I Built A Fence and Fired the Neurons

The most strangest thing has happened to me in the last week and I am loving it. I have become organised, have been cooking meals again and have felt like I have come out of some kind of hazy fog.

What happened?

I built a fence. Yes, a fence and admittedly not the most stable of fences but it has done the job which needed to be done.

I want to build and extend the garden but because we have lovely chickens, this is impossible without some kind of fence or enclosure of some sort.

Last week I decided it was time to take charge, so I armed myself with a hammer, bits of wood, bamboo and left over chicken wire and I built a fence.

I felt powerful and free and since then so many things are just falling into place. At our coffee carers today it was suggested that I have fired of some neurons. I’m no scientist but let’s go with that hey!!!

Another nice thing that I’ve noticed is how much more my son wants to interact with the chickens instead of just heading for his iPad or computer.

He’s been calling him self the white chicken.

The thing that has also been pleasing me is, that I feel like I am living the dream.I want to be that person who is resourceful and doesn’t waste. I not only want to live within my means but live in the abundance that has been promised to me through Jesus Christ.

I don’t need a lot to be happy. I just need to be empowered to do the things that matter and walk in it. And I must add, how nice is it to have the fog clearing away.



It turns out that one of the four chicks that we bought at the end of last year is a rooster. Gandalf was starting to make some funny noises similar to the sound of a rooky rooster. My husband was not happy and neither was my son

Gandalf is not a rooster, Gandalf is a female chicken- My son

We had explained to our son that we can not have a rooster in the middle of suburbia and he had many tears trying to come to terms with it.

One of our friends kindly offered to help us deal with Gandalf and I’m very grateful that she suggested and offered one of her hens to replace our rooster. As soon as we told Zachy about the new hen, he immediately cheered up and named the new chook Tenor.

So today our friend who writes Just like my Nan made came to our place and turned our rooster into something that we can now bake. She also  arrived with our beautiful new hen called Tenor.

Garden Love

I’ve made an interesting observation about gardeners; that they are always wanting to share their produce with an abundance of enthusiasm.  Does gardening make one generous? I think that when you partake in gardening that it connects you to the earth and also for me,  it connects me to a facet of God’s love. Gardening is like art, there is something abundant about the nature of such activities and withholding seems such a ludicrous thing to do.

I have found that gardening is better shared. When I reflect back at my experience as a lone gardener I got discouraged very quickly and found myself not enjoying the process any more. Today I am not alone. Although I am not on an eco-village in a straw-bail house (which was the original dream), I am in the middle of suburbia with a strong connection to my local community garden. I can’t express how awesome that makes me feel right now!!!!

The best part of putting this garden together today is, how nothing cost me a cent. Last time I bought everything. I was able to obtain the seed  potato’s from the community garden and the newspaper, compost and mulch were all in my back yard waiting to be used.

The rocks were also obtained from my back yard. I love how I have spent nothing.

I want to live simply and enjoy the abundance that God has for me………I think I can say that I’m living the dream right now 🙂

The housing crisis…My thoughts

At the end of 2010 we were faced with the reality that exists in our  local area of what I call “the housing crisis”. I had no idea as five years prior to moving into our then abode you just rocked up at the realtor’s, leave a $20 deposit,  take the key, have a look and then decide yea or nay. Not these days. These days you check on the internet, send a request to go to the inspection and when you go to the open house you’re there with 50 odd people in the same boat as yourself.

The scary part of all this is who is continually overlooked, as I often hear stories such as this one Mum’s tears over rental search. When we were on our search for a new place to live, it was one of the most stressful times in my life and I had to visit the doctor as I started having heart palpitations.

It’s not only just single mum’s who are continuously being overlooked but all sorts of people and I really what to question what kind of toll will this take on our city where you have a whole bunch of people being denied the basic right to shelter. There is no law in place for realtor’s to discriminate against those who have a low-income, therefore those who have a low-income are being denied over and over again.

Now some would say that those who have a low-income just need to suck it up but those words just remind me of the famous quote “let them eat cake”. That’s just not good enough. This is a prosperous nation and to have such a crisis as this is unacceptable. It’s not meant to be this way as God has made provision for everyone on the whole earth, as it say’s in Proverbs 13:23  A poor man’s field may produce abundant food but, injustice sweeps it away.

When basic rights of human needs are denied then the results lead to an increase in anxiety and depression, a loss of dignity and feelings of shame and unworthiness. Do we want  to live in a society where there is a chunk of people who are experiencing this due to a housing crisis?? I just want to gather up all of those people and give them a big hug but my arms aren’t big enough. Perhaps I could pray for big arms?????

Weekly Photo Challenge – Sky

The interrupted sky

lines, trees, telegraph poles


 a piece of nature stretching skyward

rooftops, suburban vision

clouds, sometimes no clouds

this is what I call

subtopian moments

Under the Blue Sky

A walk to the shops, down the road under the blue sky, cars everywhere, telegraph poles, streetlights traffic lights.

We find the path and stand clear for cyclists, do we venture through the tunnel or over the bridge?

Under the blue sky we walk interrupted vision by man-made structures invade our thoughts and become the landscape.

This is the landscape, this is what we know the sights and sounds burn deep in our brains.

Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? It’s just what it is. It’s all I know. It’s all some will ever know.

Celebrating Suburbia

Suburbia and it’s images evoke such deep emotions in me. I paint suburbia, take photo’s of it, for goodness sake I even blog about it. Has it to do with where I grew up? As I  walked out my front door and everywhere I went I was confronted with such scenes.

There is a certain nostalgia that creeps in that makes me think of my childhood that was well and truly marinated in most exciting decade ever, the 70’s. When I was a kid you played with the neighbourhood kids and came home when the street lights came on. I remember all us cousins in the back of my Aunty’s station wagon singing ABBA songs at the top of our lungs. and when I say back, I mean back- back without any seat belts on.

I then wonder, was life more simple then or when  nostalgia strikes does it block out the nasties? I ponder this a lot as I’m calving through my 30’s almost reaching 40. I don’t really care about getting old as I still feel quite young. I think that as a child, images stay with you in such a strong way that they are not easily shaken.

So rather than question it I’m just going with it. I will indulge this need to capture suburban images for as long as I so feel the need to do so. I will allow my childhood memories to fuel my creativity, which hopefully produces emotive works of art.

If only I had the power to change this situation!!!

Yesterday morning as I was doing my regular journaling I sat to ponder for a moment about the gods of consumerism and materialism and really had a moment of despair. I’m a person who had tried to live her life not subject to such a tyrant, yet somehow I feel forced to hand over cash to keep the monster at bay because lets face it I live in this society.

I’m talking about the enormous amount of rent us renter’s now have to pay in order for people to be able to pay of their mortgage’s. I feel that renter’s are picking up the slack for those who have bought into the dream and simply can not pay for. I heard of those who are paying astronomical amounts of rent and yet the owner has to sell because the rent doesn’t cover the cost of the repayment’s.

Trust me I’m not a whinger and yes I understand nothing is free in this world but seriously renting should not be this expensive. The rental market where I live is in crisis mode. In order just to get a place you are competing with 50 odd people and the places are well over priced.

My despair is mostly due to the fact that the extra rent I am paying is going into the hands of either a rich westerner which is the case with us or it’s going to an unpaid consumer debt that I never bought into. I haven’t been able to give my money to a charity that repairs cleft palates in Vietnam. I haven’t been able to just put money away to randomly bless unsuspecting people who really need it. I haven’t been able to give money to missionary’s who are devoted to Jesus in another country. This really bother’s me, the weight of these gods I do not worship want to suck me in its vortex of robbery.

I don’t know how to change this  situation. I chose not to get a loan from a bank to buy an illusion yet here I am paying. The way the rental market is now you’d be better of getting your own home, however who’s going to give a loan to those with a low-income? Something has to change, we wont be able to survive under the weight of this deception and stupidity forever. We all have to live somewhere and really it’s not fair that renter’s and those with low incomes have to pick up the slack.

If only I had the power to change this situation!!!!!!!!

or should I be saying how can I change this situation??????

Back in the day we had no safety net!!!

Today as I was sitting around a table reminiscing with some ladies and we fondly recalled our trampoline adventures. You know? The pre net around the trampoline days, the days especially in summer when you soaped up the mat and propped the hose to squirt through the mat to make it a dangerous, slipping time!!

I can remember doing somersaults and landing in the springs only to free myself from the tangle and do it again. We had so many misadventures to tell, like putting the trampoline close to the pool so you can jump right in with an almighty splash. Yesterday’s trampoline was so much fun with much room for adventurous expression and it makes me wonder, what will the stories be that our kids will tell to the next generation?

Today’s trampoline has a nice netting around it that hinder’s the child from bouncing off and injuring themselves. As a Mum, I must admit that the idea of protective netting seemed to satisfy my “safety first” sensibilities. So how does the child of today jump with recklessness? I’ll tell you how, by gathering all their toys  and catapulting them with such exuberance and edgy cleverness. No matter how much we like to protect our kids from danger they will find a way to make it risky.

Zachy spends hours jumping and he’s never alone, there is always the sound of something jangling as he bounces. I believe it is not recommend but I am totally impressed with the skill and ability to make up a game as he bounces. I let him do it with confidence because I know that these adventures teach our kids valuable lessons on life.

As a society we have become very safety conscious, which is a good thing but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. I know I just quoted an over used statement but it expresses rightly my thoughts on this very interesting topic.

Is this madness?….My obsession with doing the washing!!

I simply cannot escape the wonder that is “doing the washing”. Some may think it’s madness but I find it a most relaxing activity.  I’v had a few amusing conversations about this topic with two lots of American friends. When I speak of the wonder that is “doing the washing” they looked at me with astonishment as to them only old people hang out the washing!!! everyone else uses dryer’s. Well this fascination with the washing duties has never abated over the years so I really just embrace it with enthusiasm that makes me look mad, I guess?