do. So therefore armed with sketches and scriptures I embarked upon my mission to paint Jesus in the sky. It was a joy to paint and a blessing to research.

The strange case of the ringing phone!!

If you have been following my blog you would have read that I lost my iphone and a kind old lady found it and has since been returned to me. When I first realised it was missing I rang my husband sobbing and then he arranged for a block to be put on it and then changed our home number to my name on his iphone.

Today I decided to walk to coffee group and of course I had my iphone taking snaps of the world around me ready for Instagraming. When I got close to my destination I got a call from my husband and he was laughing hysterically. He kept saying “you wouldn’t believe what I just did?”

After much laughter from Jason’s end he finally told me what he did. When he was going to the toilet he decided to call me from his iphone (yes the toilet!!!) as he did this our home phone rang so he hung up and went to answer the phone, however it hung up. So he tried again and again our landline started ringing and again he had to get of the toilet to answer our phone and again it hung up.

After this happening a few times he was wondering who on earth is doing this to him and then he remembered that he’d put my name to our land line on his iphone!! Every time he was making a call to me it was going to our home phone!!!!! As he was explaining this kerfuffle to me  I too was then in a hysterical mess!!!

I tell ya this iphone saga just keeps on going!!!!

I lost my Iphone…and yes I cried!!!

Today I lost my Iphone and unbelievably when  I realised it was missing and not at Gloria Jeans where I last saw it, I burst into tears. If it was somebody else this had happened to I would have thought “that’s a bit of an extreme reaction”. However it was ME crying over a piece of plastic, metal or whatever it’s made of???

Why did I have this reaction? Perhaps it’s because of all the things I’ve got stored on my iphone? It carries so much information that is personal like my Facebook and Instagram among other things. It has, at the moment well over 1000 photo’s that are important to me. It also serves the practical purpose of my watch and an alarm clock.

When I called my husband (from my home land line phone) I was in serious tears. Can you really believe it??? Tears, I was sobbing!! Bless Jason he then said “come on lets pray right now” and it had a nice calming effect on me.

Afterwards as I was sitting on my lounge I was pondering about the call on my life, you know things like; what would God have me do now that I’m pulling back from worship leading, what are my true passions and what would I like to do with my future? You wouldn’t believe it, big chunky tears rolling down my face. You would think I’d had enough of crying for one day!!!!

Tonight I got a much reliving call from a nice old lady who had found my iphone. Phew!!! Glad that’s over!!

Now the crisis is over, what now????

Things are really looking good at church right now and there has been a wonderful atmosphere present for nearly two years. We finally had our first band practice a couple of weeks ago and slowly God is rebuilding the band. Although we are relishing in the success of the church overcoming some huge obstacles, I feel a strong warning that we should not become cocky and full of pride. One morning before the church service started, I took this photo. I believe it was prophetic as the scripture featured above the musicians says it all.

I feel like a bit of a Steven Bradbury……how I became a worship leader!!!

The best way to describe my role as a worship leader is think of that marvelous moment when Steven Bradbury won a gold medal at the Winter Olympic’s in 2002.

I hadn’t been a part of the band for some years as I’d had a child and life got busy blah blah blah blah, you know!!! Anyway nearly two years ago our church had an almighty shake up that left only two band member’s remaining. One of them happened to be my husband and the other, a young bloke who is a part of our church. During the first week where there was only two band member’s Maggie, the pastor’s wife called out to me “Tamar Tamar please come quick help me” So before you knew it I was a worship leader.

It was such an extraordinary time as our church went from having the full band with three backup singer’s and plenty of musicians to just an acoustic guitar and a singer. In spite of that nothing was missing, as our worship became raw and centered on Christ. You could hear the people singing and it felt like the worship that God was after and had been missing for a long while.

I don’t write these things with contempt for the past or the former leader’s as I know God loves them and they are precious to him. Nor can I be boastful about all this because it’s not my strength but Gods, as at the time of this shake up my Mum had passed away.

The scripture that came to me through this time was Matthew 11:29 . This word from God was very important to me as it gave me the strength to carry out the call and to press on regardless. This worship leading with all my challenges was like taking on the yoke of Jesus. His yoke is easy and his burden is light and he gives my soul the rest its needs while doing what I am called to do.

By the way just a little diversion, for many years when I heard “yoke” in the bible I thought it meant “egg yolk”. So when Jesus said “Take my Yoke upon you” I didn’t quite get the message!! So glad that I’ve since been advised that “yoke” is the object placed on a pair of oxen so they can work as  a team.

So therefore becoming a worship leader was not about how great I am, but it was the about the teamwork that exists between The Lord and I. On reflection of these past two years I am grateful for the opportunity to be a worship leader and I am constantly reminded to remain humble and not to get a cocky attitude.

For the love of reading

I’ve always enjoyed reading since I was about 12 and it was great that my Granny was an avid reader too. As we would continually discuss the different books that we had read and could recommend books to each other. She used to say that when “finishing a good book  was like saying goodbye to an old friend”. With some books I can understand that sentiment as there are books which grab you and take you on a literary journey.

A book that grabs me is one that makes me feel empathy for the characters and intrigue’s me to keep turning the pages. It makes me look forward to picking it up and seeing what happens next. I love those moments and I always find it more enjoyable than watching a movie.

I have found though, that there are times when I don’t read as life can get busy or distracting. Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes you need to read a few crappy books before you get to the gold but that’s okay because life can be that way sometimes!!

How nice it is to get to the end of a crappy run to then be met with an extraordinary read? That’s the type of experience that keeps me loving the act of reading.

I love watching shows about books  I love having discussions about my reads and I really love library’s. I don’t really know why I get so passionate about reading but I’m really glad that I do. I know that my love for reading is influencing my Son as he attempts to read my books. I hope as he actually learns to read that something is ignited in him and he can continue to be a happy little reader too.

Vaccinations….I understand the anxiety!!

Many years ago before I was pregnant I met a crazy lady with poppy out eyes who was passionately against vaccination’s. She captivated  me with her passion and next thing you know I’m sitting in her kitchen listening about the danger’s of child vaccinations.

She made the claim that her daughter became paralyzed after receiving her first needles but helped her get better through organic means. After experiencing her scary situation she then  began her prolific research into the danger’s of vaccinations. It seemed according to her that everything bad from asthma, autism to allergies was due to vaccinations.

Her arguments sounded convincing and she had so much information to back up her claims. I just sat there with an open mind drinking endless cups of tea and gobbled  all the information up.

When it came to finally experiencing pregnancy and of course having my baby I was then faced with the vaccination issue.When it came to the needle time I found myself having a whole lot of anxiety. Through that time I talked to a lot of people about it which only added to my confusion because everyone seems to have a strong opinion on the topic.

I talked to God about it and decided to just trust that whatever decision I made would be the right one. I ended up at the Doctors and burst into tears when the vaccination topic came up and somehow the confusion ceased and I allowed my Son the get his needles. The Doctor was very calm and was able to ease my fears some very sound information.

I have no regrets from allowing my Son to be vaccinated especially after watching 60 minutes last night and that Mum whose tears where flowing because her baby died from whooping-cough.

I don’t want to judge anyone’s choice on this topic, I really just wanted to express my experience.  It’s such an emotionally charged topic and I can see clearly both sides of the story. I should say however, that I think vaccinations are important and if I were to have another child there would be no confusion the next time around.