Coffee Group

Every Friday I attend a coffee group that is a support group for those who are caring for somebody with a disability. The group was started up by Jody (see image above) who saw a need for carer’s to get together in a relaxed and nurturing way. Her foresight and initiative  paid off as we have become a regular and steady group that has been running approximately for two years, perhaps more.

For me personally it has been a very positive experience as I’ve found talking to those who are in the same situation is a little easier as we can truly be empathetic to one another. Don’t get me wrong, those who aren’t faced with the same issues can have empathy. It’s just with those in a similar situation just “get it” if you know what I mean??

We have been meeting at Bobby’s Diner, a friendly little place that serves the nicest egg and bacon rolls. Not only have I met fellow carer’s but those who just like to regularly have coffee at Bobby’s. So this group then expands to become more of community setting that is rewarding and enjoyable to all who attend.

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  4. Huuuuu!!!!!!…. I Miss Bobby Burger so much! If one day I come back Australia again,Everyday I will go to Bobby Burger to eat “CHILLI BEEF BURGER” (my favorite burger …YUM..YUM…YUM..) until i get bored. HE…HE…HE.. Just thinking, make me want eat. In Vietnam, we have got many burger restaurants but they aren’t same as tast of Bobby Burger, a little spicy, a bit of sweet from beef and vegetable, smell well from burger. Uhm, Wow…Yum If i say more, i think everybody will be hungry. And a thing more, i don’t forget to say that In Bobby Burger I can meet many nice friends. (Speciality is Jody who help me everything when I were in Australia. Thanks Jody). Sometime i can’t understand what they talk about, but when i look their active (show everything by hands,foot,…) i can a bit understand and make me happy. (Maybe I’ll try to learn more English.). Finally, Bobby Burger where can link people together. I love Bobby Burger, love friends and I love my husband more who take me to Bobby Burger and go with me in the life.
    Love from Mai Fatches. XOXOXOXOX.

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