I lost my Iphone…and yes I cried!!!

Today I lost my Iphone and unbelievably when  I realised it was missing and not at Gloria Jeans where I last saw it, I burst into tears. If it was somebody else this had happened to I would have thought “that’s a bit of an extreme reaction”. However it was ME crying over a piece of plastic, metal or whatever it’s made of???

Why did I have this reaction? Perhaps it’s because of all the things I’ve got stored on my iphone? It carries so much information that is personal like my Facebook and Instagram among other things. It has, at the moment well over 1000 photo’s that are important to me. It also serves the practical purpose of my watch and an alarm clock.

When I called my husband (from my home land line phone) I was in serious tears. Can you really believe it??? Tears, I was sobbing!! Bless Jason he then said “come on lets pray right now” and it had a nice calming effect on me.

Afterwards as I was sitting on my lounge I was pondering about the call on my life, you know things like; what would God have me do now that I’m pulling back from worship leading, what are my true passions and what would I like to do with my future? You wouldn’t believe it, big chunky tears rolling down my face. You would think I’d had enough of crying for one day!!!!

Tonight I got a much reliving call from a nice old lady who had found my iphone. Phew!!! Glad that’s over!!

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