Vaccinations….I understand the anxiety!!

Many years ago before I was pregnant I met a crazy lady with poppy out eyes who was passionately against vaccination’s. She captivated  me with her passion and next thing you know I’m sitting in her kitchen listening about the danger’s of child vaccinations.

She made the claim that her daughter became paralyzed after receiving her first needles but helped her get better through organic means. After experiencing her scary situation she then  began her prolific research into the danger’s of vaccinations. It seemed according to her that everything bad from asthma, autism to allergies was due to vaccinations.

Her arguments sounded convincing and she had so much information to back up her claims. I just sat there with an open mind drinking endless cups of tea and gobbled  all the information up.

When it came to finally experiencing pregnancy and of course having my baby I was then faced with the vaccination issue.When it came to the needle time I found myself having a whole lot of anxiety. Through that time I talked to a lot of people about it which only added to my confusion because everyone seems to have a strong opinion on the topic.

I talked to God about it and decided to just trust that whatever decision I made would be the right one. I ended up at the Doctors and burst into tears when the vaccination topic came up and somehow the confusion ceased and I allowed my Son the get his needles. The Doctor was very calm and was able to ease my fears some very sound information.

I have no regrets from allowing my Son to be vaccinated especially after watching 60 minutes last night and that Mum whose tears where flowing because her baby died from whooping-cough.

I don’t want to judge anyone’s choice on this topic, I really just wanted to express my experience.  It’s such an emotionally charged topic and I can see clearly both sides of the story. I should say however, that I think vaccinations are important and if I were to have another child there would be no confusion the next time around.


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