The strange case of the ringing phone!!

If you have been following my blog you would have read that I lost my iphone and a kind old lady found it and has since been returned to me. When I first realised it was missing I rang my husband sobbing and then he arranged for a block to be put on it and then changed our home number to my name on his iphone.

Today I decided to walk to coffee group and of course I had my iphone taking snaps of the world around me ready for Instagraming. When I got close to my destination I got a call from my husband and he was laughing hysterically. He kept saying “you wouldn’t believe what I just did?”

After much laughter from Jason’s end he finally told me what he did. When he was going to the toilet he decided to call me from his iphone (yes the toilet!!!) as he did this our home phone rang so he hung up and went to answer the phone, however it hung up. So he tried again and again our landline started ringing and again he had to get of the toilet to answer our phone and again it hung up.

After this happening a few times he was wondering who on earth is doing this to him and then he remembered that he’d put my name to our land line on his iphone!! Every time he was making a call to me it was going to our home phone!!!!! As he was explaining this kerfuffle to me  I too was then in a hysterical mess!!!

I tell ya this iphone saga just keeps on going!!!!


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