A letter to Rapunzel!!

Dear Rapunzel,

I just read your story and I’m just so moved by what you have gone through and none of it you chose!! But hey, looks like you got your self a happy ending and that’s always a good thing.

My story is no way as dramatic as yours but can I share just a little bit that I think we can relate to? I too had very long hair and was known by it.  Some of my issues were, when going to the toilet make sure you put in over your shoulder. I don’t need to tell you that one do I? When eating it’s best to tie it up and the same when taking a shower.Your hair was way longer than mine so no doubt you’d be experiencing a headache here and there, especially having some manipulative witch demanding they use it as a rope.

I find it interesting Punzy, (is it okay to call you that?) that people were devastated when I cut my hair, like the thorns hurt their eyes and they grieved for me. From my point of view,  I found it a very liberating experience. For you it was a tough part of the journey and my heart goes out for you. Like me, you had so much expectation put on you: you’re the chick with the long hair and it has to stay that way!!!

I hope my letter doesn’t dredge up past hurts for you? The main reason for me writing to you is that I want you to know you are an inspiration. Through it all you kept on singing and eventually your true love heard your voice!! You  go girlfriend!!!!

Yours truly

Tamar xxx