For the love of reading

I’ve always enjoyed reading since I was about 12 and it was great that my Granny was an avid reader too. As we would continually discuss the different books that we had read and could recommend books to each other. She used to say that when “finishing a good book  was like saying goodbye to an old friend”. With some books I can understand that sentiment as there are books which grab you and take you on a literary journey.

A book that grabs me is one that makes me feel empathy for the characters and intrigue’s me to keep turning the pages. It makes me look forward to picking it up and seeing what happens next. I love those moments and I always find it more enjoyable than watching a movie.

I have found though, that there are times when I don’t read as life can get busy or distracting. Another thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes you need to read a few crappy books before you get to the gold but that’s okay because life can be that way sometimes!!

How nice it is to get to the end of a crappy run to then be met with an extraordinary read? That’s the type of experience that keeps me loving the act of reading.

I love watching shows about books  I love having discussions about my reads and I really love library’s. I don’t really know why I get so passionate about reading but I’m really glad that I do. I know that my love for reading is influencing my Son as he attempts to read my books. I hope as he actually learns to read that something is ignited in him and he can continue to be a happy little reader too.


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